My thoughts on the concussion altering gas expansion (CAGE) device from VG-6 Precision. VERDICT: Mobile gaming is sneered at because of the copious amounts of shovelware readily available on all app stores. However, the need to constantly scroll back and forth made the overall presentation disjointed, lacking in immersion, and at times just plain annoying. Did I need to pay heed to that priest with a gramophone for a head? Device 6 gradually tells the story of Anna, a girl who wakes up alone in an opulent, seemingly abandoned setting. As the story’s protagonist, her main goal is to, firstly, figure out where she is and then get as far away from there as possible. This interactive novel works beautifully with the touchscreen rather than in spite of it. Trying to retain every bit of a stage’s information is almost impossible, so that’s why a pen is just as important as an iPhone for Device 6. Overview of regulations: premarket notifications (510(k)), establishment registration, device listing, quality systems, labeling and reporting requirements. This includes holding the phone in front of your face for a "scan," answering a number of multiple choice questions such as what shape you think a particular chapter is, and stumbling across instructions not related to Anna's adventure, such as notes pointing to previous devices ("read the Device 4 manual for important information about electromagnetic waves."). There are two things on her mind: escape, and figuring out where the heck she is. Engaging story. As it was, I felt as if I were rewinding a bit of tape, which is hardly the best solution for keeping the flow of a story going in this, the digital age. What if instead of stepping through the looking glass, Alice fell through a stylish ‘60s-style mirror into a topsy-turvy world full of talking dolls, mysterious strangers, and intricate puzzles? For me, being unable to fully appreciate the larger story during my first playthrough made me feel like the developers were just on the brink of achieving a truly awesome interactive experience but didn’t quite make it. Game’s format can be difficult to get into at first. More importantly, it delivers a remarkably unique and engaging experience that carries on Year Walk‘s spirit, but is considerably more polished than its predecessor. Device 6 is told across six chapters, which double as interactive escape situations. Just like their previous efforts, it’s tough – there’s no doubt about that. Even though they’ve been developing iOS titles since 2011, Year Walk, released earlier this year, was a defining moment for them, and for mobile gaming as a whole. I did enjoy the intricate puzzles and the general sense of oddness and menace that the game conveyed. Device 6 is not a typical interactive novel with dialogue trees and a lack of “wrong” answers; if you can’t solve each chapter’s mysteries, you’re not going to get ahead, period. If you shut down in the middle of a chapter, it takes a while to find your place again. Though the story is told in the third-person, Anna's thoughts intrude into the narrative as side text throughout the story, letting you know that she's desperately hungry or hates the music that's playing. You need to settle down and dedicate yourself to its labyrinthine passages. The feeling of being tested is further amplified by all of the puzzles you encounter. Traveling further into the looking glass, however, the text begins to slip sideways and swirl around as Anna traipses down staircases, or it will move up vertically as she discovers new paths. As it is, DEVICE 6 is certainly an interesting entry into the iOS adventure realm, but could have used some better integration of story and puzzling. Anna's exploration through such locations as a tower, a garden, and a lighthouse are revealed to you via text. Some images have interactive elements where you can tap the screen to enter codes and attempt to open locked doors. It’s easy to get lost in Device 6‘s words during these moments (again, literally), which can be frustrating – until you begin to notice that there are arrows beside the text that quietly herd you in the correct direction. Device 6 achieves this because of its formidable trials. Once you've reached the end of a chapter and figured out how to solve a puzzle, you'll need to backtrack (including scrolling sideways and turning your phone around and around) to get back to the interactive hotspot. This is the mark of greatness, only awarded to games that engage us from start to finish. Creative implementation of puzzles and riddles. Want to share your own thoughts about this game? You need to listen carefully as you “walk” through each room, because there might be clues hidden in the shrieking feedback of old audio recordings. If you’re looking for some absurdly fun puzzles and a truly unique storytelling experience, you’ll want to check out DEVICE 6 on iOS, but you’ll wish for a gameplay integration upgrade. Unfortunately, you won't always know what to do with these interactive elements the first time you come across them.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.