South of the Yarra River, the dividing line between Boon wurrung and Woi wurrung was based on topographic considerations. To the west of this clan, the Yallock-balluk clan identified with the area around the Bass River and on the eastern side of Western Port. The McCraes moved from the farm in 1851 so their relationship with these Bunurong people was severed. It is focused on bringing our language back to having a voice once again so that it can be passed on to the next generations. Identical with the word. Simply select a language and press on the speaker button to listen to the pronunciation of the word. Neighbouring this clan to the north was the Mayonebulluk, who identified with the area about Carrum Swamp, Cranbourne, and the coastal strip at the head of Western Port. In the case of most of the Boon wurrung clans, marriages were usually contracted with Waa clans of Watha wurrung speakers, whose estates took in the area between the Werribee River and near Streatham, as well as the Bellarine Peninsula. Leave a vote for your preferred pronunciation. Stewart-Muir, Fay Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages . "How Many Languages Were Spoken in Australia?" 'boon'. Boonwurrung (also anglicised as Bunurong, Bun wurrung, among other spellings) is an indigenous Australian language traditionally spoken by the Boonwurrung people of the Kulin Nation of Central Victoria prior to European settlement.The last remaining traditional native speakers died in the early 20th century, however there is an active revival movement underway in the Boonwurrung community. Bunurong, Boon Wurrung, Bun wurrung, Boatnairo, Boatnarro, Putnaroo, Putmaroo, Bonurong, Bonnings, Boonnong, Boomerang, Port Phillip Aborigines, Bon-gar-rong, Bon-ga-rong, Boom ner wrong, Boomerong, Boonerong, Boong wer rong, Boongerong, Bounworong, Boonwoorong, Boonworong, Bonwarry, Westernport blacks,,, Bonwerong, Boormarong, Boonmerong, Bon-worong, Boonmorong, Bon-wrogon, Boonrong, Boongerang, Boon.ger.rong, Boonwo-rong, Western Port tribe, Boonurong, Bonwrong, Boungerong, Bournourong, Boongurong, Boonguerong, Boonwerung, Boonwerong, Boomeronge, Boon wurong, Coast tribe, Boonoorong, Boon-oor-rong, Boonurrong, Bunwurru, Bun-wurru, Bunwurung, Boon-wurung, Boon wurung, Borawong, Bunoorong, bunurong, Boonerang, Bunuron, Bunarong, Bunerong, Boonoor-ong, Bunwurong, Bunwurra, Thurung, Boonoorung, Boonworung, Boonwurrong, Bonourong, Bunerung, Boonooroong, Information from: “Boonwurrung Language Program” . Each of the Boon wurrung clans was governed by an individual or group of senior men - individuals of distinguished achievement with effective authority within their clans - who had the title Arweet. The westernmost of the Boon wurrung clans was the Yalukit-willam, whose estate was a strip of land around the top of Port Phillip Bay from the area of St Kilda to the Werribee River. Today Boon wurrung interests are represented by an active community of people who trace their descent from the original owners of the Boon wurrung estates. The estate of the Burinyung-bulluk was in the southern part of Mornington Peninsula, around Point Schanck and Point Nepean. ", Information from: “How many languages were spoken in Australia?” . men always sought marriage partners from another clan. Supporting and celebrating global linguistic diversity. 4. Boonwurrung was spoken by six clans along the coast from the Werribee River, across the Mornington Peninsula, Western Port Bay to Wilsons Promontory. Woiwurrung, Taungurong and Boonwurrung have been considered by linguists to be dialects of a single Central Victorian language, whose range stretched from almost Echuca in the north, to Wilsons Promontory in the south. Like all Koorie clans in the Melbourne area, those of the Boon wurrung were greatly affected by European settlement. Named from a monster of local legend, which lived in the waters of Sawtell Inlet. Often described as "place of rest", apparently literally means "done", "finished" or "complete". Information from: “Boonwurrung Language Program” . Other sources state "resting place". Please note, this suggestion will be associated with your Endangered Languages Project username and shared with third party content moderators for their review, SOURCE: “How many languages were spoken in Australia?” . The name literally means 'no lip (or speech)' and refers to the way in which speakers expressed the negative, i.e. Cultural & Language; Boon Wurrung Foundation; Boon Wurrung Foundation (03) 9537 2222 Level 1 14 Acland Street St Kilda vic, 3182 The Woi wurrung clans collectively claimed all the area of the Yarra drainage basin. The last remaining traditional native speakers died in the early 20th century, however there is an active revival movement underway in the Boonwurrung community. The self-identification of the landowners of this area as Boon wurrung suggests a statement on their part of religious and political authority, since ownership controlled access to the area by distant Kulin clans. Wilsons Promontory was included in this territory, as was the Mornington Peninsula and a strip of land around the top of Port Phillip Bay.

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