Formed as Christ Church Football Club in 1874, it adopted its current name in 1877 and was a founder member of the Football League in 1888. A bright and breezy start to greeted the players in the annual inter-society match between Bolton Captains and Manchester Captains, this year hosted by Manchester at Whitefield Golf Club. 2018          Great Lever               A Barker (Breightment) & D Day (Harwood) Jones (Horwich), 1964          Hindley Hall              W. Calvert (Old Links) & R. Fletcher (Dunscar), 1965         Westhoughton            J. Burtonwood (Great Lever) & B. Vose (Dunscar), 1966          Old Links                   N. Woods  & G.H. In the Titanic drama, the town of Bolton provided both. 1969          Deane                          F. Brogden (Harwood) & J.B. Heaton 2017          Turton                    I Taylor (Turton) & S Brown (horwich) 2012      Heswall                            Liverpool Lord wasn't allowed to present his case at either the British or American inquiries. Full results are shown on the Competitions page. Welcome to the web site of the Bolton & District Society of Golf Captains. Secretary - Mr Stephen Hazlitt (Bolton Old Links) 2005      Breightmet                          Bolton 26 th.October 1959 at 7:30pm . 2013          Old Links               B Carroll (Chorley) & B Holt (Turton) The Titanic's wireless operators told Californian's operator to "shut up" and they ignored the warning. Keegan (Westhoughton) & F. Vaughan (Regent Park) 2005      Great Lever                      Bolton The Carpathia reached the scene three hours after the sinking. 2000          Old Links               B. Pellowe (Great Lever) & G.Ellis (Breightmet) Bolton first appeared in Lloyd's Register (LR) with Jame Hird, master, Bolton & Co., owners, and trade Liverpool–Africa.. 1st slave trading voyage (1792–1793) Captain James Hird sailed from Liverpool on 26 November 1792. Good food, fine wine, short speeches and a relaxed atmosphere together with good company, conversation and laughter all helped make this a memorable event. VideoTear gas, smashed glass and anger, Man in Speedos takes on Hadrian's Wall. “We’re obviously going to pick up injuries with the lockdown situation, the condensed season, the slow recovery between games. Browse a range of property to buy in Captains Clough Road, Bolton BL1 with Primelocation. Please keep safe enjoy golf where you can, and follow the advice to Stay Alert to help protect and support our front line NHS staff and carers in our communities. 1997      Rossendale                        Abandoned due to rainstorm Bolton & District Society of Golf Captains now consists of 14 affiliated clubs, and a membership of over 300. “Antoni is a determined fit lad and he hates being injured, which he should. At the instigation of Mr.A.Stanley-Highes (Old Links) each member present introduced himself and the following Committee was elected to represent the Clubs present. Bailey Westhoughton 1966/67 J.H. 1995          Dunscar                      T. Dover (Dunscar) & V.N. Derek and Steve carded an excellent 43 points, winning by one shot from three other pairings, in a strong field of 44 players from across the Bolton clubs. 1999          Great Lever            F. Parkinson (Great Lever) & J. Rogers (Regent Park) Video, Could postal voting upend US election? They are pictured right receiving their well deserved trophy from our President and Captain. Auditor - Mr Terry Banner  (Chorley) 2014      Leasowe                           Bolton 1974         Dunscar                     F. Marsh (Deane) & B. McClusky (Horwich)  1997      Worsley                    Manchester Well done gentlemen on picking up a prize at your first attempt. Evatt admits that the break from football and the condensed campaign means injuries are more likely. The midfielder was ruled out of … Bolton Captains vs Bury Captains on 30th August at Walmersley GC. 2016      Hindley Hall                Match Halved - Manchester retain the trophy Bolton Captains vs Manchester Captains 1st August at Whitefield GC. A blustery day proved perfect for the windmill on the nearby farm, but tricky for the golfers on a well presented and challenging course. Eaton (Westhoughton) 1998      Westhoughton                  Bolton The Liverpool Society Captain Ray Erskine gave a rallying cry to the Liverpool team prior to the the start of the match. Fish (Harwood) 1960          Dunscar                      A. Astle (Westhoughton) & H. Roscoe (Great Lever)  Widdowson, 1971          Westhoughton          F. Glover (Westhoughton) & H. Ramsden, 1972          Great Lever               S. Galway (Harwood) & K. Briars (Bolton), 1973          