de Rhodanie 54Switzerland-1007, Lausanne From 1968 to 1989 and again from 1997 to 2000 he was the head coach of the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation. He was voted “Coach of the Century” in Bulgaria. His unique approach to training was based heavily on the work of Professor Felix Meerson.[3]. My coach, from my first introduction to weightlifting, is Alex Varbanov, one of Ivan Abadjiev’s champion athletes and an excellent coach in his own right. IWF REFORM AND GOVERNANCE COMMISSION ESTABLISHED, China’s National Weightlifting Championships, Majority of the National Federations support the Constitution and Electoral Congress, IWF Signs Multi-Year Contract Extension With ITA, Responds To WADA I&I Report. As an active competitor, he won Bulgaria's first weightlifting medal in 1957. The Bulgarians did not compete in 1984 Olympics which the whole Eastern Block boycotted. An avid weightlifting fan and anorak, you can imagine Goss’s excitement when it emerged that the Bulgarian weightlifting coach Angel Spassov would be in town. Coach Abadjiev — the godfather of one of the most successful weightlifting teams in history. Their full training volume was dedicated to improving the performance of these 6 lifts with the end goal of maximizing the performance in the two major lifts. And not a Magician Russian athletes dominated the weight lifting scene in both national and international competitions. The frequency and volume was higher than any other nation, and even more importantly, one where the intensity was through the roof in every single session. Former Bulgarian weightlifting coach Ivan Abadzhiev, one of the sport’s most successful and prominent figures, died at age 85. Phone: +36 1 353 0530 At this time, the nation was looked to as a “little brother” to Russia, not only in politics and industry but in regards to sport as well. From 1968 to 1989 and again from 1997 to 2000 he was the head coach of the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation. Copyright 2020 International Weightlifting Federation. Frequency – Abadjiev was big believer in a very high training frequency. . The man behind the system was the head coach Ivan Abadjiev who won Bulgaria’s first weightlifting medal in 1957 as an active competitor himself. Abadjiev would nominate 20 weightlifters to the extended national team. After winning Bulgaria's first gold medal for weightlifting in 1957, he went on to become the head coach of the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation for over 24 years. Who gets finally nominated would be indicated by collecting points during extended national team competition on every single weekend of the competitive season which was about 12 weeks and concluded into the major international competition of the year, which were either World Championships or Olympic Games. Picture: An overview over the Olympic Medals in Weightlifting won at the 1972, 1976, 1980 and 1988 Olympics. . Abadzhiev, who went on to train the Turkish national team in the 1990s, also served as a lawmaker in his homeland before moving to work as coach in the United States. Av. The Split Squat is an often, How to loose fat faster Six times he was elected Coach of the Year of Bulgaria - 1985, 1986, 1989, 1997, 1998, 1999, and in 2001 was elected Coach of the 20th Century of the country. From 1968 to 1989 and again from 1997 to 2000 he was the head coach of the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation. In Bulgaria during the 1980s, Ivan Abadjiev and his companions were the coaches of Bulgaria’s Olympic weightlifting team. You want to become a better competitor then compete more often. Still during the height of the bulgarian system they where the number one rival of russia going head to head in every major competition. As an active competitor, he won Bulgaria's first weightlifting medal in 1957. Lifting a certain load in a certain pattern is a skill. It is very unfortunate that in his latest years, his name was linked to various doping scandals as since 1946, Bulgaria registered 47 doping cases. That means every lifter from the extended national team had to perform at about 12 competitions weekly on the highest level of performance and pressure – stories are there were many lifters in the team that lifted above world record in training – collecting points to then go to the 13th competition to get that medal. The Bulgarians would not use any assistance lifts. On the elite level he built up some of his lifters to complete up to 12 workouts a day. Fax: +36 1 353 0199 Our focus here is going to be upon the popular adaptations of the system created by powerlifters. 2. As an active competitor, he won Bulgaria’s first weightlifting medal in 1957. All the Best applying these 3 pillars in your own training! (source: wikipedia), Copyright Your Personal Strength Institute, How Bulgarian Weightlifters structured their Day of Lifting, Paused Split Squat Competition – Again a skill is specific. From 1968 to 1989 and again from 1997 to 2000 he was the head coach of the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation. As a competitor, he won Bulgaria’s first World Championship medal after finishing second in the men’s 67.5 kg bodyweight category in Tehran in 1957.

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