I was in malmo in 2008. that was my first and last time. The crime report encompasses more than 18,000 city and state law enforcement agencies reporting data on property and violent crimes. But that would have been the same regardless of who had lived there.

The fast moving Glass fire has burned over 1,000 acres and has destroyed homes, A villager along with a child offers prayers next to a carcass of a wild elephant that officials say was electrocuted in Rani Reserve Forest on the outskirts of Guwahati, India, The casket of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is seen in Statuary Hall in the US Capitol to lie in state in Washington, DC, An anti-government protester holds up an image of a pro-democracy commemorative plaque at a rally outside Thailand's parliament in Bangkok, as activists gathered to demand a new constitution, A whale stranded on a beach in Macquarie Harbour on the rugged west coast of Tasmania, as hundreds of pilot whales have died in a mass stranding in southern Australia despite efforts to save them, with rescuers racing to free a few dozen survivors, State civil employee candidates wearing face masks and shields take a test in Surabaya, A man sweeps at the Taj Mahal monument on the day of its reopening after being closed for more than six months due to the coronavirus pandemic, A deer looks for food in a burnt area, caused by the Bobcat fire, in Pearblossom, California, Anti-government protesters hold their mobile phones aloft as they take part in a pro-democracy rally in Bangkok. Avoid large crowds in the streets and indoors. Well, let's see: I live in Sweden, less than an hour away from Malmö. So I think I'll prefer to belive someone who lived there and experienced those intresting neighbourhoods. You just gotta be a little streetsmart, like you gotta be in most of cities around the world! Purse snatchers and pickpockets often operate in tourist areas and public transport. The last victim was 16-year-old Ahmed Obaid. “We’ve been in this situation before with similar events. Here, criminal migrants and the mafia can rally freely protected by authorities. How Safe Is Malmo Really? In an Instagram post he said he could now breathe independently following his suspected poisoning last month, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, former Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba and former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida celebrate after Suga was elected as new head of the ruling party at the Liberal Democratic Party's leadership election in Tokyo, A man stands behind a burning barricade during the fifth straight day of protests against police brutality in Bogota, Police officers block and detain protesters during an opposition rally to protest the official presidential election results in Minsk, Belarus. Firefighters have brought the fire under control but they expected to keep working through the day, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny posing for a selfie with his family at Berlin's Charite hospital. Jacob Bjorkander told Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan that he had been cycling near the pizza restaurant with his two young children the night of the shooting. Together, the two cities form duopolies and a core of a broader Oresund region spanning parts of Denmark and Sweden. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. But i tell u if i left some of u in some cities of spain or uk or framce u will be so fucked up. The trend with more explosions has been seen over the past three years, according to Petra Stenkula, investigative director at the Police Region South. No one realised he was gone from our group for 10-15 mins, when we realised we found him 40 metres away behind some trees crying and covered in scratches and bruises. Malmø is no longer a safe City due to muslims migrants. But the Arabics are all fucking crazy.

Sweden should start by making it a crime to be part of a criminal gang, in the same way that it should be a crime to be part of a terrorist organization.". -----***----- Ordinary people are prosecuted when they comment online on who is responsible for the violence. “Our kids should sleep well, play at play parks, feel safe,” Housam Abbas, the victim’s cousin, said, according to the Local. Are you sure you want to mark this comment as inappropriate? Another teenager also critically injured in shooting minutes after separate explosion, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. Malmo is a port city on the Oresund strait; this city is connected to Copenhagen by the Oresund bridge. The police state that the operation has four main goals: to reduce the number of fires and explosions; to get gang members off the streets through increased prosecution; to increase the number of firearms and explosives seizures; and to increase safety among the general public. Good Afternoon @Swed (Oct 14) and thank you for your voice! Just follow the rules of common sense, such as avoiding deserted and poorly lit streets and areas, and your trip should go smooth. Police forensics examine the crime scene where a 15-year-old was fatally hit and another severely wounded when attackers opened fire in Malmo, Sweden. One of the biggest problems in Malmö are all racists / Nazis who abuse and death threatens those who say against them. Malmö and the other bigger cities in Sweden are no longer safe. Avoid areas remote from the city center and do not walk around the city at night. Not all Arabics are harmful. The plan, which is labelled special operation Rimfrost, is set to last from December 10th to March 8th of next year and will see drones with cameras, called unmanned aerial systems (UAS), patrol areas where drug trafficking and gang-related crime are common, according to a police press release.. © 2020 Copyright by Travel Safe - Abroad. when those african monkeys will leave for their belonging zoo, Sweden will be safe again. Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate. Witnesses reported seeing the attackers fleeing on bicycles after the shooting took place at about 9pm on Saturday. Figures from the 2013 Swedish Crime Survey (SCS) show that exposure to crime decreased from 2005 to 2013. Yes it's obvious there is a problem with violent crime in the city but this seems to me to be pretty much confined to the gangs involved - the question is when are the police going to seriously deal with that problem and stop putting their heads up their asses?