Harwood                    H. Best (Horwich) & G. Jones (Horwich), 1974          Breightmet                F. Glover (Westhoughton) & T. Smethurst (Chorley), 1975          Old Links                    K. Taylor (Regent Park) & K. Briars (Bolton), 1976          Chorley                      F. Glover (Westhoughton) & R. Wood (Horwich), 1977          Deane                         R. Makin (Deane) & T. Sutcliffe (Regent Park), 1978          Horwich                     T. Thompson (Horwich) & R. Marsh (Regent Park), 1979          Turton                        G. Monk (Turton) & R. Lindley (Chorley), 1980          Dunscar                     W. Whitehead (Dunscar) & A. Dulson (Harwood), 1981          Old Links                    T.H. With the continuing restrictions on playing golf and socialising, as outlined on 10th May, we have cancelled the remainder of our events in 2020. Hinchliffe (Breightmet), 1968          Horwich                      N. Gibson & F.G. Leigh, 1969          Deane                          F. Brogden (Harwood) & J.B. Heaton, 1970          Hindley                      T.D. Harrison (Great Lever) & A.R. "Lord isn't blameless by any means but circumstances conspired against him. He voiced hopes for the Society to become a strong and marked institution in the towm. 1993         Hindley Hall            I. Blackmore (Horwich) & W. Busby (Hindley Hall) Price (Regent Park) & P. Smidowicz (Westhoughton) 2008           Horwich                S.Clare (Horwich) & J.Howard (Dunscar) Congratulations to Bob Ashworth from Westhoughton and Paul Bartle from Regent Park on their victory in this year's Ken Jones Trophies Competition with an excellent 48 points at Regent Park GC. Bolton Old Links Golf Club Sunday 19th May 2019. Walker (Westhoughton) & H. Stephenson (Dunscar) 2001      Bolton Old Links             Liverpool VideoHow US and China's break-up could affect world, Tear gas, smashed glass and anger. 2009      Bury                                     Bury Refer to NEWS & EVENTS for latest News, Diary, Competition & Match results. Colin Armstrong & Malcolm Woodward receiving the trophies from President Keith Robinson. 1972         Westhoughton          F. Atkinson (Westhoughton) & G.K. Wood (Deane)     The weather proved to be changeable, but the course continued to be a credit to the club, proving a good test of golf all day. David Day & Tony Barker receiving the trophies from BDSGC President Keith Robinson & BDSGC Captain Jim Howcroft. Wallace (Old Links) & M. Swailes (Horwich), 1998          Deane                         K. Dunn (Deane) & H. Heywood (Westhoughton), 2000          Chorley                       B. Hargreaves (Chorley) & P. Warburton (Turton), 2001          Horwich                      B. Sherborne (Horwich) & K. Dunn (Deane), 2010          Deane                        N.Guy (R.Park) & C.Churchouse (H.Hall), 2013          Regent Park             C.Dougill (Horwich) & T.Cooke (Hindley Hall), 2014          Horwich                    K. Banks (Horwich) & N. Guy (Regent Park), 1969         Westhoughton          F.H. Meeting held at Great Lever & Farnworth Golf Club. 1988          Hindley Hall              H. Hunter (Gt. 1980          Dunscar                     W. Whitehead (Dunscar) & A. Dulson (Harwood) 2015      Withington                 Manchester Tyrer (Hindley Hall) & W. Hogan (Breightmet), 1997          Hindley Hall           H. Heywood (Westhoughton) & D.W. Watkin (Old Links), 2006           Regent Park          H.Heywood (Westhoughton) & J.Howard (Dunscar), 2008           Horwich                S.Clare (Horwich) & J.Howard (Dunscar), 2014          Dunscar                  J Howard (Dunscar) & N. Guy (Regent Park), 2019          Regent Park           B Ashworth (Westhoughton) & P Bartle (Regent Park), The 'BOLTON & BURY CAPTAINS SOCIETY CHALLENGE TROPHY', 1990      Bolton                                 Bolton, 1991      Bury                                    Bury, 1998      Westhoughton                  Bolton, 2000      Old Links                           Halved (Bury retain trophy), 2009      Bury                                     Bury, 2014      Horwich                              Bury, 1997      Dunscar                            Liverpool, 1998      Bromborough                  Bolton, 2014      Leasowe                           Bolton, Year       Venue                       Winners, 1997      Worsley                    Manchester, 2001      Northenden               Bolton, 2009      Blackley                     Match Abandoned (Rain), 2014      Dunscar                     Bolton, BOLTON & DISTRICT SOCIETY OF GOLF CAPTAINS.

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