Chuck then tells her that when he proposed, they knew they would be together for the rest of their lives, living in this house and raising a family. [16] A series-long character arc involves her gradually overcoming both professional barriers and deep-rooted relationship baggage from her past to let her guard down and develop a relationship with Chuck. swan songCongratulations! At the end of the episode, Sarah has become a Bridezilla, horrifying both Ellie and Chuck. Strahovski was unable to come to the US for audition so the producers allowed her to make her audition via the internet. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It's a little bittersweet, but a pretty satisfying finale...Chris Fedak: It's a bittersweet moment for Josh and me. Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski could not have … After the mission, she refused to answer when he attempted to call and expressed to Shaw her distaste over what she had turned Chuck into. About holding it together?Fedak: Yeah, holding it together. The last time [she] sweat, gunfire was involved.". #ChuckandSarah Humor TV Show: #CHUCK Chuck and Sarah Humor PART 2: In "Chuck Versus the First Date" when it seemed Chuck was about to end his time as a CIA asset, she was very complimentary of his performance and encouraging as to his potential, “You can do anything, I've seen you in action...anything you wanted you could have.” In "Chuck Versus the Seduction" when Roan Montgomery scoffed at Chuck's ability to romance a woman, she leapt to his defense, saying he had a lot to offer, that he was “passionate and sweet and caring...I promise you, Chuck Bartowski, on his own, can seduce this woman.” She told Chuck not to take Roan too seriously, and when he replied he doubted he'd be charming anyone, she said, “Why not, it worked on me.”. Add the first question. The three of them form the CIA-NSA joint black-ops team Operation Bartowski. When Chuck meets Hannah in his first solo mission on a flight to Paris, they began a brief relationship, which effectively put the romance between Chuck and Sarah on hold. In "Chuck Versus the Fake Name", Sarah tells Shaw that this job is making her slowly forget who she was before and says that for the last three years, she has never once told anybody her real name. Beckman reluctantly acknowledged Sarah and Chuck's feelings for each other were actually a benefit to their working relationship rather than a danger and allowed Sarah to resume her role as his handler. I have not seen such magic between people since Bogie and Bacall. When he has finished, Chuck suggests that they try Morgan's theory and have a "magical kiss" to see if her memories will return. Sarah would also have a significant effect on Chuck's development during the third season, due to the profound impact she has on his emotional state.

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