In those conditions, it seems highly unlikely that the B777-8, expected to come out of production two years after its “big brother”, would have been ready for the beginning of the flights in 2023.

James is the Chief Social Media Editor & European Editor for the magazine and is actively boosting its presence in the region. The last of three Project Sunrise research flights, this time from New York to Sydney, will be conducted on December 17, 2019.

Let’s take a look. The behemoth Boeing 777X has taken its first flight and is gearing up to launch in 2021. Be in the know. The faceoff between the A350 and the 777X will be interesting to see. Follow these easy steps to disable AdBlock, Follow these easy steps to disable AdBlock Plus, Follow these easy steps to disable uBlock Origin, Follow these easy steps to disable uBlock, for their proposed routes from Sydney to London, TAP Air Portugal Takes Delivery Of Its Retrojet A321neo, Hawaii Could Open To Japanese Tourists Next Week, Delhi Airport Begins Offering COVID-19 Tests For International Departures, Saudia Takes Delivery Of 5th Boeing 787-10 After Delay. At the same time, has it created a trend of airlines announcing trial flights?

“The A350 is a fantastic aircraft and the agreement on the table with Airbus offers us the best possible combination of commercial conditions, energy efficiency, operating costs and customer experience," said Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce in a press release . However, the 17,000-kilometers (10,000 miles) route will require a conversion of the aircraft into an ultra-long-range variant.

But now that program is retired, Airbus can dust off old plans. Manufactured using advanced composite materials, it’s the lightest widebody in current production. This is something Airbus had an issue with in regard to the A380; the plane was so heavy that its MTOW was exceeded before the available cargo space was filled; hence it was never built as a freighter variant.

Whether they will stay with Boeing or switch to Airbus remains to be seen. Its payload has not yet been published. But up to twelve Airbus A350-1000s could be ordered at a list price of €3.9 billion ($4.4 billion). In October, Boeing said that 777X deliveries were delayed until 2021.

Which one is better? “More work would need to be done on fatigue risk management, looking particularly at the cumulative effects of long range operations on crew”. There’s no maximum passenger capacity published yet, but it’s sure to be greater than the A350. This equates to a burn of around 32 lb per nautical mile. Those test flights aim at studying the impact of such long flights on the health of passengers and the attention of pilots. Please Support us by turning off your adblocker. Airbus A350-1000 getting approval to add more seats is a significant development in my opinion.

Naturally, each planemaker considers their widebody to be more efficient than their competitors, and there are far too many variables in terms of sector length, loaded weight and suchlike to make a definitive comparison. This was done for Singapore Airlines (, The union had voiced its concern that the tests might not be sufficient to assess the feasibility of those flights when it comes to pilot health. This aircraft would have a reduced range of around 14,100 km (7,600 nmi), but still competitive with the Boeing 777-9. The smaller -900 has a payload of 53.3 tons and a capacity of 36 LD3 containers. Will airbus futher stretch the A350 to competed with the Boeing 777-9? Image: Airbus What would a A350-2000 look like? According to Reuters, the airline is also looking at Boeing’s 777-8X . But the giant aircraft with its iconic folding wingtips will have to outpace its nearest competitor, the Airbus A350 if it is to gain market share. In terms of cargo, the A350-1000 has a payload of 68 tons and a capacity of 44 LD3 containers. But this stretch would allow another four rows (approx 45 more seats) on board. In terms of cargo, the A350-1000 has a payload of 68 tons and a capacity of 44 LD3 containers. In a typical two-class configuration, the A350 seats between 315 and 369 passengers. The Boeing 777X was supposed to fly in the first half of 2019. The 777-8X is also a likely candidate for Qantas.

Alan Joyce confirmed that the carrier was in talks with Boeing but was only seeking details about the weight of the aircraft, which is still months away from entering into production. There’s no maximum passenger capacity published yet, but it’s sure to be greater than the A350.

Here’s how it breaks down (correct as of the end of April 2020).

According to the carrier, the Australian’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority “has provisionally advised that it sees no regulatory obstacles to the Sunrise flights.”. The Boeing 777X, although progressing nicely through its testing schedule, has not yet been delivered to any airlines. This is something Airbus had an issue with in regard to the A380; the plane was so heavy that its MTOW was exceeded before the available cargo space was filled; hence it was never built as a freighter variant.
if(!f._fbq)f._fbq=n;n.push=n;n.loaded=!0;n.version='2.0'; The development has been plagued with technical issues affecting both the aircraft and its engine, the GE9x.

