An uneasy truce occurred during the war when hostilities seemed to cease.

Both foreign (Israeli or British) and domestic (American) criticism had a negative, albeit modest, impact on sympathy for Israel and moderately negative impact on support for Israel’s actions towards the Palestinians. [163] He also found himself in a position of power, having the benefit of military support from not only the Arab League, but the British. Interestingly, British criticism had almost no effect on Republicans but strongly swayed Democrats (.65 predicted probability of believing Israel’s actions are justified in the control condition and .40 in the British condition). We also examined whether the effects of the sources were potentially different for partisans. [183], The command of this operation was entrusted to Moshe Carmel, head of the Carmeli brigade.

[143] According to Morris, "according to Ben-Gurion, some 640 Haganah soldiers had faced about twenty-five hundred ALA troops, with superior firepower—and bested them". [200], Although the Haganah was a poorly armed ragtag militia, its offensive of the last weeks went well, because Arab villages did not come to the help of their neighboring Arab villages or towns. "[149] Another important repercussion was within the Arab population of neighbouring Arab states, which, once again, increased its pressure on the representatives of these states to intervene and come to the aid of the Palestinian Arabs. 23, 38. This term is important. Pay £P2 per month. Sir Vincent Fean – British Consul-General, Jerusalem (2010-14) responsible locally for British Government/Palestinian relations; now chair of trustees of the Balfour Project.

The British either could not or did not want to impede the intervention of foreign forces into Palestine.

We use cookies on this site to understand how you use our content, and to give you the best browsing experience. The refugees flooded Samaria, central Galilee, Mount Hebron region, Gaza region, as well as Transjordan, Lebanon, and southern Syria. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a Nablus, Hebron) participated in the fighting in Jerusalem, Haifa, etc.

On the other hand, the pressure exerted by his people in reaction to the massacre of Deir Yassin, combined with their feelings with regard to the Palestinian exodus and his agreements with other members of the Arab League pushed him to be more strongly involved in the war against Israel.

Clashing with this was the belief among all Jews that the.
Once again, Ismail Safwat called for the immediate deployment of the Arab state armies at the borders of Palestine, and for the need to go beyond the established policy of participating in little more than small-scale raids towards taking part in large-scale operations. These two waves gained a considerable amount of press interest and were widely relayed in the press of the time, more so than most other Palestine-related events.

[146], Deir Yassin is a village located 5 kilometres west of Jerusalem. Required fields are marked *. [203] The 1948 Palestine war entered its second phase with the intervention of the Arab state armies and the beginning of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. [176], The Haganah intended to capture the Old City during the final days of the Mandate. Gives the date of the call-up as 5 December. Britain governed this area under a League of Nations mandate from 1920 to 1948. Each respondent read a story about Israeli government approval of new housing in a settlement in the West Bank. The number of Jews in the region had doubled in ten years. In August 1929, relations between the Jews and Arabs in Palestine broke down. This truce, however, was only temporary. Not all objectives were achieved before the British enforced a cease-fire. He states that the presence of Arab Legion troops, before 15 May, near strategic positions held by the British is in this way easy to understand.[168]. [147], The operation led to indignation from the international community, the more so since the press of the time reported that the death toll was 254. In fact, it became worse after November 1937.

