Latest update of the standard is Augusto 2016.

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%PDF-1.3 You have selected more than three (3) trainings. interconnecting inverter-based micro-distributed resources to distribution systems: ieee 45 : 2002 : electrical installations on shipboard: csa b149.1 : 2010 : natural gas and propane installation code: csa c22.2 no. Mandatory electrical tests for North America. 7 0 obj << /Length 1 >> BEST IDEAS. SAI Global Standards, 205 West Wacker Drive, Suite 1800 Chicago, IL 60606 This standard is intended for use as a basis for performance, safety, and the proper testing of dry-type distribution and power transformers. 1 0 obj << /Type /Font /Subtype /Type1 /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding /BaseFont /Helvetica >> endobj 2 0 obj << /Type /Outlines /First 5 0 R /Last 5 0 R /Count 1 >> endobj 3 0 obj << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 262 >> The basis are the safety rules prescribed by the National Electrical Code (NEC). More Info on product formats, PrefaceMetric unitsConduit sizesReference publicationsSection 0 - Object, scope, and definitions Object Scope DefinitionsSection 2 - General Rules Administrative Technical  General  Protection of persons and property  Maintenance and operation  EnclosuresSection 4 - ConductorsSection 6 - Services and service equipment Scope General Control and protective equipment Wiring methods Metering equipmentSection 8 - Circuit loading and demand factors Scope General Calculated load for services and feeders Branch circuits Heater receptacles for vehicles powered by flammable   or combustible fuels Electric vehicle energy management systemsSection 10 - Grounding and bonding Scope, object, and special terminology Grounding  Grounding - General Solidly grounded systems Impedance grounded systems Ungrounded systems Bonding  Bonding - General Equipment bonding Equipotential bondingSection 12 - Wiring methods Scope General requirements Conductors  General  Open wiring  Exposed wiring on exteriors of buildings and between    buildings on the same premises  Flexible cables  Non-metallic-sheathed cable  Armoured cable  Mineral-insulated cable, aluminum-sheathed cable,    and copper-sheathed cable  Flat conductor cable Type FCC Raceways  General  Rigid and flexible metal conduit  Rigid PVC conduit  Rigid Types EB1 and DB2/ES2 PVC conduit  Rigid RTRC conduit  High-density polyethylene (HDPE) conduit and HDPE    conductors-in-conduit  Liquid-tight flexible conduit  Electrical metallic tubing  Electrical non-metallic tubing  Surface raceways  Underfloor raceways  Cellular floors  Auxiliary gutters  Busways and splitters  Wireways  Cable trays Cablebus Extra-low-voltage suspended ceiling power distribution   systems Manufactured wiring systems  Bare busbars and risers Installation of boxes, cabinets, outlets, and terminal   fittingsSection 14 - Protection and control Scope General requirements Protective devices  General  Fuses  Circuit breakers Control devices  General  Switches Protection and control of miscellaneous apparatus Solid-state devicesSection 16 - Class 1 and Class 2 circuits General Class 1 circuits Class 2 circuits Class 2 power and data communication circuitsSection 18 - Hazardous locations Scope and introduction General Explosive gas atmospheres  Installations in Zone 0 locations  Installations in Zone 1 locations  Installations in Zone 2 locations Explosive dust atmospheres  Installations in Zone 20 locations  Installations in Zone 21 locations  Installations in Zone 22 locationsSection 20 - Flammable liquid and gasoline dispensing,              service stations, garages, bulk storage plants,              finishing processes, and aircraft hangars Gasoline dispensing and service stations Propane dispensing, container filling, and storage Compressed natural gas refuelling stations, compressors,   and storage facilities Commercial repair garages Bulk storage plants Finishing processes Aircraft hangarsSection 22 - Locations in which corrosive liquids, vapours,              or excessive moisture are likely to be present General Equipment Wiring Drainage, sealing, and exclusion of moisture and corrosive   vapour Circuit control Materials Bonding Sewage lift and treatment plantsSection 24 - Patient care areas Patient care areas Isolated systems Essential electrical systemsSection 26 - Installation of electrical equipment General Isolating switches Circuit breakers Fuses and fusible equipment Capacitors Transformers Fences Electrical equipment vaults Cellulose nitrate film storage Lightning arresters Low-voltage surge protective devices Storage batteries Resistance devices Panelboards Branch circuits Receptacles Receptacles for residential occupancies Electric heating and cooking appliances Heating equipment Pipe organs Submersible pumps Data processingSection 28 - Motors and generators Scope General Wiring methods Overcurrent protection Overload and overheating protection Undervoltage protection Control Disconnecting means Refrigerant motor-compressors Multi-winding and part-winding-start motors Protection