)The Best Scene to Watch in 4K: The marshmallow man scene. Released: 1990Where to Watch It: Vudu Bowie fans and those into psychedelic adventures with puppets (it’s safe to say there’s probably a crossover here) can rejoice because Jim Henson’s Labyrinth is officially available in 4K. Steven Spielberg’s 2002 Philip K. Dick adaptation about telepathic crime predictors called pre-cogs was, appropriately enough, pretty darn prophetic. And if you can stomach watching a guy splatter onto a billboard or be decapitated with a chain, you can probably handle the superhero self-parody’s six dozen jokes referencing male nether regions, all the while admiring every pore on Ryan Reynolds’ flawless face (until it’s ruined by horrible burn scars, anyway. The 44 best movies to watch on a 4K TV, according to Fandango users. Released: 2015Where to Watch it: Vudu George Miller’s demolition-derby sequel was a paean to practical stunts and diesel-fueled spectacle: a reason to get off of your couch and go to the movie theater.
I have less than a dozen 4K UHD discs so far, so my experience isn’t vast, and thus I’ll be interested to see other answers to this question. Yes, Leo’s acting was Oscar-worthy in The Revenant, but the real star was actually the rugged, frozen Canadian Rockies where most of the film was shot. (Just don’t blame us if your flat-screen starts leaking green goo. Cinematography maestro Emmanuel Lubezski completed an unprecedented hat trick of Oscar wins by capturing the austere, terrible beauty of the great outdoors. Sure, Ghostbusters may not have stunning visuals by today’s standards, but its special effects were pretty cutting-edge in 1984.
You’ll also be able to make out every smoothed down follicle of Christian Bale’s comically bad combover, not to mention every stitch, thread, and freckle of their polyester jackets and evening gowns.The Best Scene To Watch in 4K: If you watch Bradley Cooper messing with Bale’s 'do, you’ll get a perfect glimpse of the bald spot on the ex-Batman’s head. Admittedly, in 4K, it’s possible that some of the puppetry and animatronics used to bring the ghosts to life look somewhat more outdated to our modern CGI-trained eyes, but who can pass up getting a realer-than-real close-up glimpse of Slimer?

You’ll not only feel like you’re in the middle of a desert car showdown, you’ll also get an even better view of the guy playing a flaming electric guitar solo into battle. Like I’m a clown?” Just don’t laugh. If you need more proof of the intense visuals, Mad Max won six Academy Awards last year, mainly for its mastery in categories like film editing and production design.The Best Scene to Watch in 4K: The first chase scene. with only Matt Damon to save you (okay, maybe it’s not all bad).The Best Scene to Watch in 4K: The scene where Matt Damon blows himself up while attempting Martian agriculture will make you jump out of your seat. More guides on Finder. You may be thinking, why would I want to watch an ‘80s comedy in Ultra HD? Except with drivers who finish the last lap on foot to the sound of Pat Benatar.The Best Scene to Watch in 4K: The scene where Ricky Bobby crashes and thinks he’s on fire, but isn’t. That way you can soak up every detail of in 4K -- from the first mutated lizard to the last flame-belching exhaust. Released: 1984Where to Watch it: On 4K Blu-Ray (Or at all during the movie.)

The fact that Life of Pi was a novel that many considered “unfilmable” just made it that much more impressive when Ang Lee not only adapted it for the screen, but turned it into one of the most rapturously gorgeous stretches of digital celluloid ever rendered. Released: 2015Where to Watch It: Vudu The treacherous frozen ice clouds are even more otherworldly in 4K. And if you thought an unhinged Joe Pesci was terrifying in standard definition, just wait until you see him get his shinebox in 4K.The Best Scene To Watch in 4K: The iconic scene where Pesci’s Tommy DeVito asks, “I’m funny, how? “We get it,” you’re saying, “4K helps make special effects look more special, but what about movies that are about people and not robots or computer-generated tigers?” Take American Hustle, then, which is chock full of fun characters, smart production design, gnarly costumes, and evocative period details. As attractive as your 4K, HDR-equipped TV is on its own, it's not gonna show itself off. ... a reason to get off of your couch and go to the movie theater. Even if you feel like some of Interstellar’s wormholes eventually spit out to plot holes, you have to admit the movie made space look good.

