When they do, it is usually of the highest standard. Once the studio is done with Red Dead Redemption 2 PC, the entire development studio will move to one new project which, at this point, is already in development for a few years. Bully 2 Rumors Release Date. Another note that was rather interesting to many players was the concept of a Summer Camp potentially being in the game, maybe we could see Jimmy be sent there by his parents or we go back and forth between the two locations. His parents drop him off at a fictional boarding school called Bullworth Academy in New England. GTA 6. Rumored to be Bully 2, Rockstar Games’ next big AAA blockbuster will release sometime in 2021. Bully was famous for its beautiful depictions of environments, and by looking at the concept art, it seems Bully 2 may follow suit. However, there may be an initial teaser for the date in the next coming months of perhaps 2020 could be the year we finally get a date. Rockstar has neither denied or confirmed whether the Concept Art is legitimate. Bully 2 is in the development phase. The comment section below is the space to talk about this topic. Bully released on PS2 back in 2006 but has since been remastered to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Rockstar Games has a few ongoing projects that could explain the delay of the Bully sequel. It could be an interesting story into Jimmy's life at home rather than school as during the Bully 1 intro screen we are showcased with the rather turbulent relationship that Jimmy has with his parents. Since Jimmy is expected to leave Bullworth Academy, a whole new set of characters will be introduced. His mother and stepfather will likely play a similar role as the Bullworth administration did in the original, adults the Jimmy needs to avoid as he gets involved in mischief. Regardless, Bully 2 will definitely release on Xbox Anaconda, Lockhart, and PlayStation 5. Fans have long been asking Rockstar for a sequel, but rumours and news are few and far between. I can’t say for sure, but that appears to be the current state of planning. All in all, fans are curious to see what game they will release this year. How deep the discussion will go remains to be seen. Here is a rundown of some rumored details about “Bully 2.” “Bully 2” Release Date . The studio has been quite busy with other projects as well; therefore, the delay is not a surprise. While we don’t know what these projects are, one of these multiple projects is most likely to be Bully 2 and LA Noire 2. He's 25, a finance major, and having the time of his life writing about videogames. “The way [Rockstar] are going about this has completely changed. But Bully is also a popular Franchise which deserves a sequel. According to a new report, the long-rumored Bully 2 is indeed real, and is releasing sometime late 2020 via the PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Scarlett, and Xbox One as Rockstar Games next big release. Rockstar might just be releasing their long-awaited sequel to Bully around the time the next generation console rolls around. Factions are littered throughout the school and players can determine who they align themselves with, there are also vehicles, weapons, and skills Jimmy can acquire as time goes on. It is based on the story of a schoolboy Jimmy Hopkins roaming around the town of Bullworth. Will FIFA 21 Support Cross-Gen Crossplay. Bully 2: Expected Release Date And Clash Scenarios. By Sarthak Gaur-Thursday, 30 April 2020, 16:12 EDT. Grand Theft Auto 6 was recently leaked by a European developer who confirmed that the game is in development. There have been leaks that Bully 2 will be a direct sequel of the original title but this time it would be centred around Jimmy's (The main protagonist) life at home rather than at school. Concept art leaked at a later date seemed to show the snowy environment of what looks to be Austria. Other than that, Reddit claims he’ll have some unnamed step siblings to deal with. Another popular franchise that fans are anticipating to see is the sequel of Bully, the Bully 2. It's hard to imagine what Bully 2 could look like in 2020. Nick is portrayed as an overweight, awkward geek while Abe is described as a wannabe war veteran who lives in the woods that is “armed to the teeth and completely psychotic, but turns out to be fake” and actually dodged the draft. Fans of Rockstar Games will be happy to know that a recent resume of Indian Rockstar 3D animator revealed that he worked on multiple “unannounced Rockstar Games.” “Abhinav Raj Karanwal” worked on multiple Rockstar Games that are likely to release on PS5 and Xbox Anaconda. Bully 2 Release Date — Rumors Say It Wold Launch Before GTA 6. The information seems to line up with similar info revealed by a former self-proclaimed Rockstar insider in 2017. Bully 2 release date. But if Yan2295’s timeline is correct, it’ll be Bully 2 up there next. GTA 6 Clash. This information was revealed back in 2016; therefore, there is a possibility that the Bully 2 game to be released soon. Modified date: Thursday, 30 April 2020, 16:12 EDT . The Reddit post also noted that the home featured in Bully 2 will be owned by his step-parents which could mean that step sibling could be main characters as well. Uk developer also confirms that there will be a sequel of Bully in upcoming years. An insider supposedly reached out directly to SWEGTA with information about the upcoming release, shedding light on the supposed release window and why Rockstar is opting to launch the game on both PS4 and Xbox One as well as upcoming new hardware. Rockstar Games got a lot on its plate. The game’s diehard fans could soon be appeased, because Bully 2 might be just over the horizon. Bully 2: Release Date, Setting, Platforms, Leaked News and everything we know so far Originally released in 2006, Rockstar's 'cult' game may have a sequel on the way very soon. Fans are dying to find out what they have in plan. GTA 6 rumors are in peak order, and there are many of them been circulating for a possible release next year. Jimmy is said to move in with his stepfather in an entirely new town that has yet to be named. SWEGTA’s source didn’t specifically state that Bully 2 would be Rockstar’s next release, but credible leaker Yan2295 tweeted back in April that Bully 2 is “supposed” to be the publisher’s next game after Red Dead Redemption 2. As it stands, they are aiming to release their next game during the holiday season in 2020 (most likely October or November). Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 7 - Must-Haves, Bargain Buys, Midfield Magicians & more, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! Bully is an action adventure game set in the fictional town of Bullworth. The boarding school acts as the classic Rockstar open-world sandbox players can explore at their own leisure. Fans have been clamoring for a follow-up and many rumors over the years seem to indicate that Bully 2 is definitely in the works.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.