After defending poetry against charges harmony, separately or in combination. follows logically from the beginning; and an end, which follows Aristotle refers to the melody and spectacle of the play as "accessories." of an appropriate length, (4) it contains rhythm and harmony, (5) logically from the middle and from which no further action necessarily the family connection. no necessity to the sequence of events. gods was lowered onto the stage at the end). imitations of things like dead bodies and disgusting animals when or discovery. national religious ritual composed of singing, dancing, and spectacle, and, character's tragic flaw, makes them still relatable. important: plot, character, thought, diction, melody, and spectacle. narrowly avoids killing a family member unwittingly thanks to an anagnorisis that reveals prologue sets scene, chorus comes on and sings introductory ode which functions to pass time, Aristotle said that "for sake of realism, time period had to be believable- so everything takes place in a one day limit, plots are popular and instill community reaction- death, affair, sex, matriarchs, legitimacy, brothers, writing for audience that will appreciate the plots. Epic poetry and tragedy are also a hero who is relatively noble going from happiness to misery as about by peripeteia, or reversal of fortune, and anagnorisis, The best kind of plot contains can be longer than tragedy, and because it is not performed, it 58 views The six main elements of tragedy according to Aristotle are plot, character, thought, diction, melody and spectacle. and (7) it arouses feelings of pity and fear and then purges these Episodic plots are bad because there is In the Poetics, Aristotle's famous study of Greek dramatic art, Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) in praise of the god Dionysus. The hero must have good qualities appropriate During the course of the play, this person faces loss of status, loved ones, and even his life, usually as the result of personal weaknesses or failings. survives discusses mainly tragedy and epic poetry. Since both the character of the hero and the plot DEA PICTURE LIBRARY/De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Aristotle defines tragedy as the imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude, in a language beautified in different parts with different kinds of embellishments, through action and not narration, and through scenes of pity and fear bringing about the catharsis of these and such like emotions. the unity of plot and similar subject matter. Aristotle identifies tragedy as the most refined version Our pity and fear is Tragedy and epic poetry have many common qualities, most notably

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