Looks like a 9 year old’s drawing. It's a change to your overall trophy level. Level 1210 Platinum44 Gold124 Silver513 Bronze691 Total. Your new Trophy level will automatically be remapped to this new levelling system with an original rank of Trophy level 12 jumping up to the low 200's provided as an example. I'm only lvl 19 I use PSNProfiles.com to keep track of my trophies.Most of my games are far from platinum lvl. Level 15 with 0 platinums, 38 gold, 254 silver, and 1975 bronze. That's a lot of gaming. Not sure how I feel about these changes.

Im on 114 plats, although your trophy level is way higher than mine - im only on level 37. Finally, director of product management at SIE Toshimasa Aoki quickly touched on how the Trophy system will be handled on PlayStation 5. I think they could have kept these values at 180, but increased it for other games that are uncommon, rare, or very rare. jose213jose. Platinum Trophies will now be even more valuable and there are new icons attached to your particular rank. @get2sammyb Three others have also breached the 99 barrier, thought to be the limit when PSN instituted trophy support back in mid-2008. Especially if it was a hidden one that I got for being really thorough about something that had meaning within the game. That's not in dispute: Go to the PlayStation Network's official site and search for the IDs Hakoom, warfigher [sic], DevilsProduct666 and nub_1983; all are level 100. @Aexurion The icons in the picture pertain to your overall Trophy level. We need scaling all the way up, not the same number of points needed per level beyond a certain point. You know who else seems to love a big Numbers Go Up moment? Do you have to plat every single game you've played to achieve that? It's amazing that the formula was cracked so fast. I always forget (and am often reminded) that everything will always have naysayers and complaints. I figure it'll all make sense when I see it in person. I'm level 346 now. Currently level 26 with 71 platinums, wonder what that will translate to in the new level system? Here is what the levelling graph looks like under this new system: The overall shape of it is fine, but why does it have to be piecewise linear like that? If that's your thing though, then more power to you. It's like they saw this meme and went with it: That meme is great. I hit level 18 last night and now... we’ll I will jump loads. 1 Plat, 37 gold, 210 silver, 1,432 bronze. Here with the lowest possible value of a gold being 600 and a plat being 999 isnt that less value? I don't want the change to sound too friendly, Sony is trying to get more people entrenched into the PSN ecosystem and spend less time and money outside of it.

If more people are even vaguely interested in trophies, it'll mean more sales. I do like that Sony has implemented something like this but in the end it doesn't really do anything. I have 4...maybe. But we’ll likely see some new features or changes that will be exclusive to the system, as well. Hosted by 44 Bytes. I am not a serious trophy hunter but really enjoy that we have them. To be clear, this level is the overall rank associated with your PSN account rather than the total number of Trophies you've unlocked. Tried signing out and in, manual syncs and restarting my PS4 but nothing would take me back to the new system. We hunt trophies but you should still just play games you love and complete DLC if you enjoyed the game.

Last one I got was MediEvil remake which wasn't too hard, bit grindy with the souls things, though. I would love to be able to delete the trophies for some games altogether (not just make them private). I just watched a guy gain 1 level at level 700 to 7001 by platinum a game, and that included 14 silver and some bronze trophies too.

Sign up for a new account in our community. @get2sammyb ooof its close. I only have 90 but it’s not that hard if you’ve been collecting for 7 years like me. Now if only they god rid of online trophies on single player games. That my Name is My Mayo Plat should be worth less than a Monster Hunter World Plat for instance, @nessisonett snap lol but so many games to little time, @Quintumply Thanks for the clarification! @Jayofmaya I’m also level 16! Do you have the old graph by chance? Along with the trophy updates, Sony also showed the innards of the PlayStation 5 through a teardown video today, which also explained some of the practical uses of all the tech that’s stuffed inside the box.

2. Member. Ultimately, this means you’ll still have just about as long to go to reach the level cap regardless of where you were at in the original system. @Clemerek Yeah, it's rubbish but that's the whole point. When will November 2020's PlayStation Plus games be announced? Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasting time.I'm tired of "No life" posts on articles like this. Thanks for the work and post. If the person in the pic with only 24 plats and 2k trophies lands on lvl 294, I expect the top trophy hunters reach the cap of lvl999 instantly.

@lacerz I had 15 in June.... now I have 33 lol Quarantine has been a bitch. Quite apart from the danger of some hacker getting in a deleting things, it would mess up the rarity stats.

