As Brasília correspondent Débora Álvares reports, he will try to spin the narrative by presenting the latest initiatives by the Environment Ministry to contain the flames, highlighting the government’s efforts to protect at-risk Amazon jaguars.

The countries – Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Norway – said they were deeply concerned about the impact of deforestation on biodiversity and indigenous peoples.

The Brazilian government, however, has offered little hope that it will change its stance. Wildfires continue to rage in the Pantanal. The forest belongs to the federal government. Some of them seem like obvious no-brainer moves, but, tellingly,  haven’t been put in place by the administration:

These include replanting trees and rescuing threatened species. Rio Motorpark commissioned an environmental impact report – a necessary step in getting the licences required for construction to start. Rainforest deforestation is also associated with accelerated climate change. Mr. Bolsonaro called the outcry “disproportionate,” and Mr. Mourão has done little more than offering to take foreign ambassadors on a trip to the Amazon. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country currently leads the partnership group, has expressed skepticism about the deal in light of the deforestation trend.

Next week, the eyes of the world will be on Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who will open the United Nations General Assembly debates. “It will remove a place rich in nature that’s special for Brazil,” said auxiliary nurse Rosane Paiva, 51. “This causes me a certain apprehension,” Prazeres said. However, the German government has said it "does not intend to demand renegotiations at this time.". | Mobile version. The so-called Climate, Forest, and Agriculture Coalition unites entities as diverse as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Youth Climate Leaders, the World Resources Institute (WRI), alongside companies usually on the opposing side of the ring — for instance, meat giants JBS and Marfrig, food-processing firm Amaggi, and German fertilizers producer Bayer.

Moreover, European Union countries are using Brazil’s uncontrolled — and criminal — wildfires as a way out of the free-trade deal with Mercosur. the policies of right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, Amazon's widespread fire damage 'invisible to our eyes'. Rio state prosecutors believe the racetrack contravenes a 2006 law protecting Brazil’s Atlantic Forest and said Rio Motorsports, which won the concession for the track without an environmental licence, had failed to prove there were no better options. The 200-hectare (494-acre) forest is an island of wildlife in a city of 6.7 million people, and local prosecutors say it is home to 21 endangered species including black-backed tanager birds and the cloud-fish, a tiny orange creature whose eggs survive in dried-out water holes and hatch when the rains return. Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has shot up by 34.5% in the last 12 months up to July, according to preliminary data. In an email, a spokeswoman for Rio Motorpark said the location had been chosen by Rio city hall, and that the project would create 3,000 jobs when it was being built, 7,000 indirect jobs when staging Formula One and other events and races, and generate R$2.1bn in economic impact. Renato Alves is a Brazilian journalist who has worked for Correio Braziliense and Crusoé. All rights reserved. JBS, for example, was dropped from the portfolio of major European financial services firm Nordea Asset Management for its transgressions.

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has shot up by 34.5% in the last 12 months up to July, according to preliminary data. It said that multinational companies with stakes in Brazil were increasingly unable to meet their environmental targets and may feel forced to invest elsewhere.

It is safe to say, however, that his pre-recorded speech will not address recent statements by his Environment Minister, who in April talked about taking advantage of the press’ undivided attention on the Covid-19 pandemic to “run the cattle herd” through the Amazon, “changing all of the rules and simplifying standards.” 

Legal notice | There is a whole ecosystem here.” The forest acts as a pitstop for birds travelling between forests on the horizon.

The list of proposals can be summarized into six core points. Want to republish The Brazilian Report? Candido said it should be turned into a reserve people can use. Brazil 2,248 fires were detected in June 2020, the worst for the month in the past 13 years. Its environmental impact study “presents omissions and inconsistencies”, the prosecutor Gisela Pequeno said, and the company “did not demonstrate satisfactorily” there was no risk to endangered species.

We use cookies to improve our service for you. Eight European nations have warned Brasilia of the economic damage the country might incur if the current trend in Amazon deforestation is not halted. The forest is fresh and quiet, a clear contrast from the nearby blue-collar suburban neighbourhoods of Guadalupe and Deodoro. Read more: Amazon versus Africa forest fires: Is the world really ablaze? "We must stop trade agreements that promote the clearing of valuable forests," said the Greens' parliamentary spokeswoman on conservation, Steffi Lemke. The 19th-century essayist Charles Dudley Warner once said “politics make strange bedfellows.” The quote is appropriated to describe a newly-formed alliance between environmentalist NGOs and major agricultural producers — who together are calling for the Jair Bolsonaro administration to enforce deforestation controls in biomes such as the Amazon rainforest and the Pantanal wetlands. Earlier this month, a leaked letter from Carey to Rio’s interim governor, Cláudio Castro, said the deal had been made to host the grand prix in Rio, but that environmental licences were still outstanding. Email us at They also ruled out four other alternative locations for the racetrack without the same rich wildlife – reportedly without actually visiting them.

But as ESG principles — environmental, social, and governance — become the norm among major investment firms, big players are forced to play by certain standards to avoid being blacklisted by markets.

The fact that meat giant JBS is trying to take the moral high ground on environmental issues speaks volumes about the Jair Bolsonaro administration. Environmental activists say the policies of right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, which call for the development of the Amazon region, are to blame for the destruction of the forest.

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