Since 1968, we have helped businesses, governments and professionals to perform better in intercultural contexts and achieve a more effective global workforce. All hardware was designed to be for use around the world and, is “ITAR-free,” (it is not space qualified or even qualifiable). �pGsSxg��g�N���i,2᰹9Lw�����A�k����+ F�cִ��x������S��t��y��'�m�'�w���$v�7O�$�P�e%�p�nF� D������!���{�� r�DU0_� � serves as an end-to-end instructional tool throughout the workshop. Our platforms deliver the performance required for a wide range of applications; from satellite-based Automatic Identification System (AIS), to Earth Observation (EO), training/capacity building, astronomy and microgravity research missions. NASA’s CubeSat Launch initiative (CSLI) provides opportunities for small satellite payloads to fly … large-scale meteorological imagery from LEO. Using the 3U EyasSAT3TM (ES3) desktop satellite, the course follows, the progression of a hypothetical CubeSat mission – NanoMet –. The Cal Poly CubeSat Training Course will be held at Cal Poly on April 26-27, right after the Developers Workshop. CubeSat Kit for Microchip PIC24 MCUs w/USB OTG $7,500.00 - $8,750.00 $7,500.00 - $8,750.00 All Systems Engineers should take this.” –Boeing Engineer | Powered By: Business Marketing 360®. especially design and development, test and evaluation of CubeSats. Intercultural Professionals is the intercultural training, coaching and consultancy branch of the KIT Royal Tropical Institute. Cubesat Training Course 2019. Interested in being a sponsor or exhibitor this year? The Cal Poly CubeSat Training Course will be held at Cal Poly on April 26, right after the Developers Workshop. You can register here. Great presenters with thorough knowledge of the material.” – NASA Engineer, ©2015 Marketing 360® - Do not copy. “The course exceeded my expectations. NanoMet serves as an end-to-end instructional tool throughout the workshop. The Cal Poly CubeSat Training Course will be held at Cal Poly on April 26-27, right after the Developers Workshop. Participants are provided with key lectures and resources and through a. variety of in-class exercises will learn by doing. ” Theory tied to practical applications well. |, Define mission needs, goals, objectives and ConOps for a, Describe the tools and techniques needed to develop the, Evaluate the typical products produced for a critical design, Implement a typical assembly, integration and test plan for a, Conduct simulated operations using a representative CubeSat, Apply Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to each, Overall, Enter any phase of the space mission life cycle and, NanoMet orbit analysis using Systems Tool Kit, NanoMet payload and subsystem verification, NanoMet Integrated verification and validation, Course Review and Wrap-up *Guided Hands-on Exercises. �{p�֚K��T��h�PZ���s�b��@Kɡ�KeDܱ7� �Nn{�Px�i�*�‹#�d+�����qZ�}�~6p݅z�SY��V��L��C9���?�T4�3�Ȓ,YN�q ��w☝߽��H��z�� �.�ƹ ��.�;�$'����x�5S���-i�(��$�hbi/�˲ꀔ����Ԏ�it���u��\�Y��#��� ��:� /�p�����'}��x���/���.�cwNڽ-�k�V'��������1�N}:���@7G�+��U�HQt���w������s�1?�Qqe�3I�6Ɠ�j��@Cl��0��-������� ���G �n�y6�$�VJ�@�(=둛����,�$H����ؽ,{-8ʙ ֙�[R�)�]��,WS��utF�tG�W4�T�Nju��X=n ��g�J+r$�m�ó Q.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.