In one side it has some benefits, but on the other side it also has some weaknesses. Music proved to be the ideal medium, both for the purpose or creating a mentally relaxed state and for providing a vehicle for carrying the material to be learned into the open, receptive mind. Adverbs of manner – suggestopedia methodology. They play rhythmic instruments as they sing a song. The teacher is the authority in the classroom. After a few minutes, the teacher begins a slow, dramatic reading and synchronized in intonation with the music. Genetic and other factors contribute as well. The posters are change every few weeks to create a sense of novelty in the environment. Students can learn from what is present in the environment, even if their attention is not directed to it (‘Peripherallearning’). "I really think that´s slightly dishonest.". suggestions which can be made in printed announcements, orally by the teacher, and/or by text materials. great potential of our mental reserves. Change ). The central premise is that we all possess considerable mental reserves which we rarely if ever tap under normal circumstances. It stimulates, invites alertness, and its harmony and purposefully. themselves. 9. These are in bold print in the dialog. SUGGESTOPEDIA is the study of these suggestive factors in a learning situation. Sts can check their dictations for homework (answers on provided worksheet) and also, A) make 4 of their own sentences using all of the words from the target language, stretched my arms and legs and  rolled to the edge of my bed. This situation encourages teacher to be creative and use an effective method on teaching. Grammar is dealt with explicitly, but minimally. From birth on we are influenced by parents, friends, teachers, society, the media, the 1. Listening to classical music tell the students to relax. intellectual exercise: words, rhetorical mastery, even brilliance are of little lasting effect if they only engage the conscious levels of the student’s mind. 13. A calm state, such as one experience when listening to a concert. The dynamic interplay between the whole and the parts is important. In the second plane are the factors which influence the linguistic message. In that first encounter expectation and suggestibility are at their greatest. This was accomplished in the classroom we visited where the walls were decorated with scenes from a country where the target language is spoken. What is the role of the students? After conducting numerous controlled experiments using a wide variety of music, Lozanov concluded that music of the

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