Boeing is committed to serving and supporting its customers. Its collection includes such truly notable airplanes as the B-29 "Bockscar" that dropped the "Fat Man" atomic bomb on Nagasaki, the B-17 "Memphis Belle" and the Boeing VC-137C SAM 26000 that had the callsign Air Force One when it was used by Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. The AH-6S will have an improved tail rotor and a more powerful Rolls-Royce 250-CE30 engine. Disclaimer: This is only in the flight simulation. Boeing is committed to serving and supporting its customers. The "Military Factory" name and logo are registered ® U.S. trademarks protected by all applicable domestic and international intellectual property laws. The world's largest and most efficient twin-engine jet. Yet, despite its advancements, the National Museum of the United States Air Force noted that it still utilized some "off the shelf" technology to reduce costs while also speeding the production. The Bird of Prey, however, used some "off the shelf" technology to reduce costs and speed production. The Unmanned Little Bird demonstrator, which Boeing built from a civilian MD 530F, first flew on September 8, 2004, and made its first autonomous flight (with safety pilot) on October 16, 2004. The aircraft slowed and vacated the runway where it was met by emergency services on a taxiway. The unmanned system provides over-the-horizon search, re-supply and retrograde, communications relay and … TECHNICAL NOTES: In its 38 flights, the Bird of Prey tested ways to make aircraft less observable to the eye and to radar. The Unmanned Little Bird H-6U is the unmanned variant of the AH-6i manned scout helicopter. Peter Suciu is a Michigan-based writer who has contributed to more than four dozen magazines, newspapers and websites. Its control system is all-manual with no computer assists, and the landing gear is adapted from Beech King Air and Queen Air aircraft. In the Cold War gallery of the museum, near a Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor is a truly special aircraft – the one-of-a-kind Boeing YF-118G, a black project aircraft that was developed to demonstrate stealth technology. The aircraft also would feature an extended aerodynamic nose to house avionics hardware. Last week, the airline said its pilots followed procedures set out by the FAA and Boeing but “none of the expected warnings appeared in the cockpit, which deprived the pilots of necessary and timely information”. September 20, 2012 in Innovation, Defense. The H-6U is competing against the unmanned Kaman K-MAX, which has a usable external payload of 6,000 lb (2,720 kg) and has been used in theater to resupply Marines. Developed by Boeing Rotorcraft Systems, these include the Unmanned Little Bird (ULB) demonstrator, the A/MH-6X Mission Enhanced Little Bird (MELB), and the proposed AH-6I and AH-6S. According to the Wall Street Journal, US aviation authorities believe a bird collision may have set off the sequence of events that led to the downing of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max in March, in which 157 people died. The realm of stealth aircraft ultimately required dedicated technology demonstrators to prove various qualities sound or unsound. AF Museum Attractions (Theatre & Simulators). [15], In summer 2011, an H-6U performed autonomous landings on a moving truck bed for French companies Thales and DCNS for France's General Directorate for Armament, in preparation for sea trials on a French frigate in 2012. Boeing’s global reach includes customers in approximately 150 countries and employees and operations in more than 65 countries. On Tuesday, September 15th, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 had to conduct a rejected takeoff after its left-hand engine suffered a bird strike. [19], In December 2012, Boeing demonstrated the Unmanned Little Bird version of the AH-6 to the South Korean Army. There is no place where Quiet Bird’s spirit lives on more than in Boeing’s once top-secret Bird Of Prey technology demonstrator. Boeing and the Air Force revealed the Bird of Prey on October 18, 2002, and the plane soon found a permanent home on display at the National Museum of … Specifications Crew: 1 Length: 33 ft (10.06 m) Wingspan: 33.65 ft (10.26 m) Height: 7.7 ft () Wing area: 179.5 sq ft (16.67 m 2) Airfoil: 65A415 Empty weight: 6000 lb (2721 kg) Loaded weight: 8150 lb (3696 kg) Powerplant: 1 × General Electric CF700 , 4,200 lbf (18.7 kN) The secret project ran from 1992 to 1999 and the single-seat aircraft was a demonstrator used to test "low observable" stealth techniques as well as new methods of aircraft design and construction. Numerical sequence used by USAAC/USAAF/USAF 1941–present; Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Boeing Unveils Low-Cost, Versatile 'Little Bird' That Can Fly Manned or as UAV", "Boeing Apache and Unmanned Little Bird Demonstrator Test Expands UAV Control", "Boeing Unmanned Little Bird Demonstrator Helicopter Flies Unmanned for First Time", "Boeing's Little Bird flys high by remote control", "Boeing Manned/Unmanned Light Helicopter Makes First Flight", "Army Technology-Unmanned Little Bird project", Researchers Help Develop Full-Size Autonomous Helicopter, "In a First, Full-Sized Robo-Copter Flies With No Human Help", "Boeing's new Phoenix rises from ARH ashes", "Boeing Offers Army Two ARH Alternatives", "Boeing AH-6i Light Attack/Reconnaissance Helicopter Makes 1st Flight", "Saudi Arabia – AH-64D APACHE, UH-60M BLACKHAWK, AH-6i Light Attack, and MD-530F Light Turbine Helicopters", "U.S. To Sell F-15s With AESA To Saudi Arabia", "Kaman Aerospace’s Unmanned K-Max Reports for Duty", Thales, DCNS ready sea borne trials of unmanned rotorcraft, Thales completes successful flight demonstration for full automatic landing and deck landing of one-ton class rotary wing UAVs, Outgoing General: US Army Must Continue To Fund Research and Development, Little Bird demo for the Republic of Korea, USMC Unmanned Lift Competition Taking Shape, "Marines Fly Helicopters With Mini-Tablet", Aurora beats Lockheed bid to develop iPad-based UAS controller, "SOFEX 2012: Arab Spring blamed for slow-moving Little Bird contract", "Saudi National Guard receives first batch of Boeing AH-6SA Little Bird helicopters", Boeing Wins FMS Contract to Supply AH-6is To Saudi Arabia, Boeing Vertol/Boeing Helicopters/Boeing Rotorcraft,, Unmanned aerial vehicles of the United States, 2000s United States experimental aircraft, Articles lacking reliable references from June 2016, Articles needing additional references from May 2019, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A Boeing AH-6 on static display at the 2010, 2× LAU-68D/A seven-tube rocket pods firing 2.75 in (70 mm), This page was last edited on 1 October 2020, at 13:25. Autonomous landing without the need for remote control or tele-operation reduces operator burden and allows them be resupplied or conduct other missions like medical evacuation around the clock. The lasting legacy of the Bird of Prey was its ability to demonstrate advances in stealth concepts, notably the "gapless" control surfaces that were developed to blend smoothly into the wings to reduce radar visibility, while the engine intake was completely shielded from the front. Watch Video The Unmanned Little Bird H-6U is the unmanned variant of the AH-6i manned scout helicopter. [9][10] The Little Bird has an endurance of 12 hours and carries a maximum mission payload of 2,400 lb (1,090 kg). Developed by McDonnell Douglas and Boeing in the 1990s it was soon dubbed "The Bird of Prey," named for its resemblance to the Klingon spacecraft from the science fiction series Star Trek, as well as the movie Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Boeing donated the Bird of Prey to the museum in 2002. Boeing donated the sole YF-118G Bird of Prey to the museum in 2002 and it has been on display since 2003 – where despite its stealthy technology is ready to …

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