This was the fourth of this series. Lot of attention was given to unnecessary details and the writing was a drag. It's definitely a page-turner. My son found this one at a neighborhood "take one leave one" library booth. That's the one thing that always annoys me about some of his novels. First Family is the fourth installment in the Sean King/Michelle Maxwell series. Very good read. (Much later, when David thanked her for being the spark that ignited his writing career, she revealed that she’d given him the notebook to keep him quiet, "because every mom needs a break now and then.”) He published his first novel, “Everybody’s got somewhere to go.  ₹1,100.34, Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. I would recommend this series to my friends. Camp David, USA. Really 2.75 stars—an improvement over the last book in the series. x 197 This is the fourth installment in the King and Maxwell book series. The plot was interesting and seemed to be nice but later the book bored me like anything. It is a typical Balldacci crime drama. Elegant forks, digging into creamy goodies which toughened fingers coiled around curved metal trigger guards.  ₹793.42, ₹794.62 First read by this author. Nevertheless give it a go only if you have nothing better to do.  ₹1,361.63, ₹383.99 Sean King comes to help her . We’d love your help. Looking forward to reading the next book in this series. slut-shaming is so 2010. This is the first time I'm reading a David Baldacci novel and I'm afraid I should have started with some other novel. The crazy outlandish of this book pales in comparison to the current US political “show,” but again I am disappointed that Mr. Baldacci lacks verbal economy., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 August 2017, at 06:16. Fifteen hours of audiobook—thank goodness for long summer drives. When they both arrive, they find her murdered, her oldest child kidnapped and the rest of the fam. If you mean at the end, almost everyone was there. This was a plot the unfolded very well and set its hooks into the reader very early. David is also the co-founder, along with his wife, of the Wish You Well Foundation (R), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting literacy efforts across the US. Overall I feel that this book is a one time read and it is not recommended for readers looking for a novel which exactly has the thriller element and I hope that Mr. Baldacci had written another better novel. The President’s niece is missing.  ₹1,306.42, ₹726.65 I love the combination of the investigators. That plot is pretty entertaining and suspenseful. “First Family” is the fourth entry – as the title suggests, the First Lady brings the ex-Secret Services talents of King & Maxwell to bear when her niece is kidnapped at Camp David. Lots of action, well paced and twisting. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published This novel is a total surprise from beginning to end * Columbus Telegram * Mr. Baldacci's books are jigsaw puzzles of intersecting events, not simple whodunits.  ₹863.02, ₹736.01 David Baldacci's First Family is the fourth gripping New York Times bestseller in the King and Maxwell series. Please try again","bd_saving_percent_off":"{0}%
off","bd_js_total_basket_count":"{0, plural, one {You have 1 item in your basket} other {You have # items in your basket}}","bd_js_total_cost":"Total cost: {0}","bd_js_show_less":"show less","bd_js_item_added_to_your_basket":"Item added to your basket","bd_link_prefix":"","bd_js_unable_get_address_enter_manually":"Sorry, we are unable to get the address. Twists and turns galore. First Sean King gets a call from the first Lady's sister-in-law to come to her house to discuss a job. Given the intensity of this book, particularly the last 150 pages, perhaps we can agree on "page-thumper?" This is the first time I'm reading a David Baldacci novel and I'm afraid I should have started with some other novel. I didn't want to put this book down. Sometimes you luck out and find good reads just by browsing, and so it was with David Baldacci’s First Family, 2009, an action adventure novel featuring private detectives Sean King and Michelle Maxwell. That and thinking one race wasn’t as good as another.”. . Another great book in the series by David Baldacci with the main characters of Michelle Maxwell and Sean King. With over 130 million copies in print, his books are published in over eighty territories and forty-five languages, and have been adapted for both feature-film and television. Although the investigation seems to be about a an 11-year-old kidnapped girl named Wilma, things seem to be getting blurred about whether it's Wilma or why she was adopted or who was her real mother and father, or whether Wilma's father or mother were having an affair and how does the President of the United States and First Lady tie in to any of this? Please enter manually:","bd_js_keep_typing_to_refine_search_results":"Keep typing to refine the search results","bd_js_top_categories":"Top Categories","bd_price_save":"Save {0}","bd_js_name_only_letters":"Sorry, full name can only contain letters","bd_js_show_more":"show more","bd_js_enter_valid_email_address":"Please enter a valid email address","bd_js_enter_address_manually":"Enter address manually","bd_js_more_categories":"More Categories","bd_js_continue_shopping":"Continue Shopping","bd_js_account_and_help":"Account & Help","bd_js_basket_checkout":"Basket / Checkout","bd_add_to_basket":"Add to basket","bd_js_enter_first_last_name":"Please enter a first and last name","bd_js_please_enter_your":"Please enter your"}, Paperback First Family. My son found this one at a neighborhood "take one leave one" library booth.  ₹1,306.42, ₹860.43 Michelle Maxwell has to deal with problems of her own when she gets a call about the death of her mother and has to go back to Nashville to sort things out. Even more unusual is that the party in question is held at Camp David.

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