The ADX clan. Operators of PMC “BEAR”, being private contractors of regional public owned organisation, are basically managing military operations in Tarkov city and it‘s local regions. Player could instantly play CW in his (her) favorite social network without any downloads or installations directly from his browser in a full 3d current-gen environment. ЗАВОД – Factory Contracts Wars is the first russian multiplayer free2play FPS with a RPG elements developing as the browser-based application for social networks and as a full-fledged downloadable client version. Both Escape from Tarkov and Contract Wars are set in what the developers refer to as the Russia-2028 universe. СПАЛЬНЫЙ РАЙОН – Dormitory Doing so creates a new account but keeps all progress players made in the Kongregate version of Contract Wars. 2 comments. FACTORY – Strategic region, used as force deployment base. It is identical to the browser version with the exception that it has a client-side anticheat. Norvisk City, named after the region itself, is the financial center of the SEZand these two cities are connected by a speedway bridge that touches parts of the Finn Gulf. This is why the only peaceful method of solution for this crisis situation is the effort of the “BEAR” PMC, with the condition that they will find and present to the official government irrefutable proof of strategic threat from the side of Terra Group Labs. Also point out that according to the Laws of Russian Federation, any activity on the territory by any non official military objects, structures and units is illegal and outlawed. Best hipfire setup. The Contract Wars Client is a Windows-only software. МАЯК – lighthouse. ОЗЕРО СВЕТЛОE (lake Svetloe)- Lake Today, almost two years later since the beginning of the conflict we can say that this entire situation is not just spontaneous chain of events. INTERCHANGE – Connection to the trainstation. The ADX clan was created on 31 July 2015.We are a group of casual players who love the Contract Wars game.Most of our progress is documented by the leader cwaddict who is recording all his gameplay sessions and uploading them to youtube.. We did a sky-rocket start, climbing up the latter from position 30,000 to top 700 within 21 days.. This escalated into an armed conflict, with peacekeepers, MVD units and two Private Military Companies(PMC) taking sides. Two small, ultra-modern cities become the centers of the Norvinsk sector, each built in a relatively short amount of time. The Contract Wars Client is standalone client made by AbsolutSoft. Users are now required to create a new account on the game's website and sign into the client. After half a year of political conflicts on international level, employees of security company “Terra Group Labs”, with entering of peacekeepers, provoked an open military conflict between forces of UN and Interior Forces MVD of Russian Federation. Prior to the shutdown of Contract Wars' social network versions, users could link their account on networks to the standalone version and use both on the same account.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.