Pyotr Mikhin wrote in his memoirs. Some of the Red Army troops, their units astonishingly cohesive despite the constant shelling and bombing they endured, were able to escape their respective pockets during the following two weeks. The Battle of Rzhev is marked in Soviet history as one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the Great Patriotic War. In September 1941, the German troops of XXXXVII. During the period of German occupation and hostilities, Rzhev and the nearest settlements were almost completely destroyed by the aviation and artillery of the Red Army. Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. The Russians already were receiving equipment, such as Matilda and Valentine tanks and Hawker Hurricane fighter aircraft, from the British government. Their objective was to encircle the Soviet 16th, 19th, and 20th Armies. The bombing continued steadily until June 1943. Mikhail Kalashnikov was a senior sergeant (tank commander) serving on the T-34s of the 24th Tank Regiment, 12th Tank Division[3] of the 8th Mechanised Corps [4] stationed in Stryi (31 KV-1 and 10 T-34 tanks) before retreating after Battle of Brody, with the regiment soon to become a part of the 159th Tank Brigade[3]. The Battle of Bryansk (October 2–21, 1941) was a nineteen-day fighting during World War II (WWII) conducted in the Bryansk Oblast (the town, prior to June 5, 1944, was part of the Orel Oblast).See also Battle of Moscow#Vyazma and Bryansk pockets.. As Model was already commanding the German 9th Army making the north portion of the Kursk attack, the command transfer meant he was now in command of all German units in the Orel area. After this the Soviet forces would go over onto the offensive.  | Last modifications, Copyright © 2012 sensagent Corporation: Online Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, Dictionary definitions and more. However, the number of deaths in our time is a controversial topic. Operation Kutuzov was the first of the two counteroffensives launched by the Red Army as part of the Kursk Strategic Offensive Operation. An eerie picture, having never seen such a thing.”. ○   Boggle. The Soviet spearheads sustained heavy casualties but pushed through and in some areas achieved significant penetration. Holding the front before the Soviet offensive were the 2nd Panzer Army and elements of the 9th Army. Teams of men were commonly required to push and pull trucks and horse-drawn wagons out of the mud. The Soviet high command planned two offensives as part of a large general offensive throughout the eastern front. With a SensagentBox, visitors to your site can access reliable information on over 5 million pages provided by The situation was so dire that Stalin called Zhukov and demanded an honest answer as to whether Moscow could be saved. In the course of the Rzhev battles, many “valleys of death” and “groves of death” appeared….There is no way to bypass the valley of death: a telephone cable is laid over it – it is interrupted, and it must be quickly connected at all costs. These were supported by 26,400 guns and 3,000 aircraft. When he reported the German attack to Yeremenko, he was instructed to counterattack. Although 85,000 soldiers escaped encirclement, the German Army captured 680,000 Soviet soldiers. The Soviet Central Front followed them hesitantly at first but increased the intensity of their attacks from the ground and the air. They caught Maj. Gen. Arkady Erm-akov’s Operational Group by surprise. The 1st Air Defense Corps was armed with 1,000 antiaircraft guns and 300 quad machine guns. This resulted in the penetration of the Front's position between the 50th and 13th Armies. To guard against this threat, the Soviet Air Force began preemptive strikes against German forward airfields two days before the scheduled parade. Even before pockets at Bryansk and Vyazma were eliminated, the Germans resumed the offensive toward Moscow. The region had been held by German forces for nearly two years and despite Hitler's admonition not to build defensive works behind the front, some preparations had been made. By the middle of October, the units still inside the Bryansk and Vyazma pockets began surrendering en masse. Soviet troops were in horrible conditions. In the initial stage of the operation, Panzer Groups 2, 3, and 4 were to surround and destroy the bulk of the Red Army forces facing Army Group Center in and around Vyazma and Bryansk. Change the target language to find translations. To further exacerbate the plight of German frontline soldiers, the delivery of warm clothing was pilfered by the rear-echelon troops and only a small