and control of generatorsSection 30 - Installation of lighting equipment General Location of lighting equipment Installation of lighting equipment Wiring of lighting equipment Luminaires in buildings of residential occupancy Lampholders Electric-discharge lighting systems operating at 1000 V   or less Electric-discharge lighting systems operating at more   than 1000 V  Recessed luminaires  Permanent outdoor floodlighting installations  Exposed wiring for permanent outdoor lighting Extra-low-voltage lighting systemsSection 32 - Fire alarm systems, smoke and carbon monoxide              alarms, and fire pumps Fire alarm systems Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms Fire pumpsSection 34 - Signs and outline lighting General requirements Enclosures Neon supplies Wiring methodsSection 36 - High-voltage installations General Wiring methods Control and protective equipment Grounding and bondingSection 38 - Elevators, dumbwaiters, material lifts, escalators,              moving walks, lifts for persons with physical              disabilities, and similar equipment Elevators Escalators Lifts for persons with physical disabilitiesSection 40 - Electric cranes and hoistsSection 42 - Electric welders General Transformer arc welders Motor-generator arc welders Resistance weldersSection 44 - Theatre installations Scope General Fixed stage switchboards Portable switchboards on stage Fixed stage equipment Portable stage equipmentSection 46 - Emergency power supply, unit equipment,              exit signs, and life safety systems General Emergency power supply Unit equipment Exit signsSection 48 - DeletedSection 50 - DeletedSection 52 - Diagnostic imaging installationsSection 54 - Community antenna distribution and radio              and television installations Community antenna distribution Protection Grounding Conductors within buildings Equipment Conductors outside buildings Underground circuits Receiving equipment and amateur transmitting   equipment Grounding for receiving equipment and amateur   transmitting equipment Transmitting stationsSection 56 - Optical fiber cables Scope General Installation methodsSection 58 - Passenger ropeways and similar equipment Scope General General requirements Conductors Wiring methods Protection and control Branch circuits Regenerative powerSection 60 - Electrical communication systems Scope General Protection Inside conductors Equipment Outside conductors Underground circuits GroundingSection 62 - Fixed electric heating systems Scope General Electric space-heating systems Electric surface heating systems Other heating systemsSection 64 - Renewable energy systems General Inverters Solar photovoltaic systems Small wind systems Large wind systems Micro-hydropower systems Hydrokinetic power systems Stationary fuel cell systems Storage batteriesSection 66 - Amusement parks, midways, carnivals,              film and TV sets, TV remote broadcasting              locations, and travelling shows Scope and application General Grounding Services and distribution Wiring methods and equipment Single-conductor cables MotorsSection 68 - Pools, tubs, and spas Scope General Permanently installed swimming pools Storable swimming pools Hydromassage bathtubs Spas and hot tubsSection 70 - Electrical requirements for factory-built              relocatable structures and non-relocatable              structures Scope Relocatable structures Non-relocatable structures (factory-built)Section 72 - Mobile home and recreational vehicle parks Scope and application GeneralSection 74 - Airport installationsSection 76 - Temporary wiringSection 78 - Marine wharves, docking facilities, fixed              and floating piers, and boathouses General Marine wharves, fixed and floating piers, and docking   facilitiesSection 80 - Cathodic protectionSection 82 - DeletedSection 84 - Interconnection of electric power production              sourcesSection 86 - Electric vehicle charging systems Scope General Equipment Control and protection Electric vehicle supply equipment locationsDiagramsAppendix A - Safety standards for electrical equipmentAppendix B - Notes on RulesAppendix C - The Technical Committee on the Canadian              Electrical Code, Part I - Organization and              rules of procedureAppendix D - Tabulated general informationAppendix E - Dust-free roomsAppendix F - Engineering guidelines for preparing descriptive              system documents for intrinsically safe electrical              systems and non-incendive field wiring circuitsAppendix G - Electrical installations of fire protection              systemsAppendix H - Combustible gas detection equipment for              use in explosive gas atmospheresAppendix I - InterpretationsAppendix J - Rules and Notes to Rules for installations              using the Class and Division system of              classificationAppendix K - Extract from IEC 60364-1Appendix L - Engineering guidelines for determining              hazardous area classificationsAppendix M - Translated caution and warning markingsIndex.

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