This is not the best option if you have come in for some fast food since it is more of a sit-down meal. It's got nearly the same amount of calories as ketchup with less than half the sodium. It is mostly breading which means there is more room for it to be deep fried which is always nice. Trust. This bowl contains mashed potatoes with bits of crispy fried chicken and sweet corn. The Crispy Colonel Sandwich is fantastic by all possible measures — starting with its size. So, it comes as no surprise that his fried chicken venture had tons of roadblocks on its path as well. You can get comparable grilled chicken at a host of other fast food restaurants — often for less money. Both the chicken and bread are annoyingly dry. Is there such a thing as too much goodness? This thing is big enough to fill you up completely. Overall, you do have better options that will actually fill you up - like an actual sandwich. If you go with the Extra Crispy Tenders, your decision of which sauce to get with it will be the most important. "But the breading adds not only extra calories but excess sodium and fat." There are better dishes out there but this one is perfect if you want to be adventurous - then again, we tend to go to KFC for our tried and true favorites, not innovative new options. The KFC chicken is seasoned with the famous blend of the signature eleven herbs and spices that everyone loves. Yeah, they totally do. Don't let KFC's tiny Chicken Littles make you think that all their sandwiches should be shunned and forgotten about. "You'd be eating your whole day's sodium in that one meal just by ordering tenders without any sides," Ojoatu explains. If you go to KFC mostly for their biscuits, the soft, flaky texture of their buttery biscuits pairs well with the crispiness of this chicken. While Kentucky Grilled Chicken tastes okay, nothing about it separates itself from the competition. Furthermore, to prove that all you need to do to lose weight is to be in a calorie deficit, Check this video out where he eats a Big Mac for 30 straight days! It is absolutely great if the reason you love KFC is their fried chicken. You can pick chicken little, popcorn nuggets, hot wings or crispy tenders depending on what you think goes well with wedges. The famous KFC bowl is not on the top of our list for obvious reasons but it isn't a bad idea if you are looking for something light and healthy-ish. When can you ever go wrong with Mac and Cheese? Again, it is not the most ideal way, but it can be done. It comes as no surprise that the grilled option is leagues better for your meal than its crispy fried counterpart, even when doused in finger-lickin' Smoky Mountain barbecue or the chain's Georgia Gold sauces. You can buy one cookie for $3.99 or get better deals if you buy three or twelve of them in one go - no judgement. So, looking back at the history behind that crispy fried chicken and all the other recipes that followed, here they are ranked for your entertainment. Though, as Ojoatu notes, 105 milligrams for a dipping sauce is still alarming. While KFC doesn't explicitly tell you how many nuggets will come in your order, it's safe to say that a large order comes with about 20 pieces. There is nothing wrong with them but there is also nothing right. If you're running errands around the town, you can eat and drive without anything slowing you down. By the end of the bowl, you'll just be glad to have finished it. This spicy version of the sandwich is also extra crispy so it literally has all of the perks. Their green beans are a yummy option and create a meal that is both tasty and friendly for those on a low carb diet. Others are just classics that we would have at home. With KFC being one of the most famous fast-food restaurants in the world, I took a look at their nutrition menu to see what the best KFC low-calorie options were. To help you make healthier decisions at the drive-thru, stick to our top picks—and avoid these red flags on the menu—for a fast and delicious meal that won't totally ruin your diet. You honestly have quite the list to choose from. You'd be smart to skip this entire line of KFC entrees. The Nashville Hot Sandwich shouldn't be considered, as was previously discussed. © 2020 Galvanized Media. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. KFC Original Recipe Chicken. Take a look at the best KFC low-calorie options by scrolling below! Factor in bang for your buck and this is another option to ignore on KFC's menu. We would not recommend these to be perfectly honest. When you visit KFC, it's difficult to justify ordering anything other than the Original Recipe Chicken. However, going with the individual size is what will keep the calories down here. However, you can still find some pretty good low-calorie options from KFC. Because let’s say you don’t and you go with the medium size, well you will be consuming a nice 720 calories. You will feel each of those 710 calories stick to your ribs almost instantaneously. Save your money for something with some size and girth to it. Large serving of a delicious KFC Homestyle side item. Sometimes KFC's grilled chicken is extra juicy and legitimately really, really good. But be warned, there are times that the Kentucky Grilled Chicken is dried out and tough to chew. "My advice is if you crave something, go for it. The Go Cup is the perfect mixture of everything amazing. This menu item has 180 calories so you could try it out if you are looking for a snack. It is 540 calories for each sandwich so get ready to switch your usual meal with this one. Though not everyone will love it, it's worth trying at least once in your life. This KFC bestseller can be had with just about anything else on the menu and still manages to steal the spotlight. However, there are some items that you'd be better off avoiding. Beyond the puniness, Chicken Littles simply don't taste good. You can pop into KFC just for a batch of their freshly made cookies because any time in life is cookie time. It will save you time, money, and will allow you to taste the very best menu items KFC has to offer. This savory and sweet combination is great if that is what you are looking for. 210 calories, 7 g fat (2 g saturated fat), 710 mg sodium, 0 g carbs, … The smokey mountain BBQ sandwich is a twist on the classic. That means if you want dessert, don't get a combo to add on top of it. At 170 calories for a bowl, it is one of the healthier options that KFC has on offer. KFC actually offers four types of Crispy Colonel Sandwiches. And there's no better place to get your fix for a breaded drumstick and flaky buttermilk biscuit than KFC. The best items at KFC aren't necessarily on the menu, but they are here on this list of KFC secret menu items. Instead, you will be left dismayed with the unshakeable realization that you made a mistake ordering Nashville Hot from KFC. Plus, with it being only being 45 calories, this is easily the best KFC … If the burger version is not spicy enough for you, this ought to be. These double-breaded pieces of chicken are great and you get to bite into the tender filling which pulls it all together. It is then topped with some of the gravy we mentioned earlier and various cheeses. If you are getting people over for dinner and are looking for a quick side salad, this will do because it is cheap and an easy add-on. This KFC exclusive tastes like a combination of ketchup, mayo, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and more. The gravy is absolutely smashing but do not bother taking this one home - it tastes good hot or not at all - which means it loses a few points on our list. These mini-sandwiches are served with mayo and pickle along with a bun. Not necessarily the darling of KFC's sweets docket, this oat-packed cookie contains the least amount of calories and fat than any other option. Amazing cheddar cheese with pasta is the only way to live life. All Rights Reserved. If you find yourself at KFC and are craving something sweet and just cannot help yourself, then going with the chocolate chip cookie is not too bad of an option when to eat when at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Don't risk getting a dry batch, especially when there are so many better options. He proves that in order for you to lose weight, a negative energy balance is what matters. Stacked with rich mashed potatoes, popcorn chicken bites, cheese, and gobs of gravy, this extremely heavy meal is without a question one to avoid. After being off the menu for around two decades, KFC brought back the Chicken Littles. Sorry, barbecue fanatics. How to Reduce Pregnancy Belly Fat Properly, Seven Things I Learned as a Personal Trainer. The condiments used for this sandwich are the standard like all the others, pickles and mayo. For example, you can order the mashed potatoes and gravy by itself and enjoy it until the last drop. Choose from Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Cole Slaw, Green Beans or Mac and Cheese. Therefore, if you are ever in a situation where all you can eat is fast food, or you simply just want it, going with the original recipe chicken tenders is a great choice for you. One of the greatest parts about KFC is the sauces. This is also a safe choice for picky eaters because there are only a minimal number of flavors at work. Plus, after you finish eating the chicken, you can get some joy out of licking your fingers for the rest of the day.

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