Since chucks of the CGRO will likely survive the reentry, a guided entry into a remote area of the Pacific Ocean, approximately 2,500 miles southeast of Hawaii, is necessary to ensure the public safety. The firing -- to start at 10:41 p.m. EDT (0241 GMT Thursday) -- is designed to lower the CGRO's perigee to 155 miles. 0532 GMT (1:32 a.m. EDT) The other missions in the program include the visible-light Hubble Space Telescope (HST), Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory (CGRO), and the Chandra X-Ray Observatory (CXO). The third of four firings to deorbit the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory has been completed successfully, and controllers are reporting all systems aboard the craft are normal. That was about 10 miles higher than originally planned, but was within the allowable margin of error, officials said. 0542 GMT (1:42 a.m. EDT) Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (CGRO), U.S. satellite, one of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) “Great Observatories” satellites, which is designed to identify the sources of celestial gamma rays. This means the debris fromteh 17-ton craft will not overshoot the safety zone, endangering the public. THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 20001830 GMT (2:30 p.m. EDT) "Great Observatories". The next burn is scheduled for early Sunday at 1:37 a.m. EDT (0537 GMT), reducing the perigee to about 93 miles. Mission name: CGRO Compton Gamma Ray Observatory Observing the high-energy Universe. SUNDAY, MAY 28, 2000 The GRO spacecraft is a 3-axis stabilized, free-flying CGRO sollte zwei Jahre lang hochenergetische Gammastrahlen-Ausstöße am Himmel beobachten, die die Erdatmosphäre nicht durchdringen können. GeV: The initial phase of the science program consists of a near-uniform survey of the The $617 million telescope -- the second of NASA's Great Observatories family -- was deorbited this morning because of its crippled control system. Approximately six tons of debris is expected to survive reentry and fall harmlessly in the Pacific Ocean. Mit über 15 Tonnen war er der schwerste Satellit, der in niederem Orbit von einem Space Shuttle ausgesetzt wurde. The burn was designed to sink the orbit's lowest point, called perigee, to around 155 miles or so. 0518 GMT (1:18 a.m. EDT) Meanwhile, the observatory's four science instruments have been switched to their low power mode, and the craft is currently in a parking attitude. The spacecraft is now at an altitude of 85 miles. "The latest prediction has Compton's orbit tracks moving west. In addition, the commanding path to the thrusters was verified to be working properly.

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