symbol require you to sign in with your AUPE Terrie Wispinski; Occupational Health and Safety Standing Committee. Oversees the administration of scholarships and continuing education bursaries. OH&S to PE Report OHS … Browse through a list of webforms specific to your local. Local 002’s Bargaining Committee (referred to as a “Negotiating Team in the AUPE Constitution) is a standing Committee of Local 002. Local 002 is a local for union members who work in administrative and program services in the Government of Alberta. documents. • Where possible, the election of members to the Negotiating Team will take place at least three (3) months prior to the expiry date of … Copyright © 2020 AUPE Local 054. A Standing Committee which is requested by the Assembly or the Governing Council to undertake preliminary consideration of a question may, on the proposal of its President or one of its members, make such procedural arrangements as are necessary to ensure the efficient organization of the debate, taking into account the time available. Terrie Wispinski ; Employee Relations Committee (ERC) Discusses matters of mutual interest with the Employer (GOA) to foster mutual understanding. © 2004-2020 Alberta Union of Provincial Employees. Resolutions shall normally be finalized in the Standing … OH&S - AUPE OHS Standing Committee Report August 16, 2019.docx. Discusses matters of mutual interest with the Employer (GOA) to foster mutual understanding. For Local Council and Alternate Council Members. 1. Employer reveals plans to cut or change jobs: Up to 930 positions targeted, 930 government positions targeted as pandemic second wave hits, Last Member Update caused confusion and uncertainty, GOA pushes ahead with job cuts as negotiations begin again, Latest job cuts attack rural communities, Albertans with disabilities, All of Local 005 are united in supporting fight for fair wages, Download the Government of Alberta Master Agreement, Download the Local 002 Subsidiary Agreement, Events Coordinator Report - September 2019, Events Coordinator Report - May 2019 (AGM), Local 001 - Administrative and Support Services. Policy - Policy Committee Aug 16, 2019.docx - POLICY COMMITTEE MOTION AMENDMENT SHEET FOR COUNCIL.docx - Motion - committees.pdf, Motion - cell phone.pdf, Motion - internet.pdf, Motion - Labour School.pdf. Under MacLennan's leadership, AUPE began to turn the corner on bargaining and reaped the benefits of a reputation for standing up for its members. Occupational Health and Safety Standing Committee. H) All Local 054 members of AUPE Standing Committees must report to Council for each Committee meeting attended. member account to view. Occupational Health and Safety  Committee, Caroline Livesey (Chair & Local 012 OH & S Liaison). Engage the membership … If you don't know your member ID, enter your personal email address. Looking to request time off or something else? StandingCommitteeReview(TaskForce(The$task$force$was$created$by$PEat$the$November$29830,$2012meeting.$$!! By creating an account, you agree to AUPE’s Privacy & Legal Statement and Terms of use. Sign in to view your personalized contact directory and collective bargaining agreements, and view and update your member profile. In March 1998, members at the … Local OHS Liaison - to AUPE OHS : OHS Liaison - Vacant: Local OHS Committee: Committee Chair - Chapter 01 Gokhan Ozbay Carlos Fredes Michelle Jaehn Chapter 02 Lisa Benkie Chapter 03 Silvia Lutic Chapter 04 Real Breault Chapter 05 Clavelyn Tews Mary Farrell Chapter 06 Isabelle Bautista Chapter 07 Rhiana Pilot Chapter 09 Jane Braun Chapter 11 Cindy Bill Jane Jordan Chapter 12 Marjorie Hooker: … The committee has been working on communication to ensure all Locals and Chapters are aware of the OHS representative requirements and mapping out work sites to ensure all work sites will have representative elected during the upcoming AGM season. Kenny Podulsky; Bryan Poll; Terrie Wispinski; Alex … Standing!Committee!Structure/Task!Force! These members take your concerns about salary and working conditions to the collective bargaining table. Other AUPE positions held by Local 012 Members. Create an account to view your personalized contact directory and collective bargaining agreements, and view and update your member profile. Organize and host the Day of Mourning Seminar (including Ceremony), as well as promote and present the Rolyn Sumlak Award. Copyright ©2020 Welcome to Local 012's Webpage!. (1).docx. Browse through a list of downloadable Visit Local 002's website for local news and updates, information about upcoming meetings and events, contact information for your representatives, and more. Pension Committee: Anti-Privatization Standing Committee: Provincial Executive. MacLennan emphasized media savvy, and AUPE became effective as a force for social and legislative change in Alberta. All Rights Reserved. Standing Committee Report. Sitemap. Your member ID is six digits. Please provide your personal email address. Note: Documents shown with a I) Council Representatives are to complete the on line TIME OFF Request forms, (If they are not attending they need to also fill out the form saying they are not attending, or do In 1997, AUPE made up for previous rollbacks, concluding 79 agreements covering 30,000 members. AUPE OHS Standing Committee Report Local 54 Council Meeting 27 February 2019 The OHS Standing Committee met in November and early January. Create and promote Opiate (Fentanyl) Awareness Campaign within AUPE membership. RULE 16. Union Counselors have been trained to remain confidential, listen and provide resources to those who may be experiencing difficulties in their work and personal lives, Anne-Marie Smyth    (St Albert Mental Health Clinic), April Seibel     (East Edmonton Health Centre), Jana Kulusic     (Royal Alexandra Hospital), Marjorie Hooker     (Cross Cancer Institute), Margaret Gregory     (University of Alberta Hospital), Phyllis Patrie    (University of Alberta Hospital), Silvia Lutic     (Ft. Saskatchewan Community Hospital). Manages the Local's budget and ensures your Union dues are used wisely and with great care. All rights reserved. Shares information about the ongoing threat of contracting out of Union jobs and the cost of doing so. Looking for your collective agreement or the latest meeting minutes? Define and clarify what the OHS Liaison role is within AUPE, engage Liaisons and develop their role. Under the AUPE Constitution (Article 16), the Negotiating Team: • Shall be elected by and from the members of Local 002 who sit on Local Council. Social Committee - Social Committee July 30, 2019.

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