He wanted it worse than a lot of people. Dale Earnhardt Sr. was a famous US racing car driver who died in a crash on the last lap of the annual Daytona 500, the biggest race in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, on 18 February 2001, aged 49. EDITOR'S NOTE: Ten years ago on Feb. 18, we lost Dale Earnhardt. ... That part of racing you're kinda conditioned for.

"I remember the first day we showed up in Charlotte, we had a mobile home and the electricity wasn't even turned on yet and Earnhardt came over and he said, 'What do you need? "I saw a friend in trouble. And after poor performances in Rockingham, N.C., and Las Vegas, Schrader had to make a difficult change on his team by firing crew chief Sammy Johns before last week's race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. "As far as laps and seasons and on track, it feels like years ago (since Dale raced),'' Schrader said, pausing and sighing. It was a national tragedy ?

“It was Mikey’s biggest moment, and you’re adding news that he doesn’t want.

We’ll never know – because Ken has refused to talk about it, even after 19 years. Most of these stories about that fateful day or about Earnhardt's career have either never been told or are recalled in greater detail than ever before.

Ten Years After: Ken Schrader Recalls a Moment He'll Never Forget. Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD.

I didn’t know for certain [he was dead], but I would have bet. "He knows things can happen in a race car," Ann Schrader said. He knew it was bad as soon as he looked inside. There's nothing Ken Schrader can do to erase the image he has of seeing Dale Earnhardt dead in his car. Schrader’s next thought was to go to Michael Waltrip, who was celebrating his first win, unaware of Earnhardt’s death. Schrader also had his own emotions to deal with. You’ve probably seen the video of Ken looking into the car and then frantically waving to the medical crews. “I didn’t know what the final deal was, so I just told him it was big and Dale was in trouble,” Schrader said. The Untold Stories. Schrader's reaction is an enduring moment. The summer before, Dorothy Schrader had spent a week with the Earnhardts on their yacht. “Dale said he just had to get her up in his lap and just hug on her a while until she got over it,” Schrader said. "So it was hard for her, she had a lot of questions and a lot of concern for Taylor.".

The hardest part was yet to come. "Because he's a racer, he has a very realistic attitude and has been able to cope with it.". Then he delivered the bad news to Waltrip, who had just won NASCAR’s biggest race for the first time in a car owned by Earnhardt. The summer before, Dorothy Schrader had spent a week with the Earnhardts on their yacht. "All he's ever wanted to do was go fast, race well and be competitive. Schrader couldn't avoid hitting Earnhardt's car, tagging him in the passenger side. in making the announcement that shocked and saddened people like no other death in American motorsports. ", Audience Relations, CBC P.O. "He was a very sweet man, had a heart of gold and wanted to make damn sure people didn't know it. "we lost Dale Earnhardt" ? A second blaze started hours later in Corona and forced evacuations in Yorba Linda. Ken was involved in the wreck that took Dale’s life, and he was the first person to run to Dale’s car after the crash. "Kenny's always going to be doing that, even when he's grey and in a wheelchair.

Schrader scoffs at talk of retirement. “So it was hard for her, she had a lot of questions and a lot of concern for Taylor.”. His gestures and body language broke the news that stopped the hearts of NASCAR fans around the world.

Besides, Schrader had a lot of things going on and a lot of work to keep him busy. Over the years, he won 76 races in the series, and his seven championships were equalled only by ‘The King’, Richard Petty. I didn't know for certain (he was dead), but I would have bet. Endorsements.

It would have screwed up his image." Amazing yet sad Documentary on the day Dale Earnhardt Sr. Died. How to vote. "Dale said he just had to get her up in his lap and just hug on her awhile until she got over it," Schrader said.

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