So if you want give me a pizza, you can do that the easiest here, haha! Are you a clubber? I remember being proud of “test” for being created solely with one synthesizer, drums and all. But my interest is more in, like, how can this music sound interesting—like a good read that you want to go back over to figure out if you missed something, you know? The game might be one of the most successful gaming works out there, but I think the grungy, sometimes amateur-esque audiovisual environment has something comforting about it. Like Minecraft - Volume Alpha, not every track is used within Minecraft. Alpha, being 10 minutes, while “The End” clocks in at 15 minutes. Bandcamp, which is embedded to the right over there, is a very artist friendly website and allows you to preview entire albums, for free! Born to Russian parents in then East Germany just months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Daniel Rosenfeld, who records as C418, was a hobbyist musician for most of his early life until he met Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson through online indie game forums. Additionally, I was quite simply not very good at foley, but I think that wasn’t a problem. The second one being an in-game music when fighting the enderdragon. That stuff fascinated me. It starts off with "Key" but includes more electronic music. At the end are sounds of a large amount of a water-like liquid flowing. Bit of column A, a bit of column B, I think. I’m guessing if you’re going to Burning Man then maybe so. I wanted to work in different locations and see how my writing style changes. A retro tune with a sample from a 1970 MATTEL Program Disc: Bossa Nova Style playing in the background, along with a vaporwave-like version of Mall. Being in his universe and obsessively listening to his music drove me into a whole world of experimental and sometimes very ambient soundscapes. It has two chords that arbitrarily change every couple minutes or so, and a very monotonous drum beat. And I think those come out best when I’m actually in the mood. Later the main theme turns into guitar accompanied by a crescendo played in orchestral strings near the end. It is a slow rhythm that slowly loudens, and then suddenly quiets down again, slowly crescendoing until dramatically quieting into a guitar piece. So I did, albeit only briefly. How can you make that interesting? This appears to be a reference to the well-known annoyance of leaving a tree only partially chopped down, thus leaving it “floating”. In your website bio, you mention coming to understand and minimalism as you started on Minecraft. Quiet, anxious, and obsessive is a better description of me. 2 Tracks. There is this psychological trick you can do with music. "Floating Trees" from Minecraft - Volume Beta can also be heard. And yeah, Excursions has a lot of calming soundscapes. A saxophone can be heard in the background throughout most of the piece. It begins with the growing sound of echoing chimes and clarinets that quicken in pace. Sometimes making music feels like I have my own little Zen garden. Like, someone I’ve never met and someone I did not tell about the existence of that album was listening to it.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.