Sure, many of these movies may not be to your taste, but you should find something on this list to help you show off your TV. Of course, the film didn’t quite predict 4K, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch all the details that Spielberg (and the 15 computer experts he called on to dream up the tech in Minority Report) worked into the film. Released: 2015Where to Watch it: Amazon Instant Video

The Best Movies to Watch in 4K Now. Released: 2014Where to Watch It: Amazon Prime Instant Video

You won’t look at your smartphone the same way again. We’ve already covered that you should be watching big explosions, crazy stunts, and action-packed car chases in 4K, so why not something that has them all? Somehow 4K makes even the nothingness of a black hole look like it’s right there.The Best Scene to Watch in 4K: The scene where they visit Matt Damon's planet. We only specify “human” because that rampaging bear is Leo’s most impressive special-effects adversary since a sinking ocean liner.The Best Scene to Watch in 4K: The bear scene got people talking before the movie was even released, and for good reason: it’s shot from the ground, so when you watch it in 4K, you can practically see cavities in the grizzly’s teeth as he, ahem, bears down on Leo. Ultraflix is a streaming service that specializes in 4K content, even revamping classics like Top Gun via a sister company and breathing new technological life into older films.

But now that you can stay on your couch and still see it, you’ll probably want to catch the gasoline-soaked action on most high-def screen you can fit into your living room. That went to this futuristic sci-fi chamber drama, which won for the extraordinarily subtle digital work it took to transform a living, breathing Alicia Vikander into a whirring, buzzing android with artificial intelligence. You may not have realized it at the time, but this film would end up being responsible for single-handedly bringing the “swords and sandals” genre back into fashion, finding massive success decades after that of Spartacus and Ben-Hur. To be slightly reductive, running around and yelling is what Will Ferrell does best, and this is some of his best, A-1 running and yelling. Best of all, every 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc is region free, so anyone with a 4K Blu-ray player can enjoy these films. Its sweeping vistas of Ancient Rome and CGI-enhanced Coliseum melées won it the Best Visual Effects Oscar in 2000, and it’s definitely worth revisiting in 4K, because it’s the closest you'll get to actually being in the good seats during this scene.The Best Scene to Watch in 4K: The scene where Russell Crowe also has to fight tigers. Released: 2016Where to Watch It: Amazon Prime Instant Video Longtime analog proponent Martin Scorsese personally supervised the remaster of his gangster classic into 4K resolution, which means that it’s as official a transfer as you’re going to get. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. The new world of 4K and HDR movies is finally coming into its own — and these are the movies that look the best in that format Phil Owen | November 23, 2018 @ 3:11 PM Sean Wolfe. The best 4K content on Netflix Binge these top shows and see every detail in ultra HD.

)The Best Scene to Watch in 4K:The final fight scene is so action-packed with explosions, collapsing rubble, and hand-to-hand contact you’ll be wringing your hands the whole time. : NASCAR. ... 15 of the best crime shows for streaming sleuths to unravel The best fantasy movies to stream in 2020. The Best Scene To Watch in 4K: Watching Maverick’s aerial acrobatics during the final dogfight are intense enough to make your stomach turn, and, in super high definition, are bound to make you as giddy as Top Gun did when you first saw it.

And in 4K, the orange of that shag carpet and the brown of that wide-lapel suit really pop. Honestly, is there a more simultaneously ridiculous and intimidating villain in cinema history? It’s one of the most unexpected titles to be remastered in Ultra HD, seeing as it was a total box-office flop when it was released 30 years ago, but today, the film has a huge cult following that’s probably dancing their own version of the “magic dance” at the chance to see Bowie’s magnificent Goblin King hair in 4K.The Best Scene to Watch In 4K:Dance Magic Dance. Netflix doesn’t have a ton of 4K movie options yet, other than some of its original content, but it does have this Will Ferrell/Adam McKay joint, and because most of the racing scenes were filmed using real stunts, watching it in 4K is like getting a trip to an actual race track.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.