Historically high level of violence with guns and bombings. Another antisemitic rally took place in Sweden this time in Malmo.
The Police does not dare to challenge the gangs in the bad neighborhood. Terms of Use and DO NOT GO TO MALMO OR SWEDEN , at least not until after the deportations or the upcoming civil war!! They just beg for money. You risk get shot when shopping in daylight in a good neighborhood and it is a city where innocent 16 year old’s are getting shot for no reason. He has never been the same and has tried suicide twice since then. The Arabics would try to steal your smartphone from your pocket. Therefore, if you have any trouble, immediately contact the police. The plan, which is labelled special operation Rimfrost, is set to last from December 10th to March 8th of next year and will see drones with cameras, called unmanned aerial systems (UAS), patrol areas where drug trafficking and gang-related crime are common, according to a police press release. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. Police in Sweden said it could not yet say whether the two incidents were linked and did not identify suspects in either case. The culture of fear is so palpable that parents are no longer comfortable sending their children out to play. To define Malmø as a safe city for women is absurd – and dangerous, in case women actually believes this site. Rapes, murders, explosions happen daily now. Torquil MacLeod is a well-established author of mystery and crime novels. PortuguêsCrime em Malmo Today there's a police sniper aiming at a man inside the Kindergarten. Always watch your pockets and do not carry jewelry, lots of cash, and original documents. http://www.sydsvenskan.se/2017-03-04/en-person-skottskadad-pa-kronetorpsgatan. Data Source: World Bank “The segregation is because there is too low employment and too high unemployment in these areas. Abe announced he will resign over health problems, in a bombshell development that kicks off a leadership contest in the world's third-largest economy, Residents take cover behind a tree trunk from rubber bullets fired by South African Police Service (SAPS) in Eldorado Park, near Johannesburg, during a protest by community members after a 16-year old boy was reported dead, People scatter rose petals on a statue of Mother Teresa marking her 110th birth anniversary in Ahmedabad, An aerial view shows beach-goers standing on salt formations in the Dead Sea near Ein Bokeq, Israel, Health workers use a fingertip pulse oximeter and check the body temperature of a fisherwoman inside the Dharavi slum during a door-to-door Covid-19 coronavirus screening in Mumbai, People carry an idol of the Hindu god Ganesh, the deity of prosperity, to immerse it off the coast of the Arabian sea during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival in Mumbai, India, Firefighters watch as flames from the LNU Lightning Complex fires approach a home in Napa County, California, Members of the Israeli security forces arrest a Palestinian demonstrator during a rally to protest against Israel's plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, A man pushes his bicycle through a deserted road after prohibitory orders were imposed by district officials for a week to contain the spread of the Covid-19 in Kathmandu, A car burns while parked at a residence in Vacaville, California. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? etc. Let’s now look at two Swedish cities that have been in the spotlight recently: Malmö and Stockholm. Just moments earlier, a bomb placed under a car was detonated in another part of the city, destroying the vehicle and damaging others, although there were no reports of injuries. Of course you will not do it, why? Although this risk is quite rare, it cannot be ruled out. There is also a big difference in between the rich areas, mostly inhabitated by swedes and the the poor areas which are the multicultural ones. Use common sense and always keep an eye on your things.
The suburbs of Malmo are best avoided because they have the most crimes. Use a taxi when you get home late at night. I've been living for 2 years now and trying to get a job in another country where common sense has not jumped out of the window yet. It’s a truism that Swedish (and European) politicians have denied in bold-faced lies and assurances to the public. The local newspaper Sydsvenskan have a special tag now for "bombings in Malmö". Despite the fact that Torquil MacLeod was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, he grew up in North East England. In general, Malmo is quite safer than other European cities of the same size. I have been feeling less and less safe there. There are lots of criminals in the different communities living in Malmö. Malmo is not the safest town ive lived in but you have to engage into shady bussiness to fear for your life. Have you ever put your foot here? If they see it on the ground somewhere, they will try to give it back to you. Scores of Swedes took the streets of Malmo, a southern city in Sweden, on Monday to protest an epidemic of violence that has taken the lives of far too many young people. In general, Malmo is quite safer than other European cities of the same size. Explosions and shootings in the past few years in Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, have been linked mainly to organised crime and feuding gangs. The latest Gabs from Malmö The Crime City (@malmo). Brottslingarnas fristad!

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