The state has increased ca... As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread, Japan's newest low-cost airline, ZIPAIR, finally made its first passenger... BAA Training Vietnam is the first ATO in Vietnam to acquire Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) certification.... AeroTime Hub is the digital gateway to people of aviation. The Australian carrier announced its preference for Airbus on December 13, 2019, at the expense of Boeing which had offered the 777-8. Boeing curbed the decision about whether to build its new midmarket airplane, dubbed the “Boeing 797,” until the 737 MAX crisis is resolved. The data should also help Qantas obtain regulatory approvals to carry that flight.

A better measure would be to look at where the A350 was in terms of orders when it was at a similar stage of development.

At its peak, the 777X had acquired 344 firm orders. The 777X and the A350 XWB are roughly comparable. LONDON – Qantas is considering placing an order for the ultra-long-range version of the Airbus A350, which could enable the airline to connect Sydney with London, nonstop, by 2022..

In a previous article, we compared the A350 vs the 777X. On paper, both are great aircraft, with similar range and passenger capacity. The aerospace manufacturer has hinted at making an extended A350 variant that could go head to head with the Boeing 777X.

Conversely, the Airbus A350 has been in use since 2015, and there are more than 360 of the type in operation around the world. The results could delay the 777X’s long-awaited sky debut, although the company denied the claims. The faceoff between the A350 and the 777X will be interesting to see. Please check your email and confirm subscription.

With the second wave of COVID-19 on the rise, some destinations require a negative coronavirus test result in order to e... Delta Air Lines took delivery of a special Airbus A220, as the aircraft is the first Mobile, Alabama, United States-buil... All Nippon Airways (ANA) made a decision on 21th to cut 25 to 30 large aircraft mainly for long-haul international route... Brazil, like Mexico, was one of the first countries to open up its airspace in South America. The future of the 777-8 production remains in the balance, although Boeing has said it is still committed to the program. Assuming we’re defining “beating” as out-selling, it’s only fair to compare the 777-9 versus the A350-1000, the 777-8 versus the A350-900, or the 777X program versus the A350 XWB program. As many A350s have yet to be constructed, orders can easily be changed. With the 777X due to launch next year, we’d need to look back at where the A350 order book was in 2014. The biggest aviation conference and awards in the region. According to Reuters, the airline is also looking at Boeing’s 777-8X.

Negotiations with the Australian and International Pilots Association are ongoing. In our opinion, the lightweight, agile and adaptable A350, with its significantly lower purchase cost, will be a tough offering for Boeing to beat.

With the added seats, the A350-1000 will have more firepower to compete against the Boeing 777X, which has faced multiple delays. There are also vague plans to stretch the fuselage for a 777-10X if there is enough demand in the future.
No order has been signed yet, as the Project Sunrise test flights are still ongoing. This is bitter for Boeing as their order book for the B777X is small compared to that of Airbus for the A350XWB. The Airbus A350-900 entered service in January 2015 with Qatar Airways. Although it has now taken flight, it is still in the testing phase and won’t arrive with airlines until 2021. However, some airlines have squeezed an extra row in the cabin, reducing seat width to a squeezy 16.5 inches.

Some of the key improvements include: The A350, despite its earlier release to the market, also pushed the boundaries with technologies on board.

However, it’s important to recognize the weight difference of the aircraft itself.

This is the same as the existing 777, but the broader cabin of the 777X should allow for a more comfortable ride. However, the A350 trumps the 777X on range, offering an impressive 8,400 nmi compared to the 7,525 nmi of the 777X-9.

Both the A350 and the 777X have some incredible, next-generation technology on board. n.callMethod.apply(n,arguments):n.queue.push(arguments);

At this point, it is only a rumor, but there is a strong possibility that Airbus will offer a further extension on their A350-1000 to rival the 777X. Of course, that’s not the whole story, because what airlines are concerned with is the fuel burn per passenger.

The test flights “are special services restricted to a much reduced complement of passengers and crew,” said Mark Sedgwick, President of the AIPA, in a press release. The Airbus A350-1000 was selected as the “preferred aircraft” for the airline’s upcoming 20-hour flights. In a typical two-class configuration, the A350 seats between 315 and 369 passengers. Aircraft Comparison : Boeing 777 vs Airbus A350 As you can see by the title, today we are going to compare the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A350 for X-plane 11, both Boeing and Airbus biggest twin-engine aircraft. However, this is something of an unfair comparison, as it has been offered for sale for far longer overall, and has, therefore, had more time to acquire significant orders. A “detailed evaluation of the Boeing 777X and Airbus A350” was made to pick the aircraft which could participate in the Project Sunrise.

Joyce did also accept that discussions with regulators and pilot unions would be needed to make sure everyone is happy with a London-Sydney flight, due to it being at around 22 hours of flying time. We vote the A350 as the winner, but this is a subjective matter.

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