Ask them to share how your product helped them to achieve their goals. This helps people understand better where the praise is coming from and why such praise is given. Did you know that your employees are also your customers? by Lavendaire. You have probably heard of radio ads of a number of people praising a product in your favorite radio station. In the testimonial on the right, the client’s lack of experience wasn’t important because “Case Study Buddy did everything.” What’s more, the testimonial on the left helps Case Study Buddy stand out from its competitors. Customer testimonials examples won’t be complete without tapping the power of social media influencers. In general, customer testimonial is a persuasive marketing strategy because it takes advantage of social proof — the theory that explains why people look for other people’s suggestions and reviews before buying a product. For example, if you are an online store selling skin care products, you want testimonials from trusted dermatologists because they have more credibility and expertise to talk about skin care routines than someone without a medical background. Here’s how to identify which style works best for you, and why it’s important for your career development. Back in 2016, Bryan Harries launched his product called “Get 10,000 Subscribers”. We’ll discuss seven types of testimonial you can use in your … Just like social influencers, independent experts such as industry leaders and well-known professionals are usually highly regarded by people. To address this issue and make sure that you cast away doubts, the image of the person giving the testimonial is an important aspect to include. We wholeheartedly recommend Silver Tongue to everyone we know. It’s great that you can see a picture and the name of the customer sharing their story – it helps to give the online reviews some real credibility straightaway. In fact, a customer service study revealed both positive reviews (90%) and negative reviews (86%) relating to customer service impact customers’ buying decisions. We saw an immediate increase in our social media presence and our followers doubled in a month and our garage business has increased 50% in two months! You can reach out to these customers and ask if you can share their testimonials on your site. Lazada displays positive customer service reviews to build more trust in its store. Overall, they share the following benefits: While you may be tempted to produce fake testimonials, most of the time this could backfire. Inspired by these customer testimonial examples and ready to create your own customer testimonial or review page online? The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. ” showcasing testimonials from his previous students produced a drastic increase in his revenue. To help you increase genuine positive testimonials, here are 20 effective customer testimonial examples that you can steal and apply on your own eCommerce store: Probably the most commonly used testimonials are quotes. Bad service will impact your conversion. It is also important that you push your customers to leave reviews on online local search directories like. Designs by Kamni, an online jewelry shop, embedded Yelp reviews on its website to display authentic testimonials from its clients. For example, during press Q&A’s, celebrities are often asked about what products they used that are not sponsored. Before making a purchase decision, 61% of shoppers read product reviews first. This documentary series called “Underrated” showcasing testimonials from his previous students produced a drastic increase in his revenue. His launch strategy was to produce a documentary series filming how the lives of his former students changed after being enrolled on his course. Obagi produced a dedicated page of video testimonials to let their potential customers hear success stories from people who have seen real results with Obagi products. These product reviews are generally one of the sources of quote testimonials. Usually, their answers will reveal the essential features and benefits of your products in detail. Did you know that your employees are also your customers? Interview testimonial: This testimonial uses a question-and-answer … They can be effective because they can help you get more information about your customers’ experiences about your products without resorting to just a brief quotable statement. In the same sense, you can produce audio testimonials by incorporating several quotable statements from customer reviews or feedback. Our favorite customer testimonial examples. - May 4, 2019, : Customer testimonials notably contribute to customer’s purchasing decisions because. But instead of just quoting a specific highlight, you can display the entire customer reviews to give more extensive feedback. Get the best commerce tips, tricks and newsdelivered directly to your inbox. Build your questions around the story you are telling about your business and products. It's eye-catching, authentic and engaging. Today, you will see 20 excellent customer testimonial examples to ease your online shoppers’ uncertainty and steer them toward a purchase. The goal is to make them happy because they will work harder and eventually become your most crucial brand ambassadors with your target customers. Bony to Beastly occasionally showcases reverse testimonials to openly discuss customers’ skepticisms first before product praises. Your testimonial should only be two or three paragraphs, at most. They’ve taken the approach of calling their customer stories page an ‘ideas board’ where they share how other people used their product to make their job easier and lives better – essentially a customer testimonial. Providing the names and location of the customer who’s left the review also helps to make this page appear really genuine – powerful! A variation of customer product reviews is customer service reviews — instead of focusing on the feedback given for a company’s product, the focus is now on the customer service provided by that company. Always name your customer or client – it helps to establish genuine credibility. You should consider what kind of feelings you want your potential customers to have about your product, what challenges your customers overcame and what value they found in using your services or products. Different kinds of testimonials are more engaging and seem more authentic than others. Testimonials are different from reviews because reviews are generally unguided and are written directly by the customer. There’s even a theory of “Employees First, Customers Second” that explains why putting your employees first will impact the word of mouth about your brand. For instance, they can attest to the quality of ingredients that go into your products because they know where and how the ingredients are sourced. If you think you know everything about customer testimonials, then this next example may come as a surprise for you: a documentary series. There are many customer testimonial examples to showcase quotes. You may be hearing this for the first time but reverse testimonials are also highly effective. In exchange, you can reward them with product samples. To help you get inspired here are some great customer testimonial examples, from big brands to small business. For example. Because online shoppers don’t have the chance to physically inspect or ask a salesperson about a product, they need more reassurance that this product will meet their needs and expectations. May 2, 2019 - The short three to four word eye-catching summaries used for each customer success story also help visitors to quickly scan over the page and find a customer testimonial that’s relevant to them. A “Partner Testimonials” page is set up by. Testimonials can help build trust and credibility with your customers, especially if they are used to overcome skepticism. I went in just to see what they had and they were the friendliest people! Inspired by these customer testimonial examples and ready to create your own customer testimonial or review page online? You can add sliders on your homepage or put a quote testimonial at the bottom of a product page. scored several testimonials from highly sought after press and news outlets. Testifying to a more trusted eCommerce store, Top 24 Print on Demand Sites that Allow You to Turn Passion into Money, 24 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Traffic and Sales (Most are FREE). The kind of testimonial you use depends on what story you are trying to tell and how you intend to display it. This could be a simple formatting issue such as bold or italic fonts or a separate call out quote. For example, Sephora has a beauty-influencer program called Sephora Squad that offers long-term partnerships with social influencers in exchange of “unique, unfiltered, sorry-not-sorry” stories and reviews, regardless of their followers. You can set professional and personal goals to improve your career. Now aside from videos and images, one of the most underrated customer testimonial examples is audio. said that reading testimonials is very/extremely important. But, to make it more effective, you can showcase it in an easy to digest form like before and after testimonials. They sent me three lip colors and I'm going to show them off to you. But when you start with doubts first, you give more depth and authenticity to the testimonial.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.