The Witcher: How Are These Monster Hunters Made? That way, you can figure out if they're worth the trouble of hunting them down. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Barret starts with his Gatling Gun, a balanced weapon that gives him access to the stagger-increasing Focused Shot ability. Tifa fights with her fists, and that means she needs knuckles and gloves to protect them. It's literally impossible to miss this chest, so the only way you won't get the Twin Stinger from it is if you just choose to ignore it for some reason. RELATED: Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS4: 10 Pro Tips About Materia Everyone Should Know. Naturally, they all have different pros and cons, so we'll cover those as well. It is always great fun to use a brand new sword in combat and work out its strengths and weaknesses on the battlefield. In the remake, the Hardedge can be purchased from the weapon shop in the Wall Market during chapter 9. It's a little more magic-focused than some of the other weapons in the game. Cloud's iconic Buster Sword is the easiest weapon for him to come by. KEEP READING: Barret’s Fate In Final Fantasy VII Remake References A Scrapped Idea From The Original Game. The entertaining individual has a plethora of weapons that players can obtain and utilize in all of their adrenaline-fueled battles throughout the game's story. In Chapter 14 of the game, the Mythril Saber can be outright purchased at the Wall Market Weapons Shop. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. This weapon gives the Point Blank ability, which sends an enemy at close range flying. You can find him on Twitter @LD_Nolan. It’s the weapon that Cloud will have at the very start of the game and it is a fantastic all-rounder that’s perfect for players that like to fight offensively while also having a decent amount of magic support. The weapon teaches the Smackdown ability, which causes Barret to strike the ground and send enemies in his vicinity flying. In Chapter 14, the same Wall Market shop will sell the Mythril Saber, which teaches Blade Burst, a ranged attack that can hit enemies from afar. Finally, Barret can get the EKG Cannon after speaking to the mayor in his office and giving Hart 10,000 gil. If so, be sure to check out our dedicated hub for the popular game or three of our most recent pieces of coverage below: You can find how each of the Final Fantasy VII Remake weapons for Cloud can be acquired below: Cloud gets this sword at the beginning of the game, so you will not have to do anything in particular to have access to this item. Triple Slash is the Iron Blade's proficiency and allows the player to strike enemies with three slashes rapidly that have increased damage with each attack. The Final Fantasy 7 remake hitting PlayStation 4 consoles allows Cloud six fantastic weapons to choose from that can suit varying play-styles. The Purple Pain gloves are quite easy to miss. Purple Pain gives access to the powerful True Strike, which does a ton of damage to those it hits and increasing the bonus for attacking staggered enemies. These means include being purchased from vendors or by completing specific missions. The Iron Blade is an unmissable item that Cloud will receive early on in the game. If you're looking to fill our your armory, you've come to the right place. You can only get it by completing a side quest in Chapter 8 called "Kids on Patrol." Here's how to get all of Cloud, Tifa, Barret and Aerith's weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake. An evil power company called Shinra has found a way to mine the planet's life energy, draining it and using it to control the universe. Finally, the Reinforced Staff is available right at the start of Chapter 17 in a chest inside Aerith's cell at Shinra Tower. The Bladed Staff is very easily missable if not prepared. The Feathered Gloves give the Starshower ability, which causes Tifa to unleash a ton of powerful blows while increasing the power of her next move. In the corner of the map, they'll find the Mythril Rod, which gives the powerful Ray of Judgement ability. To get the best out of The Buster Sword, players should make sure they equip the Parry Materia which instantly balances Cloud as both an offensive and defensive fighter. The Arcane Scepter is obtained by completing either "A Dynamite Body" or "Shears' Counterattack" in Chapter 9. After passing through a train car, players will have the option of going through another train car directly in front of them or up a ladder to their left. It’s a solid all-around weapon for the lead protagonist and allows players to customize Cloud into a good healer and hit enemies with some effective elemental magic too. The Mythril Saber or its associated equipment are usually mid-range weapons and armor in the Final Fantasy universe but it's very effective in this remake. Description; A large broadsword that has inherited the hopes of those who fight. With the Twin Stinger, players are able to effectively use Cloud as a magic-wielding tank that can provide excellent support for the rest of the party. