She told him she never wanted to work for him, she wanted to be him. Later that day, she revealed she wasn't really in a hurry to get to Seattle, as Mark would still be in a coma whenever she arrived at Seattle. She is also Meredith Grey's person. On top of that, he joined the race for Chief of Surgery, so as to compete with Burke and impress her. Unsere Mitarbeiter haben es uns zur Mission gemacht, Alternativen jeder Variante ausführlichst auf Herz und Nieren zu überprüfen, sodass potentielle Käufer ohne Verzögerung den Cristina yang auswählen können, den Sie zu Hause kaufen wollen. Burke’s recovery was not smooth-sailing and he discovered that he had developed a hand tremor. Dr. George O'Malley In the complete darkness, Shane came to get Cristina as Webber needed her in his OR. He showed her some of his hospital's cutting edge techniques, such as holographic hearts in the OR and 49 3-D printers. None of the applicants seemed fitting, but Owen told her they couldn't all be like her. They were residents and interns together. All thought it was ridiculous and they were opposed his idea to put out a statement. Parker said they couldn't fire Thomas, only force him to retire. : On her turn, she confessed that she thought she was losing Owen, not today, but soon. I hate you on principle. Während Cristina nicht kontert, entgegnet Shane, dass Meredith ihre Forschung auch am nächsten Tag fortführen kann. First Bad! Yet, she managed to be a straight A student through college and ended up graduating top of her class at Smith College, Berkeley, and Stanford. Meredith pointed out she didn't need to feel finished since she was just taking the next step in her career, and she promised she'd help Cristina leave. She said this must be why he'd been acting so crazy lately. Derek first fought for her not to leave the program, insisting that because he owed her his life, he would help her through this. : He told her that he was married. Maybe she's brilliant and they call her a Nazi because they're jealous. The loss of the Harper Avery Award kept on haunting Cristina at the hospital. Ok, you know when you don't need to be made fun of? : She then followed Meredith and Owen's advice to give a lecture about her trial at another hospital, and accepted an offer to travel to Zurich. He hadn't, but when he did, his age would make it an instant malpractice suit that the hospital would lose. The others drove there, only to find out from Richard and Derek that Julian said no again. Die Zusammenlegung des Seattle Grace mit dem Mercy West Hospital und die dadurch vergrößerte Konkurrenz verstärken Cristinas Gefühl, immer weiter in die Bedeutungslosigkeit abzudriften. She allowed her interns to scrub in with her, making them realize she was awesome instead of hate worthy. They started to make out in the on-call room again while Callie informed the other survivors that a Pegasus hospital is all but positive and suggested they buy the hospital themselves.[21]. Owen and Cristina ended up in an elevator together and agreed to celebrate in an on-call room after surgery. Anschließend landen die beiden zusammen im Bett. These episodes are Cristina-centric or are otherwise very informative about her life. Give me a number or else I'm gonna hit you. Fans were quick to respond to Yang’s cameo, encouraging a Yang comeback. However, Dr. Parker ordered her to take a couple of days off to soften her sharp Seattle edges. Craig knew they were trying to push him out, showing her the watch they gave him at a surprise retirement party four years ago. She came to talk to Owen, who was charmed by her. Cristina even opened up to Owen about the death of her father, an event that drove her to do surgery and be the best. Meanwhile, Arizona kept on screaming in pain until Cristina yelled at her to shut up. Es dauert nicht lange, bis Cristinas Studie ein großer Erfolg wird und auch die Aufmerksamkeit anderer Ärzte auf sich zieht. Nach dem Eingriff haben Shane und Owen eine große Pressekonferenz organisiert, doch Cristina ist sehr zurückhaltend und will das Lob nicht recht annehmen, da sie noch immer nicht weiß, wodurch sie Nathan gerettet hat. He suggested a name to remember the very reason they came together and been able to do this. She promised Meredith that this time, it would be different. Meredith indeed survived the surgery, much to their happiness. She explained they only walked out to stall the sale to Pegasus and that they have an investor, only needing him and Webber to get the guy on board before the Pegasus deal would close. She soon found that he's actually quite a remarkable surgeon, with many things to teach her.

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