The last remaining P20-class patrol vessel, (LÉ Aisling) decommissioned in 2016, was the final vessel fitted with the L/70. [9][10] York Safe & Lock also produced the weapons, though its attempts to coordinate drawings across the program were unsuccessful, and this responsibility was transferred to the Naval Gun Factory in July 1943. With the 40 mm well along in development, Bofors offered a 25 mm version in 1932, which was eventually selected as the Bofors 25 mm M/32. There have been brutal layoffs and pay-cuts. The resulting Mark 1 and Mark 2 weapons were intended for the left and right side of a twin mount, respectively, and were adapted by Chrysler for water cooling. Testing of this gun in 1929 demonstrated that a problem existed feeding the weapon in order to maintain a reasonable rate of fire. Most forces referred to it as the "Bofors 40 mm L/60", although the barrel was actually 56.25 calibres in length, not the 60 calibres that the name implies. [citation needed]. [11] After the war, the 3"/50 caliber gun Mark 27 twin mount began to replace the Bofors, because the "VT" proximity fuse would not fit a 40mm projectile, and the 40 mm weapon was considered inadequate against the emerging anti-ship missile threat. Germany has used L/70 guns on its Class 352, Class 333 and Class 332 mine hunting vessels, although these will be replaced by Rheinmetall MLG 27 remote-controlled gun systems until 2008. [9], The name Bofors is strongly associated with the 40 mm anti-aircraft gun used by both sides during World War II. [6] It was accepted into the Swedish Army the next year, known as the "40 mm lvakan m/36", the lower-case "m" indicating an Army model as opposed to the capital "M" for Navy. Mark IX: Mark VII mount modified to electrical power, as the Mounting Mark IX, and in this form saw service in the. A small number of these weapons remain in service to this day, and saw action as late as the Persian Gulf War. A newer development from Breda, the Fast Forty (essentially a DARDO gun mount with twin 40mm/L70 guns), has nearly doubled the rate of fire to 450 rpm (7.5 rounds per second) (2 × 450 in twin mount), normally equipped with a 736-round magazine and a dual feed mechanism for naval use. British production started slowly: by September 1939 only 233 equipments had been produced; but by the end of the war total production from British, Canadian and Australian factories was over 19,000. They saw service in North West Europe, where six SP Bofors of 92nd (Loyals) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, landed with the British 3rd Infantry Division on Sword Beach on D-Day to protect the vital bridges over the Caen Canal and Orne River (Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge), shooting down 17 German planes. A leading Swedish steel producer by the early 1870s, when steel began to be used for gun manufacture in Sweden, Bofors initially sold cast and forged steel produced by the Siemens-Martin process to Finspång gun works, but soon started to expand into weapons manufacture. [15][16] Each U.S. Marine division had a "special weapons battalion" that included sixteen 40 mm guns; in early 1944 these were replaced with anti-aircraft battalions with twelve 40 mm guns. For every step in the matter of approaching the governments and courts of other countries, such as Switzerland, Malaysia and Argentina (the latter two countries being where Quattrocchi found sanctuary), the CBI needed the nod of either the External Affairs Ministry or the Department of Personnel (the administrative department for the CBI) or the Law Ministry. The gun fired a 900 g (2.0 lb) high explosive 40 × 311R (rimmed) shell at 2,960 ft/s (900 m/s). It was one of the most popular medium-weight anti-aircraft systems during World War II, used by most of the western Allies as well as some captured systems being used by the Axis powers [11], There were many difficulties in producing the guns within the United States, beyond their complexity (illustrated by the use of 2,000 subcontractors in 330 cities and 12 Chrysler factories to make and assemble the parts). Im Jahre 1999 erwarb Saab mit der damaligen Muttergesellschaft Celsius AB auch Bofors. This practice was further developed during operations in North-West Europe, where bursts of colour-coded tracer were used to define the axis of advance of the different formations in large-scale night attacks. In return, Hungary received 75 mm PAK guns for every 4-5 Bofors. Bofors produced a gun that was a smaller version of a 57 mm (6-pounder) semi-automatic gun developed as an anti-torpedo boat weapon in the late 19th century by Finspång. ", "Chrysler Corporation, Gun Maker: Bofors Guns of World War II", "TO&E 44-25, AAA Auto-Weapons Battalion, Mobile", "385th AAA Auto-Weapons Battalion website", "Divisional Special Weapons Battalion at", "USA Bofors 40 mm L/60 Model 1936 - NavWeaps", "La Marine évalue un nouveau système d'armement pour ses navires de défense côtière", "A Spookier Spooky, 30mm at a Time? Since acceptance trials had been passed the year before, this became known as the "40 mm akan M/32". Mark VII: a single barreled, hydraulically powered mounting that superseded the Mark III and entered service in 1945. Yet, many cases referred to it for investigation, like the 2G case, have somewhere a political link. If the historic investigation did not ultimately succeed in court, it was because of several factors, the chief among which were the change of government in 2004 and certain questionable judicial rulings.

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