The SmartDesk 2 Business Edition was able to lift the 300 lb. If you work from home, you may have fantasized about just pressing a button and suddenly being able to stand up, stretch those leg and back muscles, but keep the typing going. was the first in April 2014. So far (2 weeks) very happy with the experience. If you are in the market for a new desk and have considered picking up a standing option, I highly recommend one from Autonomous. Based on my own experience, the packaging looks like it can handle really good corner impact. With a higher weight capacity than its affordable IKEAalternatives, the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 becomes the way to go if a… (including top), the desk moved at 1.84”/ second. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a2f0b77e019b460b40c065d48a095ce3" );document.getElementById("aac4ba4fa1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Greg Knighton is the President of with over 15 years experience in the office furniture industry. Sitting down also burns less calories, which could lead to weight gain and obesity. Autonomous uses a seven-button control panel to help you adjust the desk to just the right height. I finally find myself standing more during the day! TiMotion has negatively impacted our customers to the point we had to switch providers, I would hate to have it happen to others as well. You get what you pay for with the SmartDesk 2. Inside the box, the desk had additional foam around the edges of the top and the top itself was shrink wrapped. No complaints at all! Of course, alongside the affordable options, Autonomous also offers complex standing desk as seen with AI integration. The shipping was quick, and the desk was well packaged and protected. Currently, it appears Autonomous has shifted gears to work towards becoming the low price leader within the standing desk category. I am 5'9" (175cm) and 143lbs (65kg) and the chair works well for me. I don't have any complaints regarding their quality, design or comfort. You can pick between the Home Edition, Hybrid Edition, and Business Edition. With the use of the leveler glides, I was able to reach the maximum height. Sometimes I wish there was a feature to have it automatically move if you've been sitting for too long, but that's where a good routine comes in handy. More complicated ones, like freezing of the motors while the desk in the up position, will impact your ability to use the desk. There are corner adjusters at the base of each leg in case you have the desk on an uneven floor. Learn more. The SmartDesk 2 is lightning fast, with a speed of a 2.09”/second. I have found that I love the extra space of the desk, and being able to just press a button and move between two already-known comfortable heights is perfect. Everything else about the product is fine, just do not buy this at all if you don’t like scratches. – Assembly Process In my opinion, one of the most important aspects of a standing desk is the stability. Furthermore, as this unit was ultimately destined to become my 10-yr old son’s home workstation for virtual school, I simply handed him the instructions to set up his own height presets so he could adjust between his preferred sitting and standing heights. Below I have broken down my review into the following categories: The Verdict: The SmartDesk is very easy to assemble. If you would like to see the pictures and videos of us testing the Autonomous SmartDesk on the WobbleMeter, please visit the WobbleMeter WobbleMeter SmartDesk 2 testing page. They are the OEM for the brands Uplift Desk and Jarvis Standing Desk, which we have recently reviewed. When I moved across country and couldn't bring my desk, I found her a new home and bought another. We ordered several items, DIY frame, lamps and monitor arms for both, my spouse and myself. There's a button to raise the desk and one more to lower it. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. If you're tall or short, those inches really matter. I also highly recommend checking out Autonomous' line of desk accessories and furniture. Would order from Autonomous again. I'm always wary about having furniture shipped because people are not the most careful with packages in warehouses and stuff, but Autonomous does an excellent job ensuring it is protected right to your doorstep. CS replied asking for pics and that they will send me the return label once they receive; which emailed promptly. The box was clearly a return, with greasy fingerprints and scuffed marks in leg and frame. The SmartDesk is available in multiple versions to suit your office needs. Between 20-30, most users will not notice the small amount of motion in this range. It’s a desk. Once the Autonomous SmartDesk was assembled, it took all of fifteen seconds to understand how to reset it to factory settings (to level it), then raise and lower via up and down arrows, and then most importantly use 1 of the 4 custom presets for varying heights. This is the most unstable desk I have tested in the mid-range category. Office Desk, L-Shape & a Premium Office Desk Style. False. The SmartDesk was born because Autonomous saw that the existing options for sit-stand desks were well out of reach for up and coming entrepreneurs. Autonomous also offers a wide variety of office accessories, like ergonomic chairs, anti-fatigue mats (which I recommend), add-on desk drawers, cable trays, and filing cabinets. The amount of desk shake while typing is minimal, especially considering it only has one crossbar mounted to the desk (nothing across the lower part of the legs). Now as one of the leading voices in the standing desk movement in Hollywood, I’m asked repeatedly via social media and email: After trying out various options myself throughout the years as well as talking to others who have tried brands from GeekDesk, Ikea, UpLift, TBC Consoles, and many more, I can confidently share that the Autonomous SmartDesk is my #1 recommendation for a standing desk that is affordable, sturdy, and would look amazing in just about any creative office space (or even in your kitchen…you know who you are). When he is not at the office helping customers he enjoys golfing, skiing, snowmobiling and spending time with his family. Aoke currently manufacturers all of their frame components and uses TiMotion for all of their electronic components. Motor works great and the White Oak top looks really sleek. While minor annoyances, they are things that seem easily addressable by Autonomous. I had been thinking that an adjustable standing desk would be the answer to my problems. Autonomous makes a solid quality standing desk that allows you to do just that. The AI system would learn about the user and automatically adapt to the way they liked to use the desk. Free WordPress Installation Service – Start Your Blog Today! Once the buttons are pushed the switch lights up. The instructions were simple enough to understand, and you can do the whole thing without any power tools. I had been thinking that an adjustable standing desk would be the answer to my problems. It has a very wide range of height. That's up 12 percent over the same period a year ago, with big gains coming from the company's cloud, Surface, and Xbox segments. It's super sturdy, comes in a few sizes and colors, and is the best desk I've ever owned. The original OEM manufacturer for the Autonomous SmartDesk 1 was the leading standing desk frame company in China, JieCang Linear Technology. We make every attempt to provide accurate pricing at time of publishing. 5 Comments. Will update on future post to critique the product. Throughout my years of searching for the perfect height-adjustable workstation I’ve come across some real clunkers. The desk I have is the Business Edition, which has two motors (one in each leg) and I opted for the larger top instead of the standard one. No spam, we promise. This is a standing desk, but can also be used as a sitting desk. For the average user, the desk will likely maintain a speed close to the 2”/second mark which is nice. The packaging definitely worked because it shipped from California to Wisconsin in perfect condition. Great product. They do not work for legal hanging folders. I am still skeptical about the efficiency of the CS team but can give a bit of credit to COVID and stay-home orders for probably being a part in the slow communication. Overall I am happy this company was able to change my views about how they interact with customers and hope people share the same experience that I had. The rate at which it moves slowed significantly and you could hear that it was working very hard. – From moving my notebook across the desk, – clothes / sleeve, – more from my notebook.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.