As a connoisseur of high fantasy and post-apocalyptic media, she prides herself on digging up lore. In Days Gone after the credits roll there is still more to be done and seen. Deacon travels hundreds of miles on his motorcycle through this post-apocalyptic Oregon that is plagued with freakers. Of course with the Days Gone secret ending means an alternative to what you’d see usually – which certainly goes a … A guide on how to unlock different endings including the secret ending in Days Gone. The Days Gone subreddit. After the finishing final battle and the credits roll, Deacon will be placed back in the world to finish up missions that weren't part of the main storyline. Deacon can find the secret ending through the NERO scientist, O'Brian. Related: Days Gone: How to Defeat the Hordes Tips & Tricks. I'm running out of things to do. As Deacon is left with no ability to pursue O'Brian further many have suggested that this leads to the premise of a sequel where Deacon will track down those from NERO to find a cure or stop them. O'Brian will take off the hood of his hazmat suit to reveal that he has been infected. Throughout Days Gone, Deacon will fight his way through several Freaker hordes and Rippers to find a way back to his wife. In that time Deacon can unlock different endings depending on the people in his life and how he has interacted with them. Will everyone eventually become infected? A one-stop shop for all things video games. O'Brian also tells Deacon that the people above him at NERO knew that the infection rate would quickly become higher. He tells Deacon there is nothing left that he or anyone else can do to stop it from spreading before climbing into his chopper and flying off with his colleague. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. He states that the virus is evolving at an exponential rate and it is clear that whatever strain he's infected with doesn't cause him to become violent or feral. The Days Gone subreddit. There’s a secret ending in the game that… well, it goes places. To enable the secret ending, you must first see off the crazy militia and fight the final battle. Weaver and the guy who's standing in for Nouri gave me a job to do. Will the infection be something someone can live through and still contain their humanity? I have no interest in taking out hordes. But after that? Each different ending will play after the ending credits, but only the secret ending gives an idea for a possible sequel. I've completed the mission to get back Deacon's rings. As the NERO helicopter leaves, Deacon is left with the sickening realization that he has been helping someone who will continue to make this plague worse. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. News on whether or not there will be a sequel has not been confirmed as of yet though. There is a lot to do in Days Gone, but even after you’ve ticked off all the missions and seen the credits roll it’s not over. Sony Bend really was pushing the basic Ps4 's performance to its outer capabilities, & I'm eager to revisit the game once my Ps5 arrives at launch for speedy loads, improved rendering (primarily in … 1 year ago. This includes the required storyline mission to be finished. In that time Deacon can unlock different endings depending on the people in his life and how he has interacted with them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Will Deacon ever be able to stop them? India MacGregor is a writer, illustrator and gamer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This will start the quest, "There's Nothing You Can Do.". Lisa just showed up with her bag of ears. Should I just leave the game unpaused until I get the radio? I believe I've gotten them all. 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It’s a game that grows on you, hence i doubt the negative reviewers played more than ten hours and gave the game a chance. Arriving at the Old Pioneer Cemetery, Deacon meets with O'Brian and another NERO colleague who are wearing hazmat suits. This twist lands players in a mental predicament. I hated days gone at first. Days Gone is developed by Sony Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. I finished the game, or at least got to the credits. Days Gone is developed by Sony Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. As Deacon works on side missions he'll eventually hear from a NERO scientist by the name of O'Brian. Next: Days Gone: The Best Tips & Tricks to Know Before Playing.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.