Shop Now! The CENTRO collection is known for creating an elegant and functional workspace. "!# #$$# #$$$$$$$,,,,,,44444====DDDDDD"! Email. Check out our top pick. @�V��}�����+h��&l��BPWq�S2#��b��2��a�(���҂(����sږ4�vK_�öPh@X�,�ߍ9�z ( ��g@��q_QM�7b׍�]Q]���UWP�[Q����`�B��rY�ƪz$�)�H��:)b���tU.C,F�R!9���xNaT�r�#bR���p��@]-����E���N�H�&� )b�L����D ��3Z�vm�3B� The Centro Lift Desks provide a versatile work space at the touch of a button. š5i8�Ӡ�+:`�4�`D �\�U\V��;/�+jV�0��i"J�+zH��y0�K�a~�=�n���(1]�&�?n��ۓ ��( �(�]B�lA�i�^���;Zٶ( &b��r٭)B��ۘB�qK�r�͒V�B֛����R!�w�J�o�B�8Qd5���AP1�P0� �! Centro 6451 $1,649.00 | Centro 6452 $1,849.00 - Storage Drawer $229.00. Whether sitting, standing, or somewhere in between, the CENTRO LIFT DESK provides a versatile work space at the touch of a button for maximum comfort and work efficiency. 45 0 obj Subject. { !1QqAB���2CRa����"#3Sr���� Get Pricing. ! BDI Centro Lift Standing Desk (66” x 30” top), Satin White/Gray Glass . ���� Adobe d �� � !!##!,##!.333.!>BBBB>DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD"! Home; Best Reviews; Bdi Centro Lift Desk; BEST . endobj In short, at BDI USA, their passion is design. <> �bl�ڒ+ɛ�>}gHY~%^g�-W�HjH�3��h,#�p�E�⹜�ė�x��Ⓚ�E��=�ᮂ'�>�H�����"�E�O�1��="���|"���0��'� �AW0�$JH��PJz�g ��D�L��.>q8�� ��.q� ''.���+�"��!��� ����r=�>q}d* �F`�s`~�A..0R `p`���� n An optional storage drawer is available for larger desk (model 6452) and is lined with a non-slip material to keep contents secure. The desk’s adjustable height allows you to keep yourself in motion with periods of sitting and standing throughout the workday. Please just notify us as quickly as possible so you can be refunded 100%. The best Bdi Centro Lift Desk of 2020 - Beginner's Guide. %PDF-1.6 Home / Collections / BDI / Centro Lift Desk. Choose Store Location. Whether sitting, standing, or somewhere in between, these height-adjustable desks can be positioned for maximum comfort and work efficiency. ��4j�q��d�Y�2K6 � If an item has already shipped (shipping timeframes vary, so please review item’s product page), customer will incur shipping charges which will be deducted from your refund, since the item has already been packaged and routed, charges for which 2Modern will not be reimbursed from shipping companies. In 1984, Bill Becker, the founder of BDI USA, had a vision of making great design available to everyone. D��$��4�����ѸЈ)��@��8����H��(�C�u�i'�� �L0����b�s~b�'�u��`}� ���S��X��� ��̊ѯ�5��zL�AH�p����2�MɃ�qnWY��5�D��m�2�izu����W؀�igq(7�]�b��1�4;�2� �z؟�3 ��l�jz�:�%�C�@+k��y�8%��K��v��-`)��cT��h�͋h���Ѥ�6�dM��&�vk�� �+��]���6R�~%Y�`�,�!T1�a��E����y�ib��8��U-�%я:����F}1;�Lrm&�eh�&� �fCՒ*��.��E�tz��{hb��-4�J���W�gsu|��V�0� t2Q��>��X���ry�.S��c��O��/!�Y�.���3rɥ��!���$X�c|W��p�,B3I���\��ݼ:v�ڔ��1�� ������� ��q��m. Matthew Weatherly. Close Send. 1 0 obj Combining beautiful styling, thoughtful engineering and ergonomic design, the Centro desk provides the versatility and movement that every workday requires. Use code, Entering text to search the site will cause content on this page to change.>,, //, //, //, //,,, Fall Furniture Sale: Dining, Living & Office, Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CA Residents), Micro-etched glass top provides a smooth work-surface, Centro Mobile File Pedestal positions perfectly under Desk for easy access to supplies and files, Attached Centro Return to Desk to increase the workspace, Combine with Centro Return and Mobile File Pedestal to create a complete office, Available in Satin White on Oak / Grey Glass finish, 6402 Return optional accessory is offered, 6401 Desk: 66.25 in W x 26 in D x 29 in H, 6402 Return: 40.25 in W x 18 in D x 29 in H, 6402 Return: 43.5 in W x 20 in D x 9 in H. %���� ^��3��q)z���}z;�j��Ғvg�%V�v��B�7M]�dZf9Ȗ�ڼ�2����y�ى���L�96v�E�'��!�Ua�Ө�f���O��7�z�������0����)���1��2�߅U������{ �Ṏ�2Z7V��=V�r�}J�Ak�ص/��$�^DE��D�)*5ҷ��"����0,�6�"���9��YQ&c}t�T�4���cfe��:�J�0g��r^�����h���ɠ�ǚ0Cvg�z�V�e�����̐:6���D/����yqTS�fcK��$0a ���S�ȗ�H��~�� ��5��.y1�)J���ڠg���zCo��L#zO4�05}�f9M脦I�iF3�Ou�d1-h� 4-3:���4���||Xٵf�L���IԀ�~݂�$�n��r�i3�DIj˧�,��^�c�~ uA?