They offer free shipping and 30 day return policy. Blue Nile aims to provide a smooth online diamond shopping experience. This is unacceptable to me for something that has a combined cost of around $ 15,163. I’m looking of coarse to buy a diamond online, and I have read the reviews for Blue Nile as well as James Allen. Shocking. If they treat their customers this way before the ring is sent, how poorly must they treat a customer who needs service or warranty work? "We can offer you $3,000 AUD off this to bring it in line with what you were originally expecting to spend". I don't know what to believe, but this has been very upsetting to say the least. I really like this site. More importantly, when you are looking at SI2 clarity diamonds, a magnified diamond picture is essential because the inclusion plot in the grading report won’t tell you everything about its clarity characteristics. I don't know if I will have a caterer at my Wedding at this point and I'm just a balling mess. With fluorescence, the diamond will appear whiter under most lighting conditions. Overall a very positive experience and would definitely recommend to others. Blue Nile ranks 9th among Engagement Rings sites. I recently ordered two rings on Blue Nile, and I would not recommend the experience. Great in the beginning. One of the main reason is that the diamond you purchased could be a different one when you receive it. Seriously, seriously, save yourself the hassle, please go elsewhere. Blue Nile's principle is simple: diamond shopping should be easy. For diamonds that have a HCA score of higher than 2, they usually don’t perform well in the optics department. I have been married for over twenty years to my lovely wife and best friend. Expect to pay upwards of $7k for a well cut F color diamond. After about 3 weeks worth of delays, all blue nile could do was repair as good as they could and return the ring back. Purchased a ring and it takes about a month to deliver. This is absolutely not true and what jeweler would polish off the design of a wedding band?! Here's what you can find in this online jewelry store. I received another email telling me that the diamond I’d bought was, in fact, sold to someone else. Why are you taking the risk to buy a diamond blind from BlueNile when there are so many better ways to go about shopping for a diamond. Price: very happy with the price, and was definitely worth the perceived fears I had about ordering online. Instead, I was directed to find another diamond. They have a great selection of engagement rings. Jewelry, especially diamond jewelry, is usually a reserve for higher end shoppers. It isn’t great. And asked me to choose another one. I spent the next 15-30 minutes going through the GIA reports and comparing diamonds to each other. A Critical Look at Diamond Sizes on Hands And Prices, L Color Diamonds – A Spotlight on Faint Yellow Diamond Rings, Blue Nile – The Internet’s Largest Diamond Dealer, An Indepth Analysis of BlueNile’s Signature Diamonds, Conclusion And What We Think About, Reader’s Question Via Email On Potential Purchase. There are plenty of legal, financial, and even health benefits you may realize if you get hitched. These guys are a terrible company to deal with, GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE. By timing the purchase just right, you could end up with a token that gives you great joy ever day and not a financial heartache. You want to buy an engagement ring online, but which online diamond store can really go the distance: Blue Nile or James Allen? Hence we sent it back to the US (from Australia) and they have guaranteeed that NO additional charge even if the Australian custom charges us they will reimburse us. Considering I don’t have a wife, I found this surprising. Told them to have it helps at the FedEx facility. Original review: Oct. 12, 2020. That said, they are a hugely popular company, but we wanted to find out if they were as inexpensive as they claimed to be in terms of their loo… If you purchase anything from there take it to a jeweler to get it tested to make sure it is real. Don't overspend on clarity. Lifetime warranty offers free prong tightening, re-polishing, rhodium plating and cleaning services. Both offer 30 day full returns if you're not happy with the ring. I believe Blue Nile does offer discounts and promotion codes near festive events You probably want to check directly with them. I contacted Blue Nile’s customer service as I was driving home from the pickup center and expressed my concerns and they asked for me to send the ring back. Also warning on discount codes: they don't work on build your own jewelry. To find more information about reviews and trust on please visit. Learn how to save money on clarity so you can get a bigger and more sparkly diamond. In fact, they can’t even eyeball the diamond in person and would have to rely on the notes supplied by their vendors if you asked them detailed questions on color/clarity. In fact, everyone does at some point in time. Frustrated with a bad in-person shopping experience, founder Mark Vadon turned to the web and purchased an engagement ring from - a small site based in Seattle. We never expect a refund from custom but an reimbursement from Blue nile. Read on for the truth. It works both way. I wanted the ring so I agreed to pay for the increased price of shipping. Items are always packaged so nicely. This article contains references to products from our partners. It is very noticeable and they cost 2k. Maybe I was naive about privacy online even though their privacy statement states how seriously they take it. Long distance relationships are supposed to end. Pros: The website is really quite slick and allows you to select your diamond via multiple requirements such as size, clarity etc etc.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.