Damaged Goods takes place at the start of a fashion show. The publicity surrounding the play reinforces the notion that men must be the activists against venereal disease, with Brieux and Bennett taking the spotlight as the primary storytellers. When the cabinet meeting threatened to break up in confusion, Lord Melbourne put his back to the door and said: "Gentlemen, we can tell the house the truth or we can tell a lie. 147-60. All must agree on the same lie, and the lie upon which all agree, more than on any other, is the lie of purity, which must be kept up at all costs. But he is mistaken. Edmund and Avy are strangers seated next to one another alongside the catwalk. All I insist on is that we shall all tell the same lie, and you shall not leave the room until you have settled what it is to be.". Emma Goldman. google_ad_client = "pub-4793167219639586"; I think you might find a lot of interesting material in reading Damaged Goods. Nineteen times -- you hear, nineteen times in twenty -- the woman was contaminated by her husband. //-->. Upton Sinclair, in his preface to his novelization of the play, describes Bennett as courageous for bringing the subject to the stage. But now that they are together, nothing shall part them in their great happiness, and especially in their great love for their baby. The play, and the novel subsequently made of the popular work, focuses on George Dupont, a young man about to be married when he learns that he has contracted syphilis. NOTCHES is a peer-reviewed, collaborative and international history of sexuality blog that aims to get people inside and outside the academy thinking about histories of sex and sexualities in the past and in the present across regions, periods and themes. George’s decision to follow through with his marriage turns him into the plague that infects his family, something that could have been avoided if he had listened to the other man in the play and relied on science. But the doctor, a real social student, knows that "the true remedy lies in a change of our ways.". The Sociological Fund, one of the original supporters of the play, heartily affirmed that women had to be active in maintaining their own sexual health, and the Fund believed that women’s rights would lead to a decline in venereal disease. After the doctor leaves to examine the child, Mme. 2020 Playscripts, Inc. All Rights Reserved. He wants to secure the signature of the doctor as evidence in the divorce sought by his daughter. He is the agent who can address the audience, while the woman must keep her eyes focused on the child. George Dupont, the son of wealthy people, is informed by a specialist that he has contracted a venereal disease of a most serious nature; but that with patience and time he will be cured. google_ad_width = 336; Excerpt. In short, he is actuated by the morality of the bourgeoisie: the silly conception of honor, the dread of public opinion and, above all, the greed for property. Her single-minded efforts were responsible for bringing the play to an audience. George and his wife Henriette are childishly happy, except for the regret that their marriage could not have taken place six months earlier because poor George had been declared consumptive. IN the preface to the English edition of Damaged Goods, George Bernard Shaw relates a story concerning Lord Melbourne, in the early days of Queen Victoria. She, on the other hand, is poor and cannot afford the treatment she needs. The revolutionary significance of Damaged Goods consists in the lesson that not syphilis but the causes that lead to it are the terrible curse of society. google_ad_height = 280; Aren't there enough police to prevent children of fifteen from being seduced like that? The doctor treating him prescribes the usual course of medication, but George refuses. A private physician is beyond her means, and she has too much pride to stand the indignities heaped upon the poor who are at the mercy of dispensaries and charity. The doctor treating him prescribes the usual course of medication, but George refuses. Following positive reviews in the UK music press it was followed by a reissue of the same band's debut album Do It Dog Style. It is a question of humanity, of decency; he would not and could not be a party to such a crime. Without agency, the women of the play — the wife, mother, and mistress — simply trust in the knowledge and decisions of the men in their lives. google_color_url = "008000"; Brieux wrote the role of the doctor to be the voice of reason, and Bennett stepped into the role onstage as the helpless George who realizes the error of his ways and as the offstage crusader for open conversations about syphilis. It is to be expected that a political representative of the people like Loche should suggest the same stereotyped measures as his predecessors: legal enactments, prosecution, imprisonment.

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