amount reached the front lines. Despite seemingly large numbers overall, German units began showing signs of fatigue. Meanwhile, General Gunther von Kluge’s 4th Field Army would advance directly toward Moscow from the west. The German troops in the Rzhevskiy territory organized an excellent defensive line. The armies that made up the three Soviet fronts were exhausted from the sustained heavy fighting. Commanders. Though Hitler forbade retreat, the Soviets gradually gained ground. Lt. Gen. Ivan Konev’s Kalinin Front held the right flank, Marshal Georgy Zhukov’s Western Front held the center, and Timoshenko’s Southwestern Front held the left. See also: Vyazma and Bryansk pockets. Valuable time was lost while Guderian assisted in the destruction of the General Mikhail Kirponos’ Southwestern Front in the month-long Battle of Kiev that began in late August. Armeekorps (mot.) English Encyclopedia is licensed by Wikipedia (GNU). The entire 9th Army was threatened with being cut off. [24] Operation Kutuzov was successful in diverting German reserves earmarked for Operation Citadel and the Soviets reduced the Orel salient and inflicted substantial losses on the German army. Vehicles broke down repeatedly or sunk to their axles in the sticky mud. Crawl along the corpses, and they are piled in three layers, swollen, swarming with worms, emit[ting] a sickening sweetish smell of decomposition of human bodies. This was not Kalashnikov's first battle as he had also participated in the Battle of Brody where his division was part of the 8th Mechanized Corps that encountered the German 16th Panzer Division in battle around Leshuv. In just a few days, the population of Moscow had been reduced almost by half. As for Hitler, he had long favored the destruction of the Soviet field armies over capture of key objectives such as Moscow. At the same time, the Bolkhov operation was also conducted by troops from the Bryansk Front and the left wing of the Western front. By November 27 Guderian’s offensive petered out and the threat to Moscow from the south was permanently eliminated. Rasputitsa, which occurs throughout Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine in the spring and fall, results from poor drainage of underlying clay-laden soils. Kluge and Model had anticipated the Soviet attack and were quick to transfer units from the Kursk area to reinforce the defenders. Tips: browse the semantic fields (see From ideas to words) in two languages to learn more. ○   Lettris This battle served as the catalyst for the invention of the AK47. After six days of heavy fighting the strength of the Luftwaffe began to wane. In a similar manner, the 9th Field Army and Panzer Group 3, which were positioned on the left flank of Army Group Center, achieved substantial success and reached the Dnieper River on October 3. Its leading elements stood within 20 miles Moscow’s downtown, but the German offensive power was spent. [10] Operation Kutuzov was the offensive plan for the Soviet forces before Moscow facing the German forces of Army Group Center. Field Marshal Wilhelm von Leeb’s Army Group North was ordered to push toward Leningrad, Field Marshal Fedor Von Bock’s Army Group Center was tasked with capturing Moscow, and Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt’s Army Group South was sent into the Ukraine to secure the Donets Basin. As Soviet breakthroughs developed the situation for the Germans became serious. Each square carries a letter. With the 11th Guards reaching the outskirts of Karachev, midway between Orel and Bryansk, they threatened to cut the main rail line which was the main route of supply. Stalin believed that the 17th Rifle Regiment in particular had fought with great valor, and he therefore awarded it the Order of the Red Banner. Zhukov replied that it could, but reserves needed to be deployed immediately. Hitler and the generals of his personal staff in the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW) clashed sharply with the OKH generals in regard to how Barbarossa should proceed. Despite some success by the Reserve Front at El'nia, the efforts by Bryansk Front were a failure. Bryansk is located 235 miles southwest of Moscow and today the 850-year-old city has a population of 415,000. Model sent nearly all of his Panzer units to aid the 2nd Panzer Army, whose northern front was about to collapse, while to the north the 4th Army sent down the 253rd Infantry Division. At the start of the counterattack, the majority of fresh reserve divisions were distributed among the armies of the Western Front.

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