As an employee, you must ensure that your public statements or actions do not impair your ability to carry out your duties or call into question your impartiality in carrying out your duties. Research You are expected to ensure that research activities are carried out using sound scientific principles and practices in accordance with the guidelines the CFIA and the Government of Canada have identified to govern federal science and technology.

We value competent, qualified and motivated personnel, whose efforts drive the results of the Agency. You may not communicate any information you learned while on the job that has not been made public by the CFIA. For example, Transportation leases, vehicle servicing and maintenance,…, Full kitchen with complimentary drinks and. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring adherence to this requirement.

NOTE: Although this Code prescribes rules and standards of conduct for all employees of the CFIA, they are not all-inclusive. You are required to respect and comply with these conditions.

If elected, the employee may be required to resign from the CFIA.

CFIA management has agreed to principles and methods of operation on these premises. As a manager, you are a visible role model for the employees you supervise and are expected to demonstrate leadership in respecting the Code of Conduct and, in particular, to : Every supervisor will ensure that all employees under their responsibility are provided with a copy of the Code of Conduct. We have the courage to make difficult and potentially unpopular decisions and recommendations, free from personal bias.

Participate in any internal/external audits/inspections/assessments, as necessary. If an accidental or intentional disclosure occurs, your supervisor will report the incident by completing a Security Incident Report. Your appearance and dress should be appropriate for your duties.

You must take into consideration the safety of others in your duties. If you have any doubts about your personal assets, interests or activities placing you in a conflict of interest situation, you must submit a confidential report to the Conflict of Interest (COI) Secretariat housed in the Values, Integrity and Conflict Resolution Directorate.

You cannot use your job title, credentials or any other official identification to obtain any privilege or favour for yourself or others or to do anything that is illegal, improper or contrary to the best interests of the, You cannot transport anyone in a government-owned or leased vehicle unless that person's presence is connected with official business or is in the, If you have an individual travel card, it is expected that you will use this card for official.

Laboratories If you work in a laboratory, you must maintain high standards of quality by following the quality policies, procedures and guidelines outlined in the laboratory's ISO/IEC 17025 compliant quality system manual. Procedures are in place to ensure that all cases of employee misconduct or wrongdoing are handled fairly. Additional information can be found in the CFIA's policies related to the prevention and resolution of harassment and violence in the workplace. You also have a duty to report illegal acts or violations of work-related rules to management, whether committed by you or others. Your off-duty conduct is usually a private matter. If money in your care is misplaced, lost or stolen, you are to immediately report the matter to your supervisor, who shall report the incident by completing a Security Incident Report. It complements the Public Service values and the CFIA values that guide your decision making and behaviours. Clean seed to meet quality standards set by customers and/or the, Perform shipping and receiving functions, including sampling,…, Full training of each position plus other, This position involves cleaning a rotation of various…, Participate in any internal/external audits/inspections….

By adhering to the Code, you will uphold our tradition of professionalism and contribute to the quality of life enjoyed by all Canadians.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency jobs. After consulting with the COI Secretariat, the manager will notify the employee in writing whether the gift, hospitality or other benefit is to be retained by the CFIA, disposed of, donated to charity or retained by the CFIA employee concerned. The absence of a specific rule or standard of conduct does not mean that an action is condoned. It also includes the requirement to support the Crown's case by giving testimony in court. Violence in the workplace The CFIA is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of its employees. Third party premises You may be required to work on third party premises and to interact with third party managers and staff. A Security Incident Report will be completed and the relevant Occupational Health and Safety Workplace Committee or representative will be notified.

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