Attempts to reach Ciaramella were unsuccessful, although his father said in a phone interview from Hartford, where he is a bank executive, that he doubted his son was the whistleblower. We also touch on the dog that died on a United Airlines flight and Hillary Clinton is in the news again. Today I want to hear what you will be watching the State of the Union for. I have Michelle Morin in today to help me sift through what the media is doing about the Super Bowl and kneeling and even the AMVET controversy going on. Documents confirm the DNC opposition researcher attended at least one White House meeting with Ciaramella in November 2015. I also have Richie Furay on to talk religion and what he thinks is going on with shootings in schools. Speaking about and Remembering John Anderson, 3-16-18 A Recap of your Week with Mark Stevens, 3-14-18 The Mayor on Homeless and the COG, 3-13-18 Murdering Illegal Immigrant Walks Free, KOAA Town Hall School Threats: A Community Action Plan, 3-12-18 Trump Against North Korea since 1999., Oh the Dems are thinking they got things moving with DACA but I have a feeling that they actually were scared and knew that the American People blamed them for the shut down. “He didn’t exactly hide his passion with respect to what he thought was the right thing to do with Ukraine and Russia, and his views were at odds with the president’s policies. I want to get to the truth. All week we have been talking about heroes and Law Enforcement and how I believe that our emergency services, law enforcement and fire dept are heroes, and I wanted to hear from my listeners. Would you let your daughter be alone with Donald Trump? ", What does Mayor John Suthers think of De’Von Bailey supporters disrupting the annual “Parade Of Lights” and vandalizing the brand new (VERY EXPENSIVE) “Olympic City USA” welcome sign on southbound I-25? Every single American needs to take note of this past weekend, and remember this when it comes time to vote for these Dems who don't care a bit about you. "He was unable to control himself... he had a split personality. Yesterday there were school walkouts. ", In an open House Natural Resources Committee hearing last week, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) seemingly out of left field asked a witness about “Eric Ciaramella of the Obama National Security Council,” in what the Washington press corps took as a bid to out the whistleblower. SHOW … “In the days after Comey’s firing, this presidential action was used to further political and media calls for the standup of the special counsel to investigate ‘Russia collusion.’ “. Language Language. She is a very close friend to trucker John Anderson, the man murdered by an illegal immigrant in Denver. Trump supporters blame the conspiracy of silence on a “corrupt” and "biased” media trying to protect the whistleblower from due scrutiny about his political motives. by talkhost Richard Randall Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who rose to national notoriety when they had to respond to a BLM mob trespassing on private property addressed the R.N.C. I believe that we should have sheep dogs in law enforcement that will do SOMETHING. 91.5 KRCC. There is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT WHO WALKED OUT OF JAIL AFTER MURDER!! share Share No_Favorite Favorite rss RSS. The Beltway's 'Whistleblower' Furor Obsesses Over One Name. Jeff Crank is in for Richard today and he wants to share the amazing strength and courage of Rosa Parks. I had the privileged of having Sonja Dahlbacka on the show today. Would you have gone in to face the shooter or would you have waited outside with the officer? The whistleblower filed his “urgent” report against Trump with the I.C. I don't believe in the gun control argument, you know what I believe? The email also noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin had phoned the president a week earlier. The women were reportedly removed from the order after highlighting the abuse. Nachrichtensprecher/in. I have to disagree and I have a few words for him. “Their reaction tells you something,” said one official familiar with the inquiry. Saturday, May 30, 2020. Tell HIM what YOU think by calling, texting, or leaving you question or comment here.

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