A Palmach force occupied the strategically located San Simon monastery in Katamon. The presence of the Lebanese border to the north, the Syrian border to east and the Arab presence in the rest of Galilee made it a probable target for intervention of the Arab armies. But he voiced the hope that Jordan and the Yishuv would conclude a peace agreement once the dust had settled.[164]. On 11 May, Safed fell, and the operation finished on 24 May after the villages of the valley of Hula were burnt down. The motivations advanced include their desire to protect one of their last supply convoys before the embargo took effect, which had to travel down the road by Kfar Etzion. Arab irregulars attacked the monastery and a heavy battle evolved. They failed on both counts. 32, 117. The Arabs attacked because they believed that the British had failed to keep their word after 1918 and because they believed that the British were not keeping the quotas agreed to as they did little to stop illegal landings into Palestine made by the Jews. [171] External defences fell quickly, and, on 13 May, the first kibbutz was captured, and those who were taken prisoner were massacred; only four survived. The historian Yoav Gelber, however, rejected this idea and devoted an entire work to dismounting it. Ben-Gurion roundly condemned it,[148] as did the principal Jewish authorities: the Haganah, the Great Rabbinate and the Jewish Agency for Israel, who sent a letter of condemnation, apology and condolence to King Abdullah I of Jordan. 1917 - 1947: British mandate Palestine was among former Ottoman territories placed under UK administration by the League of Nations in 1922. US policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is consequential, and the inclusion of British, Israeli, and Palestinian voices about the conflict can potentially enrich the American public’s understanding of the conflict. The experimental conditions each added a paragraph with an Israeli, Palestinian, or British human rights organisation criticising the conduct of the Israeli military. Druze soldiers took position in several Arab villages 12 kilometres to the east of Haifa,[154] whence they occasionally attacked traffic and Jewish settlements, including Ramat Yohanan. Joseph, pp. There have been very few years of peace in the region since 1948. In contrast, such criticism did not change opinion on questions about the effectiveness of Israel’s military actions or the U.S. role in mediating the conflict. Foreign sources potentially provide important information and perspectives on international affairs for domestic audiences. [191], On 30 April, Jordanians, Egyptians and Iraqis disputed the command of Abdullah. Palestine was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire in 1517 and remained under the rule of the Turks until World War One. As a result, the Jews used terrorist tactics to push their claim for the area.

The city of Jerusalem also had major religious significance for both Arabs and Jews and over 200 deaths occurred in just four days in August (23rd to the 26th). Arab nationalism was whipped up by the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haji Amin al-Husseini. Pappé underlined that they were not ready 'to have their own troops intervene' in the conflict, but that they would rather follow other solutions, such as delegating the task to a voluntary force, like the Arab Liberation Army, that they financed. (A third shipment—consisting of ten thousand rifles, 1,415 machine guns, and sixteen million rounds— reached the Yishuv by sea on 28 April.) It was composed of a regiment of armoured tanks, a regiment of mechanized infantry, and twenty-four artillery weapons, and included 1500 men. The language of the criticism was exactly the same but the organisational source of this criticism changed across the conditions. clarification needed] as a débâcle for which Fawzi Al-Qawuqji offered extravagant excuses, declaring in particular that the Jewish forces has 120 tanks, six squadrons of fighter and bomber aircraft and that they were supported by a regiment of gentile Russian volunteers. Figure 1: Probability of sympathy for Israel and support for Israel’s military actions.

[177] In the South, they ensured the connection of the German and Greek colonies with Talpiot and Ramat Rahel, after having taken the Allenby barracks.

In other words, general sympathy for Israel can co-exist with opposition to specific IDF actions. [172], Operation Yevusi lasted two weeks, from 22 April 1948 to 3 May 1948. The intention to spare their lives was also promised. In 1935, it was 61,854. The predicted probability of believing that Israel’s military actions are justified for individuals in the control group is .74 but only .58 in both the British and American conditions.

The story also described the larger context of the conflict in terms of casualties and the broad causal claims each side makes about the impact of Palestinian incitement and Israeli occupation. Morris 2004 p.343:9 December 1947, the Givati brigade blew up a house in the village of, "Ruhmloses Zwischenspiel: Fawzi al-Qawuqji in Deutschland, 1941–1947", by Gerhard Höpp in Peter Heine, ed., Al-Rafidayn: Jahrbuch zu Geschichte und Kultur des modernen Iraq (Würzburg: Ergon Verlag, 1995), (.

Between 100 and 120 inhabitants of the village were killed in the attack, mostly civilians. On 14 May 1948, David Ben-Gurion, on behalf of the Jewish leadership, declared the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel. [144] When the battle finished, Palmach forces continued 'cleaning' operations until 19 April, destroying several villages and forcing those who inhabited them to flee. The Palmach considered a retreat while the wounded fighters would blow themselves up, but then it was realized that the Arab force was exhausted and could not continue the fighting.

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