Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Duel Black Belle and Billy Midnight Directly north of Saint Denis, there’s a stilt cabin at Bluewater Marsh. The Black Belle cigarette card is found in Blackwater, West Elizabeth. Quest Giver: Jim Boy Calloway / Theodore Levin Region: Valentine Requirements: none for Part I; having finished Story Mission “A Fine Night of […] I've been around shooters and all … Speak with Black Belle once every bounty hunter is dead. Take them all down and you’ll be able to take a photo of bell. Press [square]/[x] to blow up the dynamite when prompted. Head to her location on the map, which is cabin at Bluewater Marsh. This Walkthrough shows how to complete the Stranger Missions and deal with the Gunslingers. Famous Gunslingers card 9 – Billy Midnight. Faced with an unpleasant bug. When the dust has settled, take a photo of Black Belle. You can find Black Belle located there. Kill all the dudes, get to the point where it says "Take a close up photo of black belle" I've taken so many pictures of her, my social club image collection is almost exclusively black belle, the quest still won't progress and I can't get out of scene where she is posed. Black Belle. Don't forget to search corpses of every bounty hunter. Can't finish the job marksmen and it can't take pictures of Black Belle.I took this picture and....NOTHING happens. a Cigarette card (in one of the drawers). You’ll find Black Belle North of Saint Denis. Black Belle. Black Belle - can be located at a cabin in Bluewater Marsh north of Saint Denis; Billy Midnight - you can trigger the scene with Billy Midnight if you talk to the clerk at the Rhodes train station. susan grimshaw karen jones tilly jackson abigail marston abigail roberts mary beth gaskill sadie adler molly oshea molly o'shea black belle rdr2 red dead redemption 2 video games gaming rdr red dead redemption gif mine my gifs aberdeen react i was just gonna do vdl girls but there was an uneven number so i added black belle Now it’s a case of eliminating all the bounty hunters. Maybelle Elizabeth Colter, also known as Black Belle is infamous gunslinger roaming the Wild West. Go to the pier on the edge of town and look on a barrel to find the card. Your next target is Black Bell who can be found in the swampland north of Saint Denis. The woman agrees to take a picture. Here is a group screenshot of Black Belle photo, cigarette card, and what she looks like in the game. She’s expecting your arrival and there’s a lot of enemies to kill. Interact with him and press X/A (for PS4 and X1 respectively) to ask the relevant questions. Take out the camera from your inventory - this item is in the same slot as binoculars. These photos can be viewed and the locations of the Gunslinger will be marked on your map. I cannot progress the Black Belle photo quest. To start Calloway will give you photos of the first four: Emmet Granger, Billy Midnight, Black Belle, and Flaco Hernandez. Approach her house and she'll ask you if you intentionally brought those bounty hunters do her door. You should also check the empty building. Black Belle. Once you’ve met up with her, a number of bounty hunters will arrive. Black Belle bug (Red Dead Redemption 2) Hello! The Noblest of Men, and a Woman is a Stranger Mission Strand (Side Questline) in Red Dead Redemption 2. Flaco Hernandez. Following her first robbery in Rhodes, Black Belle became an infamous member of the Colter Tobin Gang, of which she is the sole surviving member. Slim Grant (final Gunslinger). I'm still standing in front of her with a camera. Since PC launched tried lots of time through multiple iterations of patches. Inside, you can find, i.e.

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