I like alot of the older games so having my library transfer across gens is a solid positive. @NoTinderLife I will be buying an Xbox and to me Ratchet and Clank just looked like any other game, gameplay wise just with nice effects and graphics. I'm not going to lie (laughs).". This isn't a new thing. I don't think that Breath of the Wild 2 will be released this year but who knows, all we can do If anyone was looking for it: Didn't find the original audio, but found this transcription:"Con Zelda había poca información y pasaba algo que, como un pequeño comentario o queja, con la segunda parte... que no sé si puedo decir si hemos doblado o no", a lo que rápidamente responde Nerea que "No, no se sabe, no se sabe. The next major Nintendo Direct is also expected to reveal more on Ninty's plans to commemorate Mario's 35th birthday this year. We just fundamentally don't believe in showing content at E3 that is going to be a long term proposition. Take all the time you need, developers. It's a pundemic. Instead, they're going the route of pleasing everyone by releasing it on both, which is the smartest marketing decision to make. knowing the fact other zelda rumors have not been true taking with a grain a salt. Dubbing isn't the same a Game Development completion. They delayed BotW 2 for the New Switch, just like what they did with Wii U. I bet they already finished the game, they are just holding on to it for their new system. @ryancraddock In short, yes, it can be deduced from their speech that they have finished their work but because they shouldn't have said anything they got nervous. Feb 20, 2018 1,284 853 475. There has been more than 3 years between BotW and BotW2. POPULAR VIDEOS! newspaper archive. Everytime Aonuma says a Zelda game is going to take a bit more time, they usually drop a port in between. get BizZay and Spukc. Sony's more realistic graphics vs Nintendo's gameplay - BotW won the game of the year and Horizon disappeared (until recently it was resurrected for the PC). And you know what Nintendo normally says about E3 - if it isn't coming out soon, we wont' show it. Revali wasn't the only Rito. I hope nintendo have something planned though i know they have had someone ill with the virus. Or is that what 'A Coffee With Nintendo' are dong to protect the Spanish voice actors who probably shouldn't have spoken with them in the first place? Then when the joking ends, he continues to talk about the context Nintendo gave them to do their job, specifying "for the first part" (the first game). I guess I'm just not attached to as many Nintendo first party titles as some people, though I'm very excited for Zelda BOTW 2 and anything Metroid. But the wait for the sequel could be longer than first expected. This looks great. Some people like it because of the freedom and sandbox possibilities, others don't because it's not an epic The Legend of Zelda game. That couldn't have taken that long to record. This would feature HD remasters for the Switch of classic Mario titles such as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. Personally, I believe Revali's voice appears in the second game and dubbing work has been done, it is not specified if fully or partially. Come on Nintendo, stop playing with us. It would also confirm that Revali is set to return in the game, which is nice. It's naïve to think that Series X will be left in the dust because of PS5 having a faster SSD when Series X has better CPU and GPU and a very smart architecture including features like Velocity Architecture. The game constantly shift between worlds, not even the fastest PC can run a game like this. Original Story [Mon 6th Jul, 2020 11:15 BST]: Aside from a few job listings posted towards the end of last year, we've hardly heard a single thing about the upcoming sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild since it was first revealed over a year ago. I expect we’ll see this game by next Christmas. In the end it's a great game; but as the cliche goes, it just isn't a great Zelda game. It dynamically load data into the graphics card, that means devs can create games that couldn't be done before due to memory constraint. Game development may work differently but I think there's still a long way to go. The thing that made Zelda games great is that they were all a bit different. And it looks like an awful lot of work has gone into it. So all Pro games will also work on the regular Switch. @Classic603 I'm happy that I'm not the only one that thinks so. Totally fine with that! Nobody is going to buy XBOX, the zero-loading system of PS5 already made it obsolete. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the 'showoff' game that Sony will use as a launch title to demonstrate the insane loading system of PS5. i dont mind at all! LOL. I'm thinking just in time for Christmas? Since E3 2020 has been cancelled, expected news or updates about Breath of the Wild 2 are currently unknown. It's like killing 2 birds with one stone - selling the same game on 2 consoles. Amazon Zelda BOTW Master Edition all orders cancelled [deleted] 75 comments. I also expect traditional dungeons to return instead of shrines and also underwater exploration as that's the in thing right now. Well, I guess, it's not a surprise that a Zelda game takes forever to make. Tsud! And if that’s the case, Nintendo Switch gamers might be waiting until 2021 to get their hands on it. The voice actors talked about not remembering if they did or not worked on the second game while chuckling and laughing about it. He begins a sentence about how the experience was with dubbing BOTW's "first part", he says he's about to state a complaint actually (most probably about the little context Nintendo provided for the dubbing of Revali's lines), but interrupts himself saying that "for the second part, instead..." as if to say, Nintendo probably gave them better context for the sequel, this time around. The Unreal Engine 5 demo running on PS5 wasn't because of the slower Series X SSD but because of Epic and Sony collaboration over the years. ), How to Shield Surf | Best Shields for Surfing, Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch) Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Pokémon Café Mix Guide & Walkthrough Wiki. It might not get pushed, but that is more likely right now.". "Our vision for the game formerly known as Gods and Monsters has evolved in surprising ways, which is common when developing exciting new worlds," Ubisoft Quebec exec Marc-Alexis Cote revealed in a statement issued to Eurogamer. l actually fell asleep couple of times playing the first one irl, and l never was tired. I wouldn't be surprised if they had an outline for the story when the first game came out. im super hyped about age of calamity in the meantime, tho!! You mean like how they hyped up Paper Mario: Origami King for over a year? Because I've been pretty consistent here about my opinions of Zelda games. We simply shared that news as we would any other story from any reputable source. The amount of content will be absolutely insane. Well this is a pleasant surprise now if we can just get a new trailer. Truly a masterpiece. @NoTinderLife still have the one from 2005. They will normally hype a big time release for a lot longer then a couple/few months. now there are 2 games that feel that way out of Zelda's vast library. The voice acting in BOTW was annoying. Seems established by now that Nintendo can't afford to launch without Zelda. Nintendo did the same thing 3 years ago with BotW vs Horizon Zero Dawn. May 7, … @ZeldaFanboy78 maybe there is more dialogue? I was hoping for a release alongside the switch pro. They are not confirming anything and any person that speaks Spanish (like me, part of my family is from Spain) can deduce that they are not allowed to confirm anything so they don't feel free to talk. IIRC the NPC that helps Link board the Divine Beast is voiced by the same actor as the corresponding champion (with the exception of Prince Sidon, obviously). I'd rather wait for a quality game than get something rushed. As we can see in the latest trailer of BotW 2, there is a carcass body that has been sealed underground with a blue-colored Hand. BOTW was a masterpiece and all the sequel needs to do is be even more polished and get rid of sodding rain making climbing impossible. The landmark in September is expected to be marked with the release of a new Super Mario All Stars-style collection. BotW is potentially canceled and he's saying he won't get to play it followed up by "oh well, they aren't that good since OoT anyway." There is very little in the game overall and most of that is here look at a postcard of a more interesting story from 100 years ago. The content on display is now a year-old and the project has now reportedly changed a lot, with even the official name - Gods & Monsters - being replaced. @Classic603 Was the original 1986 release a great Zelda game? At least they’ve got a tidy bonus of a musou prequel instead of just a ‘please understand’. @Scarftail I'd agree with that. Thanks for all you do! Rumours had originally pointed towards BoTW 2 having a holiday 2020 release date, but leakers then said development was taking longer than anticipated.

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