to a -120/138/220, and the lower one is a NW 720B's, also used in the -120B/138B. Many, many thanks! fin was installed. So for cabin air purposes, you need one of the key 707 spotting features--turbocompressors. (then) 707-020, and so not to confuse people, they called them 720's. and 128(no pics yet of that one).....excellent webpage on 707, Mick, comment by: TriStar500 posted on 07-12-2007, comment #4022. found one post-1960 that didn't), If a 707-120 has a ventral fin (and they And the elevator extends all the way to the tip. runway capability with really spectacular take off performance. Boeing’s global reach includes customers in approximately 150 countries and employees and operations in more than 65 countries. 2 segments per the Israel Air Force have had 2 ex Sabena 707-329 converted to JT-3D fans as aerial tankers #140(pics on Jetphotos etc.) Note the glove does not SMOOTHLY attach, there's Although certified as Series 100s, 200s, 300s, etc., the different 707 variants are more commonly known as Series 120s, 220s, 320s, and so on, where the "20" part of the designation is Boeing's "customer number" for its development aircraft. Whenever. (And the F-8 gets an afterburner--imagine one (or four!) If you dont believe me, ask Boeing, thats how I found out. Ordered by UA, AA, Good work! Travel by air eclipsed travel by rail and sea. tacked on to the leading edge. Im Back, you know theres one thing that isnt covered here was "Where the heck did the name "707" come from. the fuselage). -320B left wing leading edge, showing flaps entirely along LE from inboard pylon You can also see the kruger flaps in the Thus, the elevator no longer goes to the tip, and is easy to spot The 707 was designated the 720 when it was modified for short- to medium-range routes and for use on shorter runways. Also, t/c humps only on engines #2 and #3. wing glove a bit easier in this pic. Maybe thats why some airlines flew all Boeing jets. Boeing Company President William Allen and his management are said to have "bet the company” on a vision that the future of commercial aviation was jets. interchangeable between Boeing and Douglas aircraft. 707-120. engines. This is common to the 707-120/138/220/720/720B/120B/138B/320/420. Its width and the 100-foot length (30.5-meter) made it the largest passenger cabin in the air. In just two years, the 707 would help change the way the world traveled. It's actually part of the trailing edge Together we will innovate and operate to make the world a better place for future generations. The dawn of a new era in travel helped to make the terms “Boeing” and “707” fashionable. The elevator is not Another 707 feature--- a fillet-flap. comment by: Kev1n posted on 06-16-2008, comment #5795, Well....having tinkered with several versions of the 707, I freely admit to not having done all the I have a British Caledonian -320C (pic in the galleries) but didnt get round to dealing with the wingtips - still can and will one day. is added to each tip. This really is the ultimate reference! 707 model. After World War II, the British paved the way for commercial jets with the de Havilland Comet. I just love this plane, and this article is so important to me, as I pretend to have lots of 707's in my collection! This has been my "go to" source while working on my 707s. a noticeable kink right at the inboard pylon--much easier to see if you tilt (This is why many early 707's have "short" tailfins--they Jantzen swimwear titled its 1957 collection “the 707.”. Pretty much a continuous line of flaps now across the leading edge, with a few your head. Only one US airline flew both 707 and DC-8 See it and the They set out to counter public nervousness. Four 13,500-pound-thrust P&W JT3C-6 turbojet engines. comment by: global707 posted on 09-14-2006, comment #2568. the wing used on the 707-120, 707-138, and 707-220. The -320B also adds a lot more Kr?ger That's the 720 wing, used on the Site Terms | Privacy and Cookie Statement | Ad Choices (AKA just inside of the #1 and #4 engines) Two sections only, per wing. need to have six abreast seating. (Outboard of inboard engines, and extreme inboard leading edge) (The -320B and later will introduce a new style) The website is currently in the process of optimizing and will have further functions added in order to improve the usability. Max speed M=0.90. First and obviously, came out before the 757). It remained in production until 1991, with a total of 1,010 being built, and was credited with inaugurating … The Boeing strategy was to use the Dash 80 prototype for press and customer flights and an advertising campaign that was directed at the public, stressing the comfort and safety of jet air travel. Thanks David, nice article! All Rights Reserved. José Maria. The Boeing 707 is a four-engined medium-to-long-range narrowbody airliner with a capacity of maximum 189 passengers produced by the American manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes. wings have blunt tips? Next, and hardest to see/show is the horizontal stabilizer extension. It WRAPS It only 707-420. Anything and Everything you ever wanted to know about the 707. Another diddy from Boeing. Although the 707s were intended as medium-range transports, they were soon flying across the Atlantic Ocean and across the continent. (The inboard ones). Good article, having been "assigned" an ex-AA 707-323B to maintain parts and Well done, David- I commend you on your research, comment by: LH707 posted on 12-24-2012, comment #16260. when they're up. Plus lots converted from to wingtip, and short LE flap inboard of inboard engine. JT3D's to be exact: small gaps. The mid- to long-range narrow-body four-engine aircraft with a swept-wing design was developed and manufactured by the Boeing Company. on the wing. Ordered by AA, PAA, CO, LH, PIA, spans maybe 1/3 the distance from the pylon to the fuselage. comment by: Super VC 10 posted on 02-17-2006, comment #1715. United, who had committed to a fleet of DC-8s had ordered the Finally, 707-120's have leading edge flaps (Kr?ger flaps) inboard of the outboard Requests poured into Boeing for rights to use “707” for naming products. Seats,bulkheads,PSU's and other interior cabin components were not The Dash 80 prototype led to the commercial 707 and the military KC-135 tanker. © 2001 - 2019, Karsten Palt, Leipzig / Germany - All rights reserved, Paraguay Air Force - Fuerza Aérea Paraguaya (FAP), Asunción International Airport (SGAS / ASU), Royal Air Force Station Cottesmore (EGXJ), 707-120, 707-138, 707-120B, 707-220, 707-320, 707-320B, 707-320C, 707-420, Boeing 720 (707-020), 720B (707-020B), C-137 Stratoliner. This also raised a problem with airlines trying to keep the A/C interiors uniform. engines---just visible behind the #3 pylon in the pic above. Likewise most of my 707 models. An epic eight-part documentary series 100 years in the making. Max speed, M=0.884. American Airlines always called its 720s 707s. Next, the 707 fuselage was put to the same test; this time, five blades pierced the pressurized fuselage, resulting in wisps of air escaping from the punctures — but no cracks and no structural failure.

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