As the name suggests, the new content will feature first Dead Rising protagonist Frank West. they'll be able to handle greater threats with glee - Zero players and newcomers will be swamped initially, as simple melee attacks will just about cut it. Would it be redundant if I get those two for the 360, but play the main game on the PS3? To get them to follow you have to carry their delicate shopping boxes back to the Safe Room. Contributed by Thomas Almond, FLAWLE55vict0ry, Freezie43110, Pablo. View production, box office, & company info. Gamereactor uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best browsing experience on our website. Everything we enjoyed and loved about the original is back and i mean back with a vengeance. Toss them way out there and wait. 5 // In Big Roy's Mart in Royal Flush Plaza (case related). I hear they plan to concentrate even more on DR as they want it to take the mantle from Resi…. Bring Dead Rising 2 Case Zero and West to Xbox One PS4 PS3 and PC Daniel Darmody started this petition to Capcom These are cannon games to the Dead Rising universe that are Xbox 360 exclusive. You get 4,000 zombie kills with each SUV and it only takes about 15 minutes (real time) to rack up 72,000. After a new batch of the zombie outbreak is let loose in Fortune City, Nevada, a new terrifying fight for survival begins. Dead Rising split screen would have been the ultimate 2 player game, and I'd like to think if they can do a version of the original Dead Rising on the Wii they could have dropped polygon counts and draw distance to make it work split screen on PS3/360. 3 // If you are finding it hard to come across some zombrex rather than buying it, why not find it? 3 // Royal Flush Plaza, upstairs, during the Rock Heroes mission. (voice), Sgt. DO NOT skip the cutscene. Things like MMA groves, Boxing gloves and Swords would not break, so why after using them for three minutes do they disappear/break? 4 // Americana Casino, VIP Poker Room. When a mysterious outbreak claims the island of Banoi, four individuals who find themselves immune must use that power to protect the remaining survivors, uncover the truth, and escape. Keep in mind, only 1 survivor can fit in the chair and even uninjured survivors can sit in it. After taking part in the show, Chuck finds himself fighting to survive this new zombie nightmare that Frank West first experienced in Dead Rising. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. As leader of the Saints, you'll have to do whatever it takes to protect the members of your gang. (voice), Ted Smith / Sharkattack1978. After his daughter Katey gets bitten by her zombified mother, Chuck retreats from his hometown and makes his way to Fortune City to take part in a new brutal game-show called TIR: Terror is Reality. Looters Playing on your own is fun yet sometimes a little frustrating but playing together is an absolute blast.DR2 is the game that you wished for, if they do another DR3 then they have to get rid of the breakable weapons. 10 // Defeat the Postal Worker (mission related) in Royal Flush Plaza. Find out in the review... You must be logged in to comment. Enter Dead Rising 2. You dont miss much actually. Finally in 2010, our wishes have been answered. Chuck's extensive zombie-killing moves are fun once learnt, but CW gives you little chance to breath initially, meaning that vibe stretches on past the first ten minutes as you encounter gun-toting guards along the metallic walkways that stretch over the facility's loading bays. The interaction between the two undead-smacking hard-men will raise a chuckle or three. ), Additions by patrick garrett, Nathan Palmer and Malific. Use the HTML below. But then I'd be pretty angry if it turns out to be a timed exclusive, haha. Mix the following drinks to meet the requirements of the "Look At All That Juice" Trophy/Achievement (Create and consume all mixed drinks in the game). Chuck Greene fights to save his daughter and himself in a small town after a zombie outbreak occurs in Las Vegas. And I would trade it for the 360 version, but I already redeemed the DLC code and bought all the other themed costumes. Dead Rising 2: Case West It's two player co-op time as Dead Rising's stars join forces to uncover a conspiracy and tackle another zombie threat. If you've happily chopped until you've dropped over the holiday season with Capcom's Dead Rising 2, then Case West is the logical next zombie-stomping step for all your Romero needs. Article posters are the individual owner of the article content. With Peter Flemming, Allyson Armstrong, Robyn Ross, Benita Ha. 2011-01 … At the fireworks stand, climb to the top and use the fireworks to attract zombies. So, you've killed the psycho and untied the damsel, but she thinks you're a terrorist and won't come with you unless Jasper shows up. Photojournalist Frank West finds himself trapped in a shopping mall overrun by flesh eating zombies. Let's welcome Frank West back to help us kill the undead in this trailer for Dead Rising 2: Case West. Break out the Zombrex, Frank West is back. Besides, PS3 users don't care who Frank West is. Repeat this to attain very high levels. Charmed_Fanatic Several new upstart gangs have been able to sweep in and make their mark on Stilwater. Start a new game then win the race. BlackWidowShirt 1 // Code Blue, Inside the Slot Ranch Casino: Behind the stage curtains there are some equipment boxes. The studio will be renamed Capcom Games Studio Vancouver. ... See full summary ». Have you been wondering what that secret Achievement/Trophy is for? Now, just drive around the strip slaughtering zombies. 8 of 11 people found this review helpful. Just remember to stay out of reach, otherwise she'll use YOU for lunch. Keep jumping across the lights until you reach the end. Slaying zombies is even more fun to do in DR2, I spent hours dispatching the horrifying horde. It is near the underground access ladder underneath the Atlantica casino. I mean, nothing really transfers, except the player's level right? Jump on them, then to the giant dice, and finally across the gap to claim your prize. November’s PlayStation Plus Games will be revealed today, but what will they be? Re-unite the pair and hoof it home. I'd be getting it for the story. Exit Frank West, enter Chuck Greene. 15/09/10, 13:19, DrNate86 To save them, you must pay the $100,000 buy-in then win. 15/09/10, 13:49. not if it’s like Case Zero. After you win go to the first toilet that you encounter and save your game. Just combine some Nectar (orange juice+orange juice at any blender) with a Queen Bee (start chopping zombies that slowly wave their arms about, grabbing at their necks) for a at a maintenance bench for a "Wingman." Rising 3 takes place ten years after the events of Dead Rising 2 (2010), in the city of Los Perdidos, California and follows a new protagonist, Nick Ramos, who is in the midst of the looming zombie apocalypse. It is a sequel to Dead Rising, and is the second entry in the series of the same name. Well....Yes it is, easily surpasses the original by miles. Or do you think there's any hope that PS3 would be getting those stand-alone content? If you have the "Hacker" item -- Flashlight and Computer Case -- You can double the money you receive from the ATM machine. Check out this collection of photos we love from some of our favorite video games. The four pieces of the Knight Armor, when combined, will halve your damage. Like its predecessor Case Zero, it offers a straight four hour long lump of gameplay, stretched further with repeated play-throughs, and keeps it all contained within a small area, Zero's Still Creek replaced with a Phenotran-run, zombie-filled, facility. Epilogue Case West is set immediately after the events of Dead Rising 2, and sees Frank team up with Chuck Greene in co-op action. All content should be considered opinion. 5 // Food Court, after the Tastes Like Chicken boss fight. "Official" reason why Case: Zero and Case: West are exclusives: We wanted to reward 360 users who played the first game. BlackWidowShirt Title: After taking part in the show, Chuck finds himself fighting to survive this new zombie nightmare that Frank West first experienced in Dead Rising. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? An optional boss fight is here, along with a survivor hiding in the offices. Note: Sometimes you may not win anything for three minutes, but then you may win three times in a row.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.