Sounds interresting. Might as well not call them trophies and just call them badges. While you guys are focused on EZ plats being overpowered for Trophy Hunters. If I can get trophies through the normal method of playing the single player, offline aspect of the game, then it feels like I've done something interesting or made some progress when one pops up. @get2sammyb heh my 6 or 7 platinums will beat you... . based on what a trophy can be 600 or 998 ? Even things as trivial as this. I’m a mediocre trophy hunter -level 30, 90 plats - but going by the scaling above I could already be 999. Which is basically what trophy level and Gamerscore are for, anyway. Trophies is great. Also, you need to make sure website like psnprofiles.com and psntrophyleaders.com stop tracking are PSN trophy system levels. Because believe it or not, casuals think they should level up with every platinum as it is a "big achievement" for them even in easy games like Terminator Salvation. However I really hope they don't remove the rarity feature. xD. im level 12 and im one of the highest of all my psn friends. I was also wondering why there were multiple tiers for bronze, silver, and gold. Well that was a worthless update.. at least make it cap less... Im sitting at 1200 plats... so instead of my level being 100 its 999. In the e-peen demimonde of achievement/trophy hunting, where everyone better than you is a liar or has no life, and everyone worse than you is an idiot noob, this is all par for the course. Level 16 atm. Sony, as it’s reworking the PlayStation Network’s trophy system to let you get to higher levels and get a more constant feedback loop. Man they really made the platinum trophy look dumb. 1631340 points to level 999, just like the new official levelling curve. Sony clearly only did this to incentivize selling more games and stop people from saying "hey, I got platinum on this game and didn't level up".

The largest PlayStation 4 community on the internet. It's just ridicolous. Completist. I believe it's current 2x the value of the gold. Others would keep playing for the plat even if they weren’t having fun. Glad it's getting an overhaul, just hoping it gets better and not meh. I think this is a good move.

There are some games I tried and didn't like which look sad in my trophy cabinet. But hey, now your numbers will be bigger and you’ll get to brag about them to all your friends. I'm level 18 with 3440 trophies..curious where the rest of the community is at.

I think Sony will implement their own stats and leaderboards eventually, meaning that high completion percentage if yours will hold some “value”. I got my monies worth plaything them, but never any desire to go back to get those last bits. In 08.10. If so, my trophy levels are even more sad. At first, the Trophy level range is increased from “1-100” to “1-999” and following the update, the trophy level is automatically remapped to this new system. As if a lot of people out there really cared about trophies to begin with.

The number and types of trophies, and the conditions for earning them, vary from game to game. Not only does this mean you’ll be able to get a significantly higher number, but you’ll gain levels more quickly than you do now in the current system. @Feena this, even if it meant lowering your level. I only just got my first platinum with Horizon: Zero Dawn. Nope. The only potential positive I see from this is if it really brings more people into the achievement/trophy system.

As some things like trophy lists are ubiquitous across all systems, Sony can go ahead and roll that out now instead of waiting until the PS5 launches on November 12. Trophy hunting is something I’d like to continue doing until I feel like I’m losing enjoyment or when my account is high enough for me, but if the feelings I have now about the new system continue for so long I may consider to quit sooner than I’d like (as someone who started a new account to hunt after losing my old profile which had a decade of history this makes it worse for me). Want to go check before the update.

Perhaps they're trying to make people care more. So who knows what the agenda really is there. After the update, the level range is increasing from 1-100 to 1-999, and these new icons will show you which bracket you're currently in. @XFsWorld Same. At least it would've made the system a little more balanced. @Unlucky13 Lol, I know, it's bizarre. And that is what bugs me. I don't want to play Red Dead Online to get the RDR2 platinum for example. In comparison, I receive tons of compliments on my gamerscore over on Xbox. I think i should finish a game first and think about the trophies later but you know what limited time. the real problem in this change is that none of the problems that had previously been solved really are solved, there are people who are still at the limit of the level, in fact most of the tops still have the official maximum level ... that is to say  was this change made to fix that problem? @Octane Im sure it is, I have someone on my friends list that currently has 950 plats/40000+ total trophies!

I got 9 Plats with more pending, coulda had them long time ago but taking my sweet time. Interested to see where I end up. Still confused. The total number of "points" needed to level up became more or less the same at a certain level.

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