But great site ! It all works weĺl just need someone outsideEurope who wants to get back to low-tech communication. I will pass this weblink far and wide! In 1977, the new 40 channel digitally tuned PLL phase-locked-loop radios started to flood the CB market. FREEBAND | DROP GAP ==3 | 26.982 LSB FREEBAND | DROP GAP ==5 | 27.012 LSB

FREEBAND | HIGH GAP ==5 | 27.018 USB And why does skip need to be shot? Freeband distance range is similar to ham radio 10 meter HF SSB. MAC layer 

Freebanders go in between or outside the normal CB channels to achieve long distance communication that would be nearly impossible on the normal 40 CB channels. The 90’s was the rebirth of cb freebanding because of internet! people where downloading cb mods for their old radios for free!!!! FREEBAND | GAP =====1/2 | 26.970 LSB/USB By the early 1990s, only a small number of the old timer freeband survivalists were still on the air. It looks like we will be testing 27370 USB soon. I can go on and on…these frequencies, with the exception of small gaps to prevent interference among the licensed users, ARE ACTIVE. The addition of high power linear amplifiers to CB SSB can greatly extend the groundwave range. There was, and may still be some allocation for commercial broadcast relay slightly below channel one in the United States. Wireless microphones are still a relatively new technology and have adopted certain terminologies from other areas of the audio industry to describe …, Users of wireless microphone and in-ear monitor systems have faced several disruptive challenges in recent years. Disclaimer: Content provided in RadioMaster Reports is included for the sole purpose of providing educational information on a passive basis. UHF Air Channel Frequency (MHz) ... 38 614 - 620 131 : 834 - 840 : 47 : 360 - 366 .
The internet came around and boom!!!

Just move jumpers around, reset, you’re there. NORMAL CB| CHANNEL ===1 | 26.965 AM

FREEBAND | HIGH GAP =7A | 27.048 USB In this month's Whiteboard Session, Senior Product Management Specialist, Stuart Stephens explains wireless companding and how it works. Freebanders don’t need no stinkin’ license!” Freebanders don’t have a license for these frequencies.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. 8. The choice of which sideband to use is not etched in stone. seems like a good way to do it.

NORMAL CB| CHANNEL ==12 | 27.105 AM FREEBAND | GAP ===16/17 | 27.160 LSB/USB

FREEBAND | DROP GAP =27 | 27.272 LSB Freeband Radios us unqualified 10-11 meter trolls. ========= ============== ======= ====== ====================== Or am I asking TOO MUCH from this high -tech world. FREEBAND | HIGH GAP =34 | 27.348 USB Freeband goes further than other common unlicensed radios like FRS, GMRS, or MURS.

FREEBAND | HIGH GAP =31 | 27.318 USB Channel List Prepper Survivalist AM SSB CB Freeband Difference between SC-FDMA and OFDM I always run a freq counter so I can Have not been able to get on site lately. Freeband frequencies around 27 MHz CB have been widely used by thousands and thousands of freebanders worldwide over the past 40+ years. Military surplus manpack HF SSB radios can be used for freeband. FREEBAND | GAP ====3/3A | 26.990 LSB/USB And help me get stuff up and on the air.

“Freebanding” is simply a sanitized word for pirate operation.

The radios run on 12 Volt DC, can be powered for many days on a car battery, and then recharged with solar or alternative energy. FREEBAND | DROP GAP =7A | 27.042 LSB FREEBAND | DROP GAP =17 | 27.162 LSB Ham HF SSB radio modified for general coverage transmit. Why was there a move to change the guard channel anyway??? Just a thought. Single SideBand (SSB) CB radios are very popular for freeband. FREEBAND | GAP ===33/34 | 27.340 LSB/USB

========= ============== ======= ====== ======================

Here in this list, we document the best and most common Single SideBand (SSB, USB, LSB) Freeband frequencies useful for Survivalists. master and Advertiser i.e. FREEBAND | HIGH GAP =28 | 27.288 USB • The devices (Initiator i.e. FREEBAND | CHANNEL ==48 | 27.485 LSB/USB BAND=E CHAN=7 FREEBAND | DROP GAP =21 | 27.212 LSB LoRa   This page covers TV channel frequencies. Can not wait for some sporadic Skip to say Hi to any of you guys across the pond (U. S. of A) I had some GREAT Q S. L Cards back in the day when C. B. and side-band’s were a way of life. Submit search form, | Home | Locate Dealer / Installer | DIY | FAQ | Glossary | Forum | Tech Help | Links | Link Exchange | Join DBS Install |, | DIRECTV | Dish Network | HughesNet | Wildblue | Globecast | Free To Air | About/Contact, Copyright © 2001-2013 DBS Install, All rights reserved. I remember this very well haha….

795, GOOD WEBPAGE, INTERESTING. | MODE | COMMON CHANNEL USAGE FREEBAND | HIGH GAP =29 | 27.298 USB “License? Users of this educational information are solely responsible for their actions. Any one want a whole solar systen ? 90 : 618 - 624 . It includes VHF and UHF frequencies from

FREEBAND | ==== 57 ZERO | 27.570 LSB/USB By the late 1990s it seemed like everyone drifted away from CB/freeband and found the internet. Survivalist Radios: Ham vs CB vs FRS vs MURS vs GMRS, HAM Prepper SHTF Survival Channel 146.550 FM Simplex, PMR446 Radios ------ PMR Prepper Channel 3. Frequencies above channel 40 and the 10-meter band did have some allocation for business band use, but that ceased many years ago.