&�,����]���Q:� ��%QбG�a���7����m�LP�8���zE��deT����D1�����ozPB�=�=Pf�A|^9����Y�3�� ��3c���:!C�U�����u�Eo�S c {a��2r����{�P�豪��U�x���������@�ϻ���+�"�yW��E�~�џW=�l��]�y�"Q5>U��J�w�t�'іx��l6Eoz�L�(@�� ���!j����X�e���[�'�ku�֪6��2�'�x�Tk�Z���qk�lE�d����4��ćK�e`�pXr ��j�U+�����9�8{ f�_�t^s�B�����|�FJ��ZЬ��?�q��0{A�$@ ����b�s��ה��5lepLȪ}����Y��續k@��=>]��XR��U/,#>�z���5}}�^8��]�w��sM��\�:O.P��Ԗ������wwɖ�Z�V5��A���g��'ߖ�8��q��GM���[r�,ش�J޻lq���Kif~�>���6ׯ�N��Q��p׉�/�K/f�$� "!# #$$# #$$$$$$$,,,,,,44444====DDDDDD�� �� �� " ��� The desk’s adjustable height allows you to keep yourself in motion with periods of sitting and standing throughout the workday. BDI home theater furniture is all about great design, which has the potential to make our surroundings better. Combining beautiful styling, thoughtful engineering and ergonomic design, the Centro desk provides the versatility and movement that every workday requires. BDI Centro Lift Standing Desk 6451, 6452. "#$%&'()*123456789:ABCDEFGHIJQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijqrstuvwxyz����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ? BDI was the first to introduce innovations such as hidden wheels, adjustable shelves, cable management and flow-through ventilation as standard features. B��U� �E�� The Centro Desk by BDI is designed to add a modern aesthetic and functionality to your 9-to-5. ���&W��і�‰�!�o�vp„o��e K�#F��vP�h4'_��������~�$��v�#OЀ�uC@7��b�v��C�������v�PN�h�t��b����[:LFȈÛ�^gI�^C�v*Һ���')��^n�)�U�\�f��:����2��Uқ~W�M�� _a�H4H��Nb�d2@���o��edph�A\��ь Best 10 Bdi Centro Lift Desk tested by reviewers. Frustrated by the "trade only" distribution of the best designed contemporary home furnishings, Bill was inspired to build a company that could develop and manufacture designs that would actually be accessible. x�Z{o��*��%(>�*9κ'i��t�3 Twenty-five years later, BDI has become a force in contemporary home furnishings and an industry leader in home theater furniture. <> {�W��-���w��UG�e�@�׷5X�a��Y���>�*d) �����Ħ���͑[�M���f�,��*ؿoe�~���z��u��=�{�3��ΰ͝�����>f��W���l:� �N�U��R8s���Պ�VTaS1���5H��FR�xn-.�|3�6��#u��1R�:,MvUرΙ�G]�H��EM�$�Xz�߂N!��8|�&o/��$��W�а���f����p�9/7�ߟ�0����i����|>���y���R��ܦ20oQ�r]%:L��d5�W�R����$����9`�����Ѩ�j4�ع���{P���|�W�%�-��$��?q�4�0'�eHϦ-W��6�M�Hx��7IC%�5$/XRH��2l�6�i�Kz�Cp/����ja80F�˴�~YT��O܋ 705176640103, P�n�(R��ӴL��d�~)0����� �L,�l����d�4�-7���2a(��(���iJbkG5 � ��Z)B. We researched and found the easiest for beginners. CENTRO ™ LIFT DESK n Grey, micro-etched top provides a smooth work surface, accented with a Satin White beveled panel beneath it. Their home theater furniture is engineered to meet the demanding needs of today's electronics, and do so while enriching the home and the home theater experience. © Modern Essentials, Inc. All Rights Reserved, overall dimensions: 24.75"-49.75"h x 60"w x 24"d. n Digital keypad can be mounted on the left or right and can be programmed to four user-defined settings. Please see further details on our, Thank you for joining 2Modern Design News! stream BDI Centro 6451 Lift Desk offers the best of both worlds. + Price Match Guarantee + Shop and Do Good. A BDI home theater system successfully merges functional innovation with original and exciting Design. The only exception is with customized orders, noted on individual product pages. Question about BDI Centro 6451 Lift Desk Small. 10/10 . 9� �e &�Cu�-�@gV�`\����������!�=^줳6���W-e_MEA9l�:N������k^�&�0x:Lэ��x5�t��u�0�)v��t�p����K�F���%�d8ͺ�#R��Ɗ1Dv�,S)��"(�Gm������W�������@C�Ƴm�T]�Nz�mq[6�%�i�O�P�۔9���5(eb�W��խv8L�/F�GY�I�_�� �t�}�1 ��T� )�j��h���*5:�X�g�GQ�9���124���o�4���E �Tx�i�P��D�7v�iKU�㍕��%�J*���n8s�%V-��I���6��ݫ��� �A,VuC�S7�ss�UI��Q���`W404�aDp.h�l�����b4�{��� ˋ�: ɞ0H�B7�qH�ۙ��Y�)1�zY��OiC$mv� �ЮٳZ=��^C��]�]��^���n��қ�7 \�%z!�k׮Z�踀E��"��k�@"��B\כ܀����4M��d�3�-�»lr����r�p���k���3p���3_��"�ô@z.�;d=h%�Z��$9���A����P������

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.