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Cloud uses his iconic gigantic swords in battle. ", Where to find all of Cloud's weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, © 2020 By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. However, that's not the case in Final Fantasy VII Remake. While that is significantly less than the original game, the remake still offers players a good range of weapons to discover each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The game is available now on PlayStation 4. The ability that comes with this sword is the "Blade Burst," which fires a wave of energy at your opponents. RELATED: Final Fantasy VII Remake: Why People Are Shipping Tifa & Aerith. Looking for more specific information on the characters themselves? Barret's next weapon is the Light Machine Gun. Hardedge gives Cloud the ability to use Infinity's Edge, which is a hugely damaging overhead slashing attack. Where the Hardedge is a weapon for the players that enjoy turning Cloud into a tank character, the Mythril Saber is designed to make Cloud the main magic-user in the party. Some of these swords are rewarded for completing certain sections of the game, while others must be found or purchased through other means. True to its name, Counterstance retaliates against enemy attacks for higher damage. Starting at Chapter 9, the Hardedge can be purchased from the Wall Market Weapon Shop. The Twin Stinger comes with the ability Counterstance. The Focused Thrust ability is attached to this sword, during which Cloud will lunge forward and stab at his foes, staggering them. RELATED: Final Fantasy 8 Remastered: 10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting The Game. RELATED: Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS4: 10 Things Missing From The Original PS1 Game. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. The Nail Bat is obtained in Chapter 8 after finishing the "A Verified Hero" side quest. Wrecking Ball is earned by completing Chapter 14's "Subterranean Menace" quest. That ability does exactly what the name suggests. The game describes the Nail Bat as "A crudely reinforced baseball bat. They should go through the train car and head south. Weapon types are not shared between characters, so you'll have to regularly update everyone's weapons separately as you progress through the game. All rights reserved. Look through the slide show below to see every weapon in Final Fantasy 7 Remake in the order they're unlocked! Final Fantasy 7 Remake doesn’t give you access to a whole ton of weapons, but each one that you do get can change your play style in a meaningful way. Get to know all of Cloud's weapons, locations & how to get them, stats and slots, & abilities! The proficiency for the Buster Sword is called Focused Thrust and allows players to hit their enemy with a lunging strike that hits them multiple times and increases stagger by a large degree. The Steel Pincers are an attack-focused, close-range weapon that give Barret the Charging Uppercut ability, which causes him to run towards an enemy and hit them into the air. You can experience the newest entry in the legendary franchise for yourself and support Prima Games at the same time by purchasing the Final Fantasy VII Remake through this link. This gives her access to Overpower, which allows her to pressure enemies better during her combos. You will find that the proficiency for the Hardedge is called Infinity's Edge and is an overhead strike from the character that causes increased damage on the stagger. The in-game description tells us that the Hardedge is "A mighty blade able to cleave in one stroke anything foolish enough to stand in the wielder's way.". Aerith begins the game with the Guard Stick, which gives her access to Arcane Ward. Final Fantasy VII Remake is developed and published by Square Enix. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the weapons of Cloud covered for you so that you can have the arsenal of weapons for Cloud reach its highest potential. That quest is unlocked by completing "Kids on Patrol." Check out this guide on Cloud's weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R)! Although the move costs 2 ATB gauges, it allows Aerith to do incredible damage by firing a burst of energy, greatly increasing stagger in the process. Let us know how it goes over on Facebook and Twitter! Cloud is one of the exciting and unique characters that players can control in the world of the Final Fantasy VII Remake.The entertaining individual has a plethora of weapons that players can obtain and utilize in all of their adrenaline-fueled battles throughout the game's story. Tifa will fall. During Chapter 17, you'll attempt to rescue Red XIII and face down a ton of enemies. Fortunately, a resistance organization known as Avalanche has vowed to put an end to Shinra's destructive practices in the blockbuster RPG Final Fantasy VII. Lead protagonist Cloud Strife is the kind of guy who speaks softly and carries a big sword, so it shouldn't be a surprise that he has multiple swords than can be found as you progress through Final Fantasy 7 Remake's story.

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