Managers will need to demonstrate a commitment to continual improvement through the establishment of a strategic plan for a robust food safety culture. Cooking instructions will need to be fully validated. In August 2018, the BRC released the Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8. Learn More, G Mark Requirements for Electronics Imported to the Gulf Member States. +44(0)1386 842105 [icon name=icon-envelope] recognised when drafting the Standard. A blockchain, in simple terms, is a growing list of records (called blocks) that are linked using cryptography. Regarding the new and significantly updated clauses that will have an impact and will require action and attention on certificated sites, the earliest The British Retail Consortium (or BRC) has released the new version of its auditing code and we thought it might be helpful to point out the biggest changes from the previous version. Consultants are now explicitly deemed to be a Supplier of Services. Next post: Are you looking to kick start your career? Many sites are looking at combining this with the requirements for Food Fraud in clauses 5.4.1, 5.4.2 and 5.4.3 because the Your email address will not be published. Audits to the new Standard began in February 2019. This may lead to extra requirements to verify the accuracy of cookers. control initial supplier approval, and clause for ongoing supplier monitoring which will allow additional Following the 2 Sisters scandal, companies will also need to implement a confidential whistle-blower reporting system. So, in issue 8, they are being separated as clause for mechanisms which With the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety issue 8 just around the corner I have been looking at some of the changes suggested in the consultation draft. New clauses added to specifically target pet food. Learn More, Validating the specifications, value and safety of your raw materials, products and assets. Read more. Make sure you’re ready. New clause for environmental monitoring. According to BRC, the new issue has consolidated key themes including ensuring global applicability and benchmarking to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), encouraging the development of a food safety culture and expanding th… £0.00. As well as indicating its likely freshness and flavour. What Manufacturers Should Know as We Approach the New Year. Your email address will not be published. For those of you who are newer to food safety, BRC is a group of food industry experts who have developed technical standards to be used by processors for the safe production of food since 1998. This standard is called the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. risk assessed, defined, documented, controlled, monitored and reviewed as requirements of clauses 4.2.1, 4.2.2 and 4.2.3. 3 Food safety and quality management system, 8 High Risk, High Care and Ambient High Care Production Risk Zones. Housekeeping and cleaning standards need to be maintained to achieve the appropriate hygiene standards and prevent the contamination of product. BRC SITE SECURITY & FOOD DEFENCE – Part 2 In part 2 we’re going to cover how to comply with the changes to issue 8, for BRC site security and food defence section 4.2, which requires a threat assessment. This is an easy statement to make but not so easy to do. To get a better understanding of the steps it takes to become certified at this level, read GFSI: What is it? Behaviours, beliefs, attitudes, competencies and personal values can all have an impact on culture. Food safety culture – it’s not enough to do ‘just enough’, Visit Verner Wheelock with confidence during Covid-19. The new BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was released in August 2018 after collaboration and improvement by key stakeholders in food manufacturing, retail, and food service. Safe Food California – Food Safety Conference, Additional Training and Consulting Programs. Spalding Sampling for Success: Products, the Processing Environment, and More [FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR], Challenges In International Trade [FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR], Industry Update: FDA Announces FSMA Food Traceability Proposed Rule, FSMA Agricultural Water Testing 101 [FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR], Environmental Monitoring: Answering Questions from the Industry, September 2018 – Approved training partner training, October 2018 – Auditor and site training begins, An emphasis on improving company-wide food safety culture, Greater requirements for environmental monitoring to reflect its increasing importance, Encouragement for sites to further develop systems for security and food defense, including cybersecurity, Additional clarity on the requirements for high-risk, high-care and ambient high-care production risk zones, Clearer standards for sites manufacturing pet food, An entire section (Section 9) focusing solely on traded goods, A requirement for companies to adopt a whistle-blower reporting system, To take an Issue 7 to 8 comprehensive conversion course, sign up here, If you are new to pursuing BRC certification, attend a. For Issue 7, BRC Global Standards developed and published Traded Goods Additional Module. Contact our support team: brc global standard for food safety issue 8: a guide to key changes, the need to validate cooking instructions and shelf-life, cyber security related to documents, records and equipment settings, understanding the significance of laboratory results. But they are different activities. The new Issue 8 is still in draft format although it’s likely that most of the changes put forward will be adopted. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is the leading third-party certification standard worldwide with over 18,500 certified manufacturing sites. Before you Send please insert the same letters and numbers you see in this image If you would like to talk with a Certification Body about your interest in pursuing BRC certification, get a quote for an audit or pre-assessment, or schedule an audit, please contact Samuel Greenlee, Auditing Services Administrator, at or 916-246-2806. Available in other languages. You can view both the current BRC 7 and the draft version of BRC 8 by using the links below. This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. “Factory pens” have been common place for many years, and it’s now proposed as a mandatory requirement. BRC 8 checklist in excel format? Procedures need to be in place to verify the effective operation of equipment and processes, in compliance with the food safety plan, so that product legality, quality and safety is assured. To amend or unsubscribe go to our preferences page. First audits will be conducted against this from 01 February 2019. There are also many areas and sections of the updated standard that are subtler but no less significant to manufacturers, such as: These changes will all need to be worked on from the release date of the Standard in August 2018 right through to first audits starting in February In any organisation, at every level the people are the critical component. This means that the credentials of consultants helping with the implementation of a BRC Food Safety and Quality Management System will need to be vetted to ensure they have the appropriate qualifications and experience. £125.00. Previously, this has been a voluntary requirement for companies but the importance of food safety and quality culture for all manufacturers was The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is the most widely used of the commercial standards for assuring production of safe food, with over 19,000 There are now sections on Traded Goods which is a separate voluntary module in issue 7 will now be section 9. An effective supplier approval and monitoring system must be put in place to ensure that any potential risks from raw materials (including primary packaging) to the safety, authenticity, legality and quality of the final product are understood and managed. Where can I find the BRC Global Standard documentation? Food Defence and the potential for deliberate malicious contamination from both internal and external sources will now need to be COVID-19 has created global issues that have dramatically impacted food business operators. BRC are BES6001 Eco reinforcement approved, We also manufacture a full range of fabric types, accessory products and offer technical solutions. £0.00. Celebrating 30 years in business this year! Whether your business is local or global, we can ensure your products meet quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards for virtually any market around the world. Through our network of over 46,000 people in 1,000 laboratories and offices in 100 countries, Intertek provides quality and safety solutions to a wide range of industries around the world. The much-anticipated BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 is published in August this year. BRC Global Standard for Food Safety –Issue 8 Highlights of the changes from Issue 7 Richard Leathers Food Safety Management and Systems Specialist. Intertek is the industry leader with over 46,000 people in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries. A system needs to be in place to trace finished products by lot number from raw materials throughout the process to end products and their distribution to the customer. It is 3 years since the Standard was last updated and there have been a few major changes in that time. Colour is one of the most important sensory aspects of food and drink. The project will assess next generation technologies in microbiological and chemical analysis. A whole new section of 4.11.8 on Environmental Monitoring requires risk based programmes to be in place for pathogens or spoilage Lincolnshire PE11 4PJ, [icon name=icon-phone] +44 (0)1775 729 245 Sites can still opt for announced or unannounced audits however the Option 2 unannounced audit, the split audit, has been removed for Issue 8. This includes greater focus and responsibility on Senior Management. Are you unsure about remote training? Controls of product labelling activities must ensure that products are correctly labelled and coded – this requirement is specifically introduced to tackle the main cause of product recalls/withdrawals, the labelling and packing of products. There needs to be an effective audit system to verify that the food safety quality management system and relevant procedures cover the requirements of the standard, are effective and complied with. This type of document is subject to change, but it’s a great chance to see what might be coming down the tracks, and even to help to shape the new standard with your own comments. BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8. focus and direction for auditors and manufacturers. Some of the requirements may not be appropriate to all organisations, however, the standard does stipulate 12 fundamental requirements without which certification cannot be achieved. Therefore, anyone who has an audit after the end of January 2019 will need to familiarise themselves with the differences between BRC Issue 7 and BRC Issue 8. Prerequisite programmes – general control of hazards covering good manufacturing and good hygienic practice as detailed sections 4 to 8. The decisions and actions For Issue 8, the requirements for traded products were incorporated into the main Standard (section 9 … The standard is still based on the following core elements: Senior Management Commitment ; HACCP/Food Safety Plans; Food Safety Quality Management System ; Prerequisite programmes – general control of hazards covering good … Despite being an evolution from previous versions of the standard, the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 introduces quite a lot of significant changes compared to its predecessor Issue 7. GFSI: What is it? A multi-disciplinary team need to develop a Food Safety Plan incorporating CODEX HACCP principles that is comprehensive, implemented and maintained. There are a lot of changes, although sites that are already working with the UK’s largest retailers will be quite familiar with lots of these extra requirements. BRC 8 will be effective from February 2019. health & safety. Required fields are marked *, 131 Main Road Not found what you were looking for? One of the biggest changes are two new clauses! Raw material packaging removal procedures now required – presumably aimed at reducing the incidence of foreign body contamination in finished product.

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