He has been taking bribes from Miss Scarlett to keep quiet about her brothel, and at the same time informing on her to Mr. Boddy. Clue Mysteries: He is given the name Philippe. Note that she is the only unmarried woman in the game. 4.5 Terrence Radcliffe – Mrs. Peacock's new financial advisor who is a little too eager for business. SNES Game: Professor Plum is the usual absent-minded klutz. Originally patented as "the Rev Mr Green" in the UK, or as Reverend Green in the American original copy, he is a hypocritical Anglican priest who wavers when the subject is murder. The pieces are typically made of colored plastic, shaped like chess pawns, or character figurines. Discover the Secrets: Mrs. White had been completely reinvented as Diane White, an aspiring former child actress waiting for her day of recognition. Together they created a love-child, Sgt. He takes it upon himself to brief the others of Boddy’s wishes during the will reading. In 1986, Super Cluedo Challenge was released in the UK, followed by Super Sleuth, marking the second wave of new official characters to appear for the board games. At the end of the game, he is pushed off a cliff by his ex-accomplice Mr. Green. 1996 UK: The rather manly looking Mrs. White is portrayed looking as demented as the rest of the group, wearing a white cooking ensemble and sporting a grey bob of hair. Killed by Mrs Peacock with the poison in the dining room. It was devised by Anthony E. Pratt. In 1938, eccentric millionaire Masque invites the original Cluedo suspects and the new characters to his isolated Swiss mountain estate for a mysterious dinner party. His portrayal: a young American businessman. Killed by Colonel Mustard with the G-string in the kitchen. Super Cluedo claims he’s a defrocked priest turned tycoon. The Classic Mystery Game: "White" is now an alias for the youthful Alexa Smith, in the game's first depiction as her being of African American. Clue the Card Game Mystery at Sea: In this spinoff of the board games on a yacht, Mr. Boddy appears for the second time only, in an unfinished portrait as a distinguished older gentleman, wearing a Van dyke beard and a monocle. The following are the known suspects in the Cluedo / Clue franchise: These are the original suspects from the board game in rolling order: Miss Scarlett is a stock femme fatale, she is typically portrayed as young, cunning, and attractive. Clue the VCR Game II: The priggish Inspector Pry is the narrator for the game. She is the one who invites his old friends back to the mansion so that she could hold a séance and connect with the spirit of her deceased brother.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.