The firm has taken some steps to react to shareholder concerns. Businessman Dave Forsey’s net worth is $15 Million in 2019. [2] In October 2015 Forsey was charged with a criminal offence for consultation failures over USC staff who only had 15 minutes notice of redundancy. I paid 'luxe' travel agent Voyage Prive £245 for airport to hotel transfers that never arrived but it won't refund me: How can I get my money back? The comments below have not been moderated. It depicted the couple's luxury lifestyle in their £6million mansion in Prestbury, in the so-called Golden Triangle of Cheshire which is home to dozens of Premier League footballers including Wayne Rooney and Peter Crouch. Some links in this article may be affiliate links. He owns just 50,000 shares in the business, worth £149,000, and has a long-term incentive plan containing 1million shares – though this is not expected to pay out. The allegations of secret payments were made by a former banker who is suing Ashley in the high court for allegedly reneging on a £15m payment said to have been agreed over a boozy session in a London pub. “What was not disclosed is that, according to Barry Leach and Peter Wood [both Sports Direct directors], Sean Nevitt, Karen Byers [both senior Sports Direct executives] and Justin Barnes [a consultant not permanently employed by Sports Direct] also each received an IPO bonus of £5m from Sports Direct, and that Mr Ashley separately paid a further IPO bonus of £5m (each) to Mr Forsey, Mr Mellors, Mr Nevitt and Ms Byers from his personal funds.”. “However … I was subsequently informed by Peter Cowgill [the boss of JD Sports, Sports Direct’s bitter rival] in separate conversations that Mr Forsey is in fact paid up to £1m per annum directly by Mr Ashley. “I presented him with a letter I wanted him to read, yes I recorded it,” Blue said. It appears Forsey, who has received the same salary of £150,000 since 2002 and is one of the lowest-paid bosses of a publicly quoted company, was tired of taking the flak. [1], In 2015 Sports Direct subsidiary USC, a clothing retailer, went into administration. How to invest to beat inflation: A global fund manager's tips, MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Canada-based gold miner Yamana hits a rich seam of dividends. Published: 21:55 GMT, 23 September 2016 | Updated: 21:55 GMT, 23 September 2016, Spotlight: Forsey's wife Stace featured on a reality TV show. He was the only executive shamed in a report published by law firm Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC). “I had been going to extreme lengths to resolve this,” Blue told the court. Ashley was said to be annoyed that the show aired while Sports Direct was being criticised for failing to pay workers the minimum wage. “Sports Direct’s 2008 annual report disclosed that Mr Forsey and Mr [Bob] Mellors each received a £5m bonus in recognition of their contribution to Sport Direct’s listing on the London Stock Exchange in February 2007,” Blue said. We do not allow any commercial relationship to affect our editorial independence.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.