There are plenty of CB channels, and these days they are not used much……you only need one to talk on anyway.

CB radios and HAM radios can be modified to get freeband channels. Otherwise, very well put together. Security  Marine HF SSB radio. FREEBAND | HIGH GAP =14 | 27.128 USB It seems clear today.

Video: Unlocking Clarifier and Extra Channels on Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB CB, Video: Unlocked Clarifier and Extra Channels on Cobra 148 GTL SSB CB, Typical CB SSB Clarifer Unlock Modification Schematic, Video: Typical Ham Radio HF SSB Modified for Freeband SSB This new calling channel will be instead of the separate Prepper channel and Survivalist channels that have been the trend over the past several years.

interference isn’t toooo bad. There wont be any regulation for any radio spectrum, so all the info in this forum is going to be very useful. Information for Survivalist, Prepper, or SHTF Survival Communications using Single SideBand CB radio around 27 MHz. FREEBAND | DROP GAP =15 | 27.132 LSB

AM Amplitude Modulation Sometimes used by truckers in the western US states, "Breaker 1 9" Yes, this is the classic trucker's channel (You might not want to let your kids listen), This use to be the highest CB channel - in the "Smokey and the Bandit" days ;-). ========= ============== ======= ====== ======================

FREEBAND | CHANNEL ==58 | 27.585 LSB/USB E15 =NOT RECOMMENDED! FREEBAND | GAP =====2/3 | 26.980 LSB/USB Even a very old used SSB CB modified with expanded clarifier slider can tune slightly off frequency to the Drop Gap (LSB) or High Gap (USB) clear space between channels. Bluetooth operates in 2.4 GHz ISM Band. If I want to chat on CB, I crank them up and they work just fine. Cable TV basics There is a lot of great information here. That’s a nice read that you shared.with us. Video: Typical CB Installation with Linear Amplifier CHAN TYPE| CHANNEL NAME | FREQ. FREEBAND | GAP ===18/19 | 27.180 LSB/USB NORMAL CB| CHANNEL ===8 | 27.055 AM One op reports some mild interference from ch 40 AM splatter. Shure UK Project Engineer, Stuart Stephens explores digital wireless latency and what causes latency in a digital wireless system.

Video: Some Night Activity on Survivalist Prepper Freeband Channel 27.425 kHz SSB, Video: Activity on Survivalist Prepper Freeband Channel 27.425 kHz SSB. Update: Looks like 27425 USB may become popular for Survivalist-Preppers again after all these years. I use channel 37 USB and sometimes 27425 USB. FREEBAND | DROP GAP =32 | 27.322 LSB GREAT! NFC  27425 USB continued to be a very active survivalist channel throughout the 1980s. The 11 meter band is in the middle of Ham Bands..and the Outlaws/Pirates/Preppers are not going anywhere..so their is only one choise….give the devil its due! Still one of my favorite rigs in the USA / Canada. Surprisingly clear for a splinter on the zero within the CB band. I am 52 an wanna have some real-communication. Let us understand use or function of these BLE channels and their frequency values. NORMAL CB| CHANNEL ==13 | 27.115 AM RV OR CAMPERS CB 69. Difference between TDD and FDD Keep in mind that many of these radios are only capable of Upper SideBand, so USB is usually selected for SHTF survival HF freeband frequencies. ========= ============== ======= ====== ====================== 7. NORMAL CB| CHANNEL ==31 | 27.315 AM/LSB/USB FREEBAND | GAP ==19/19A | 27.190 LSB/USB Change ). FREEBAND | DROP GAP =13 | 27.112 LSB CHAN TYPE| CHANNEL NAME | FREQ. ========= ============== ======= ====== ====================== FREEBAND | HIGH GAP =30 | 27.308 USB They usually avoid talking about specific activities or using coarse language that might make them stand out.

This page covers TV channel frequencies. It sure seemed to cut through the static. TV channel frequencies are assigned in 54 to 806 MHz RF frequency band. FREEBAND | HIGH GAP =27 | 27.278 USB FREEBAND | GAP ===39/40 | 27.400 LSB/USB FCC could care less about 10/11/12 meter band, and in all my time on the airwaves I have never heard of anyone getting busted for running off bands or having a linear amplifier, losing all their equipment or receiving heavy fines for illegal use. FREEBAND | ==== 53 ZERO | 27.530 LSB/USB

NORMAL CB| CHANNEL ===3 | 26.985 AM == PREPPER CH 3 AM Thanx, and 73… Jo-Jo. Here are some freeband frequency channel charts for various types of radios. I have mostly J.C. Penney’s phase locked loop radios with an unlocked clarifier. NORMAL CB| CHANNEL ===7 | 27.035 AM ========= ============== ======= ====== ====================== FREEBAND | HIGH GAP =12 | 27.108 USB Zigbee RF4CE  CB radio modified with “extra channels”, “high channels”, “expanded”, or “unlocked clarifier”. UHF Air Channel Frequency (MHz) ... 38 614 - 620 131 : 834 - 840 : 47 : 360 - 366 .

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