Blindsight is a hard science fiction novel by Canadian writer Peter Watts, published by Tor Books in 2006. The crew's linguist, a woman who possesses four distinct personalities, collectively known as "The Gang": One of the four back-up members of the crew, a replacement brought out of hibernation to replace Szpindel. The protagonist, a "Synthesist" sent as part of the crew aboard the Theseus in response to an alien transmission codenamed Burns-Caulfield. 1) For anybody curious about this universe, the story can be found here and a neat explanatory video on Blindsight vampires is available here. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Yeah, the whole idea was that the current vampire mythology that's actually been around for a very long time is a sort of racial memory of a former homo species that preyed on homo sapiens. "Vampire" has too many preconceived notions attached. Superpower Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. The character's death served no plot point - it neither caused nor solved a problem. I mean, think about the vampire for a minute. Now, he works as a translator of sorts who uses his abilities to understand the post-human thinking of minds even more advanced than his own and communicates this information to baseline humans. level 1. They have to start preying on humans, because they lose the ability to synthesize a certain protein. I could actually go on an on about this. List of Supernatural Powers and Abilities. Depending on the methods used, may be hard to use in an unfamiliar area. Though blind, Vanessa Brewer (Angel) has gone through extensive training that enables her to sense energy sources, body language, and motion in general. 4 years ago. Fantasy too. And it works. Jack (Samurai Jack) has trained to focus and hone his senses, allowing him to fight and navigate while blindfolded. defeat some Foot ninjas while blindfolded. Is there any other first contact book like blindsight but with no vampires??)))). If your prey reproduces as slowly as you, you'll soon wipe them out and starve, so hibernating most of the time was the only way for vampires to survive. Blindsight is, to be quite honest, a philosophical investigation on the nature of consciousness and the fallacy of real human connection set against a backdrop of vampires and aliens. Usui Uonuma (Rurouni Kenshin) has gained the "Mind's Eye" after Shishio blinded him, allowing him superhuman hearing that can act like a sonar, more than compensating his blindness. I just cant stop thinking that the vampire element is just there because vampires was a cool thing a few years ago. Press J to jump to the feed. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Star Trek, Battlestar, Star Wars, etc. You could replace the vampire part with something much more suitable i think. Even though Toph (Avatar: The Last Airbender) was born blind, she feels the vibrations in the earth to know what's happening in her surroundings. It garnered nominations for a Hugo Award for Best Novel, a John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel, and a Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel,, and won the Seiun Award for best translated novel. I can understand how this might be a cool and interesting way to incorporate vampries into scifi for some. An example of his worldview: he considers telling other people what his birthday is to be a "lose-lose" situation based on game theory. Raymond Connor/Daredevil (Ultimate Marvel) developed enhanced senses on par with Matt Murdock's after being blinded in an accident, allowing him to navigate and fight despite his disability just like his predecessor. SF movies and TV shows. I thought the idea of a vampire as an ancient hominid species was fascinating. can still see, albeit not like regular people. Blindsight is a top-drawer example of the subgenre ably taxonomized by an Amazon reviewer named Conrad J. Obregon: The vampires play a crucial but only a small role in Watts’ exploration of these questions. Is it even an adaptive advantage, when so many species get along just fine without it? Navigate your surroundings without being able to see. I think the idea comes from some evolutionary psychology (see Julian Jaynes for instance) where some people believe that our brains were substantially different in past eons. She dies of a virus that calcifies her body in a matter of days, and days without Siri being able to say goodbye to her. I have read many treads on this sub about how great blindsight is and at first i thought that the vampire element would not be so irritating to me. All the while everyone knows how it could just annihilate them on a whim. You're not alone. Despite being blind, Yin (Darker than Black) is a doll that can sense everything, even using her medium to save Hei and play the piano perfectly, even able to walk normally. If Watts had called it anything other than a vampire I don't think anyone would have had a problem with it. Just swamp vampire for replicant in your head and the book is much better. watch, be amused, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Though naturally blind, Doctor Mid-Nite (DC Comics) possesses, Even when blinded, Son Goku (Dragon Ball Z) can still fight and navigate using his. The power to interact with one's environment without the aid of vision. Sadly for them, due to a neural glitch, right angles give them seizures. Mayday Parker/Spider-Girl (Marvel Comics) using her spider-sense to fight and navigate while blindfolded. Despite having lost his eyes as a result of Terrigenesis, Gordon (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) It was done because it could be done.

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