Over the course of its broadcast, Breaking Bad aired 62 episodes over five seasons. He sleeps off this bout of self awareness and in the light of the next day it's business as usual... no going back now. Your review may be edited for content. There is no linking or other HTML allowed. It’s not filled with new revelations which feel significant either. *** CONTAINS SPOILERS for BREAKING BAD *** This two-hander between Walt and Jesse is actually pretty important. [Also as in Pine Barrens, the two characters were physically forced into isolation, but the way “The Fly” did it was essentially Breaking Bad: they were stuck together in a (supposedly) antiseptic lab, pursuing not a deadly adversary but—suiting a show that wrings drama out of small moments, magnified and slowed down as if under a scientist’s microscope—a tiny, tiny thing with potentially horrific implications.]. Jesse is worried by Walt’s behaviour and puts sleeping pills in his coffee. Walt is suffering from insomnia, worried about the choices he has made and the direction his life has taken. When one looks at this and thinks that it is about the killing of a fly. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. But as Walt’s mind drifts he pinpoints the exact moment when he wished he had died and apologises for what happened to Jane. From the opening, you know that this will be bizarre. In season 4 and 5 he's almost constantly heisenberg and we can hardly see his soft side. Walter tries to warn him, but he is fundamentally stupid. Worried about contamination, he goes to extreme lengths to kill it. The Bottom Line: A fascinating episode which gave hardcore fans a huge amount to chew on. Count me amongst the rabid fans of this episode. What nonsense. The monster within reveals itself slowly, innocuously. The title, "The Fly" brings the movie by the same name to mind. "Fly" is remarkable. But as Walt’s mind drifts he pinpoints the exact moment when he wished he had died and apologises for what happened to Jane. When Walt says “It’s all contaminated” at the end does he mean the fly’s presence has affected the batch but it doesn’t matter? It’s more a crystallisation of Walt’s state of mind and for me very satisfying. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Audience Reviews for Breaking Bad: Season 3. I just couldn't see a point to it. There is no linking or other HTML allowed. It's Walt realizing that all his relationships, all his aspirations, his principles, his soul - they have all become irreversibly corrupted. Walt is suffering from insomnia, worried about the choices he has made and the direction his life has taken. If that’s still Gale’s special brew then maybe it masks all. He has the perfect meth operation where Gus carries all the risk and he can just cook. Breaking Bad is a drama about Walter White, a chemistry professor who is diagnosed with lung cancer. Written by The empowering feeling of being the bad guy has now been replaced by the fear that he isn’t remotely bad enough to get out of this situation if things turn sour. Awards It's the very last shot of "Fly." Of course, Jesse was probably going down that road anyway, but Water waxes eloquent about what could have been. I think Fly is a lot more significant than it gets credit for. The Unknown: Shouldn’t Jesse have broken those pills up before dropping them in the coffee? Posted by Kay, 16/06/2013 11:01am (7 years ago). For fans of Literature, I'm assuming this was a representation of "I Heard a Fly Buzz When I died". In television, this kind of episode is called a "bottle episode." "Fly" is the tenth episode of the third season of American television drama series Breaking Bad, and the 30th overall episode of the series. All rights reserved. Based off many of the reviews, people seemed to dislike this episode a lot. Episodes that stand alone tend to have an advantage in all-time-best lists, and yet what distinguished The Sopranos was its greatness as a serial, not an anthology; yet “Pine Barrens” was uncharacteristically isolated from much of the show’s larger story. But as Walt’s mind drifts he pinpoints the exact moment when he wished he had died and apologises for what happened to Jane. The reflexive nature of the episode makes it stand out, but it also marks it as a kind of episode that would be impossible without the steady plot progression of most of the show. The Story of a scientist flaunting ethics and taking shortcuts. It's an episode that can be done as cheaply as possible, to compensate for over-spending on other episodes. Find a complete list of winners of the 2014 TCA Awards, handed out to... Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. I kept waiting for the writing to grip me, but nothing really stood out. Jesse wants to get cooking but Walt refuses to let him; they can't do anything before the 'contaminant' is dealt with. He points out his 'perfect moment to die' which was at a stage when he had made somemoney but Skylar didn't yet know about his new life and he hadn't transgressed into the murder of Jane (perhaps his first truly evil act). Bravo to writers Sam Catlin and Moira Walley-Beckett and director Rian Johnson. But chief among them had to be the scene in which Walt says, plainly, that he realizes that he has lived too long—not just that, but he pinpoints the precise moment when he should have died, for his own sake and his family’s. And yet I have some reservations about it, and not because I’m one of the people enraged by the fact that we never learned what happened to the Russian. Yeah, they don't appear to do much, but that's hardly a negative. RSS feed for all comments. All they can do is wait, and while waiting, talk, and talk they do. User Ratings I feel bad that what I think is a masterfully executed episode is, in the popular opinion, the lowest rated episode of the entire series. When Walt says "family" here, he means not giving up on Jesse when he was a heroin addict. Now apparently he wishes he was dead and not having to fret over being under threat from Gus so he fixates on the fly. That's right: Breaking Bad did slapstick comedy. Posted by Yogabon, 13/06/2013 2:12am (7 years ago), RSS feed for comments on this page | When he received his cancer diagnosis (101) he responded to the Doctor’s dire warning by pointing out a mustard stain on his shirt. I cannot say in this review, but it was quite profound. Into this richly written scenario we also have the lullaby which accompanied the fly in the series’ most oblique teaser to date. Even though nothing important happens in the episode, it has a very good script. It definitely became tense when it seemed like Walt might reveal the whole truth. But in an unguarded moment he admits to Jesse that Gus is the real threat. That choice was later revealed to be the moment when Walt wishes that he could have died. Yes, I questioned the whole existence of this episode at first, and laughed at how ridiculous its whole idea was. Title: The Good: This episode feels like a defiant attempt to turn a budget-saving bottle episode into a physical demonstration of the struggle inside Walt’s mind. Worried about contamination, he goes to extreme lengths to kill it. He enlists the help of his former student Jesse Pinkman to manufacture and sell methamphetamine. | Jesse comes to his rescue in an interesting way. I mean, a fly? Check box if your review contains spoilers. Once more he remembers the goodness in Jesse and warns him of the dangers of stealing meth from Gus (another detail he was obsessing on before the fly appeared). You have said the rating system should reflect your emotional response and personally no episode of Breaking Bad makes me laugh, cry and shiver like Fly does. Yet another detail he’d attempted to turn into a scientific rationalisation. Walter's awareness of the true nature of his choices is only beginning to manifest here. I completely disagree. There are few shows out there with writers of such high quality; creating an ENGAGING and IMPACTFUL episode out of a fly is simply remarkable. - It’s intrusive enough to be a plausible “contamination” while also being harmless enough to make Walt seem foolish to Jesse. ****Contains Spoilers***** Pure Genius. This episode re-humanizes Walt somewhat by showing him in a rare state of self-awareness and regret, and is one of the rare post-season-2 episodes to completely (albeit briefly) swing my reaction to Walt from anger back to pity. Why The ‘Fly’ Episode Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Is An Essential Rewatch Before Netflix’s ‘El Camino’ Movie Kimberly Ricci Twitter Film/TV Editor October 8, 2019 Not that so many people hate it; people are entitled to their opinions. And the object of the hunt, like it was for Paulie and Christopher with The Russian, was not just important in itself but as a device to bring them into extremis and place their relationship under stress. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. And if he can’t kill a fly then how will he ever overcome Gus should he need to? Use the HTML below. This is Walt recognising that there is no turning back and that by this stage of the saga he has already crossed a line. Unaware that Jesse has been skimming a bit of their product, he also worried that the numbers in his formulas don't add up and that they always seem to somewhere between 4 and 8 ounces short of what the batch should have produced. That scene was wonderful as Walt virtually does confess what he`s done and Jesse doesn`t know the extent of what he`s talking about. External Reviews It is not. This episode also has several precious moments where Walt and Jesse come close to expressing how they feel about each other. (23 May 2010). A revelation which would have combined with Jesse’s precarious perch on top of the ladders to lead to some horrible accident. I recommend this episode to anyone who has been a fan of the series from the beginning and enjoys the dark-comedy aspect of the show and specially anytime we see the twisted, goofy & great partnership of Walt and Jesse together on screen for a long time. So haunting. "Fly" gave us a good 40 minutes of a wider-scope look at the series and at characters Walt and Jesse. Just to make things worse, the fly then lands on his glasses. I love Fly's hauntingly long scenes and its lack of music which reminded of Buffy's 'The Body'. Lots of people were talking about how they loved the dialogue driven direction of "Fly". Walt can't tell Jesse truth without hurting him more; a dilemma that is brilliantly illustrated by having Jesse balanced dangerously on the ladder, likely to fall and break his neck if Walt were to admit to his role in Jane's death.

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