It would happen every single time someone decided they wanted to do something other than work in a fish and chip shop. The story of a mixed-race family growing up in an overcrowded terraced house in a white, working-class area of Salford in the 1970s was first staged at the Royal Court Theatre in London and adapted by Khan Din into a movie. [2] He was born in the village of Rehana which is located in the Haripur District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Portions of content provided by Tivo Corporation - © 2020 Tivo Corporation What's new. He was the 9th Chief Minister of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (then called Northwest Frontier Province).[1].

There were no northernisms in his accent. He looked after her until he couldn’t any more. The Sophiya Haque Services to British Television & Film award is a category named in tribute to the late Coronation Street and stage actress, who died of cancer aged 41 in 2013. It’s been quite a journey for Ayub Khan Din.
But her kids and grandchildren explain everything to her. In 2018 the Asian Media Awards is proud to honour a writer, actor and producer whose work has created defining moments in British television, film and stage. Born in 1961, the acclaimed playwright grew up in a crowded Salford household, the youngest child of a Pakistani father and a white English mother. So he rebelled and that was terrible because the oldest boy is not supposed to do that. And being an actor. It’s been quite a journey for Ayub Khan Din.

The line, “I’m going to burn all your family down when you’re asleep”, was one of my nightmares because I heard him say it. I don’t know. Eyüp (name), Turkish variant; Notes. There’s still that attitude that white women are easy. I lived in it for about a year and no one really bothered me. What would your father have made of yours and your siblings’ life choices? I think if he’d seen it at the age he died he might kind of understand it. [4] Notably, the series has never been released on VHS or DVD. My father’s problem apart from being a hypocrite was that he was an uneducated villager who had come from a village in the mountains in Kashmir. The tour visits both cities as well as Richmond Theatre. It’s really weird to say this. That was about 1929, 1930. East is East and Ackley Bridge creator Ayub Khan Din was presented with the 2018 Sophiya Haque Services to British Television and Film Award. Every time I went home in term time there were massive losses of memory. He left the small Kashmiri village where he was brought up in 1929, abandoning a wife and two daughters, worked his passage to the UK on the merchant navy and made his way via Birmingham to Manchester. And their parents and grandparents are doing that. Khan Din’s father is known as George Khan in the play, but his actual name was Mahtaab Ali. He had polio when he was young and had a really bad limp but it never stopped girls falling in love with him. That was one of the spurs.

But the time he went back to Pakistan and I went to see him I think he was living with a lot of regrets but it was just too late for him to do anything about them. He was the son of Risaldar Major Mir Dad Khan and the brother of former military dictator and president Ayub Khan, (General Muhammad Ayub Khan). He didn’t really have anything to do with them. I didn’t go on any courses. Khan Din may not have inherited his father’s values but he has his imposing bulk. He was old himself. My mum died in around ‘83. It was part of that Pakistani clan-type family. I think that left a big scar on both of them. Born in 1961, the acclaimed playwright grew up in a crowded Salford household, the youngest child of a Pakistani father and a white English mother. That’s how I became a writer. He had rebelled against his own father just by the fact that he left the village and his wife and two daughters, got on a ship in Bombay, worked his passage, jumped ship in London. Looking for something to watch? ayub-khan-din-is-honoured-with-services-to-british-television-film-award, Balvinder Sidhu Is Regional Journalist of the Year 2018, Kavita Kukar Is Rising Star In Radio Winner, Asian Star 101.6FM Win Regional Radio Prize, Asian Media Awards 2020 Shortlist Announced, Deadline Approaching for 2020 AMA Nominations. [2] Co-produced and partially filmed in London, Staying Alive was one of the first ITV dramas to be co-produced between LWT and an international production company. So when they decided that this wasn’t the life for them, they left. AYUB KHAN DIN (pictured): When East Is East came out I had become a really jaded actor. Cassandra arranges to meet Gordon to talk about their divorce, and discovers that he is optimistic they might get back together. How does it feel embodying this bogeyman from your childhood? The Din family in Salford (Ayub’s elder brother in his father’s arms) Yet another piece inspired by family tragedy! Across two series, a total of twelve episodes were broadcast. In his last months we’d all try to make it back to Salford to visit him. He came to accept my other brothers who had married English girls and the grandchildren. So American Equity gave us permission and I got a week’s rehearsal and it reminded me how I used to feel as a young actor. Everyone knew Pakistani kids were always at it but he never really got on with any of my brothers who were gay. And there would be a massive argument and he would live in the shop and we would live in the house for about four or five months and eventually he’d start coming over to the house again and everything would be normal until the next big…. There’s some autobiography in there but the rest is my reaction to the rebelliousness of young Pakistanis who now find themselves in this netherworld. And then he took my two oldest brothers back to Pakistan in the early Fifties and left them there. This was followed by Notes on Falling Leaves (2004), Rafta Rafta (2007), a comic adaptation of Bill Naughton’s 1960s story, All in Good Time which won a Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy in 2008. Is George to all intents and purposes your old man? Kelly is forced to face the music about her brother's accident.×tamp=1514250279,,,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. My two half-sisters were both married to my dad’s nephews and those nephews had come to England and settled in England but they didn’t bring their wives to England funnily enough. It was only fitting that he should take on the role of George Khan himself in the play. Khan Din’s Last Dance at Dum Dum (1999) explored members of the dwindling Anglo-Indian community in Calcutta, still clinging tightly to their old imperial past.

On the one hand they’re holding themselves up as this pure community that shouldn’t mix and “our children shouldn’t be influenced by the West”. I took it off to have a bath but it went straight back on afterwards.

They don’t really feel English, they don’t really feel Pakistani. But 20 years before I don’t think he’d have liked it at all. [4], The Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University in Quetta is named in his memory and is the only all-female university in Balochistan. He has appeared in among others Coronation Street, The Bill, Capital City, Shalom Salaam, Boon, The Chief and London Bridge. I feel moments where I sit like him or walk like him. They call themselves British Muslims as opposed to British Pakistanis. Which Fictional Episodic Series Mayor Gets Your Vote? Caroline Hunnisett as Sister Annette Ayers, Yonic Blackwood as Staff Nurse Brigid Watters, This page was last edited on 19 August 2020, at 04:12. View the profiles of professionals named "Ayub Khan" on LinkedIn. It took my mum about two years to get them back. You behave like this.”. After leaving school he worked briefly as a hairdresser before enrolling in drama school, where he wrote his first stage play, East is East (1997), for Tamasha Theatre Company. I went out with first of all a Sikh girl and that had to be a big secret because her family were attacked during partition and they hated Pakistanis. An autobiographical story of a mixed-race family growing up in an overcrowded terraced house in a white, working-class area of Salford in the early 1970s, it was first …

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