Just when they think they've figured out his MO he hits the same store twice. Rate. A fellow officer gets frustrated with the job, starts missing work and drinking. In this final episode, Friday and Gannon talk to a new policeman about the importance of police officers and detectives working together, and understanding the victims and criminals. Friday and Gannon go looking for him, seeking to straighten him out. The detectives investigate John Sawyer and find no evidence against him, but the man responsible for three of the robberies is found and arrested. The manager of an apartment building is beaten to death with a hammer. Since there is no Officer Dengle, Friday and Gannon track down the person impersonating an officer. The detectives try to find him, as well as evidence that will convict him. As they return to Father Rojas, a small boy is pulling a wagon with the statue in it. Later, Friday gets a call notifying him that Frederick Tosca and his girlfriend are in custody in Arizona. Father Xavier Rojas explains this Jesus statue has been at the church for decades and has great sentimental value to the parishioners. It's Friday evening, Bill's wife is out of town and Joe has agreed to spend the weekend with him for some R & R, starting with a little pinochle with two neighbors. The police academy are accepting applications from people who want to join the police force. A senior citizen uses the paper to find homes that are empty during the day. 28 Dec. 1967 The Big Shipment. A stolen double-barrel shotgun was found at a pawn shop giving the detectives their first clue as to who may have burglarized one home. Friday and Gannon investigate the murder of a man found in an alley, with no leads or witnesses. Friday and Gannon are working out of the juvenile division when they get called to a movie theater to investigate an attack on a high school student who had acid thrown on his back. Rate. They work with The Secret Service to secure the location at which The President will be holding a press conference. The detectives work in the Burglary Division. A modern-day gypsy runs a spiritual guidance business as a method to steal money from clients. The detectives debate their ideas of drug use with the suspect. Joe Friday and his partners investigate crimes in Los Angeles. This is a list of episodes for the Dragnet television series that ran for three and 1/2 seasons, from January 12, 1967 to April 16, 1970. Everything Coming to Prime Video in June 2020. Friday and Gannon try to talk him out of resigning. The detectives break up a gambling ring. Brought to their attention by a member of the Department of Animal Regulation, and with an okay from the Captain, Friday and Gannon investigate a rash of reports of lost dogs from a shopping center. Episode List; TV Schedule; Details. Friday & Gannon talk to community members to improve relations between police and public. Friday and Gannon must try to identify her and their only clue is an unique ring she had on. The burglar dies, and Friday is investigated by the shooting board to see if it is a justified shot. Rate. A realtor has been missing for several days. The police ask the press to publicize the M.O. When a man is arrested for possession of illegal pills, he provides information that may help him at trial. When he calls back a meeting is set up. Friday and Gannon are invited to sit on the panel to defend the police department from others that think the police are not needed. Friday and Gannon investigate the theft of a statue of the baby Jesus from a church's nativity scene on Christmas Eve. Friday and Gannon are working the day watch out of Frauds Division, Bunco Section. Finally, legislation is passed against LSD use and sale, but by then it may be too late for "Blue Boy". A beat police officer asks Sergeant Friday to be his counselor before a review board. Friday and Gannon are sent to meet with a group of business owners who are looking to organize a crime prevention group to help cut crime in their neighborhood. Since only one lost dog had been previously reported from the same area, Friday and Gannon suspect criminal activity. The boy had prayed for a new wagon and promised the baby Jesus the first ride if he received it. The suspect is described as an older man thin and gaunt.

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