a. Jupiter 142,800 3. growth of plant life in the open. Per District Policy: There will be no extra credit. The star closest to our sun is Alpha Centauri. 1. 10. Unlike other planetary sciences like astrobiology, astrochemistry and planetary geology, it only began after the discovery of underground oceans in Saturn's Titan and Jupiter's Ganymede. No food/drinks: Water is fine but don’t bring snacks or other drinks to class. 3 out of 5 stars 1. Astronomy • Any assignments that are illegible disorganized, or lack a student name will receive a reduced grade. Astronomy/Oceanography Course Goals Now add 2 drops of hot red water to the bottom of the water by gently & slowly pushing the tip of the dropper to the bottom of the tank. This means all grades from the first half of each semester will be included in the second half. • Scale Measurements • #2 pencil – students must have a #2 pencil on all test days. Astrooceanography is closely related to Astrobiology, as oceans are expected to have higher chances to house simple forms of life. Relative Distances Between the Planets Copy of Oceanography Lab: • Lab and test make-ups must be scheduled with teacher within a timely manner. 10. turn will define a leap in human power over nature as dramatic as Draw what you see & label where the hot, warm, & cold water are. (brought to class every day) Former Ames Center Director G. Scott Hubbard discusses NASA's astrobiology program. It's very interesting and on a deeper level, allows you to really contemplate our and your own place in the universe. Measure all planet distances from this marked line. The expected completion of the work and the estimated return of service is Fall 2020, subject to change due to potential impacts of COVID-19. 1 hw per week you can miss 3/11 homeworks, The HW is math heavy but honestly not terrible (coming from someone that hates math). 14. Enjoyed the Class? 11. Portuguese royalty; ascended the throne on the death of his father on 10/19/1889. BE RESPECTFUL!! Astrometric catalogs include NOMAD, UCAC, USNO-B1, etc. • Spectroscopes Lab Cash register paper roll Cane. Round all of your answers to the nearest tenths place (0.1). Workload? by Edward S. Sarachik and Mark A. • Evidence of a New Theory Complete Data Table 2 using a scale of 1 cm = 10,000,000 km. a. Absences: To measure these distances in the solar system, astronomers use the astronomical unit (AU.). • There will be one larger (50 point) test at the end of each unit and a comprehensive final/final project at the end of the semester. How do the distances between the inner planets compare to the outer planets? • Quarter grades do not get averaged, they are cumulative. The subreddit for Cornell University, located in Ithaca, NY. astronomers and geodesists to determine the celestial and terrestrial reference frames Draw a line across the tape near one end and label it “Sun”. There is one 10 minute homework assignment per week, 3 exams. Measure the diameters carefully. • Moon Phases Modeling Lab List the warm, hot, & cold water in order of decreasing density (from most dense to least). b. 13. Previously this data had 1:35pm rated C (Orig source not known); quoting Old Moore Mar/1908, same in SS No.166. • Paper – Loose leaf paper for completing assignments. One AU equals the distance between the Earth and the sun. a weekly set of pictures and descriptions of the sky, stars, and planets. 2.  250 mL blue cold water Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, 1100 Balch Blvd, Stennis Space Center, MS 39529 Fleet Forces Command | navy.com | Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) | External Link Disclaimer 2. Relationships With outside • 1” or larger binder for this class only, section in a larger binder, or a spiral notebook with perforated pages & pockets for this class only (brought to class every day) Oceanography jobs focus on the science of analyzing the oceans: their geographical and marine parameters, the motion and the composition of their waters, biological components, and the management of their resources. This means that there are fewer atoms or molecules in the same amount of the fluid when it is hotter. industrial civilization. A scale model of distance between planets will be plotted on a strip of cash register paper. Planets in other star systems are bound to contain some quantities of liquid H2O and/or other compounds. Copy of Astronomy Lab Warmer (less dense) fluids will rise above or be pushed up by cooler (more dense) fluids. Using what you observed in this activity: Arizona High School Course Competency Approval. Objective: • Students are expected to keep up with the reading in the book. • Students are expected to be present in the classroom and in their seats when the class is scheduled to begin. • Student grades will be posted on the class website and updated on a regular basis. • Ellipses and Eccentricity Earth 12,756 This page was last edited on 11 May 2017, at 13:02. Be respectful to yourself, others, and classroom equipment/materials. Mars 6,787 Be prepared: Bring all materials on a daily basis. Using planet data and scale conversions you will construct diagrams that show the relative sizes of planets. Astronomy: • Teacher will provide diverse and challenging activities to aid students in reaching their goals. Questions for Procedure B: Data Table 1: Size Comparisons of Planets ASTRO 1102 vs Oceanography vs Earthquake! • Students should work on Oceanography for at least .5 – 1 hr. Final Grade? Save the circles for procedure B. Materials: What are everyone’s thoughts? It is 160,000 light-years from Earth. The map shows all areas which have a connection at birth to the Sun, Moon, the planets and the Moon's Nodes along with the cusps of the four cardinal houses (AS, DS, MC, and IC). • Text: Essentials of Oceanography by Trujillo & Thurman (bring to class) 6. Draw what you see & label where you added the drops. • Oily Spills produce enough oxygen to make Mars habitable for animals in Translation: About the birth on 28 September 1863 of Prince Don Carlos, the "Diario de Lisboa" supplement, stated: "Official Part-Ministry of General Affairs of the Kingdom -Directorate Policy Administration _ 2 Having Divine Providence of these kingdoms, her Majesty the Queen gave birth to a prince at one-thirty in the afternoon. 59.9% and below F. Semester Grade Calculation: Sy Scholfield quotes official announcement from "Governadores civis de Portugal (Lisboa)" by Albino Lapa (Gráfica Santelmo, 1962), p. 112: "A 28 de Setembro de 1863, sobre o nascimento do Principe D. Carlos, no suplemento do «Diário de Lisboa», dizia-se: «Parte Official -Ministério dos Negócios do Reino -Direcção Geral da Administração Política _ 2. Get 250 mL of cold blue water in a 250 mL beaker. Which two planets are closes to Earth? How many times bigger is Jupiter’s diameter than the Earth’s? Scissors This course introduces students to fundamentals of the oceans, their nature and extent. The El Nino-Southern Oscillation Phenomenon 1 March 2010 | Kindle eBook. 5. add King of Portugal Carlos I to 'my astro', Nation: Portugal (Proclamation of Republic 1910), https://www.astro.com:8443/wiki/astro-databank/index.php?title=Carlos_I,_King_of_Portugal&oldid=202169, Passions : Criminal Victim : Homicide victim, Work : New Career 1907 (Appointed himself dictator), Death by Homicide 1 February 1908 (Assassinated, age 45), Passions : Criminal Victim : Homicide victim (Assassinated), Notable : Famous : Royal family (Portugal). Really looking for the easiest science class to take so any input would be very helpful! Venus 12,104 Slowly & carefully remove the divider from the tank. 6. By the late 1950s and 60s, underwater vehicles, known as submersibles, revolutionized oceanographic exploration. Checks for Understanding 16% 15. • Failure to initiate make-up in a timely manner may result in a loss of credit. 7. The Sky This Week, 2020 October 27 - November 3. Conclusion Using the scale used in Procedure A, how big would the Sun be in millimeters? Enjoyed the Class? Materials 8. Using the other clean pipette gently add 2 drops of cold blue water from the beaker to the top surface of the water in the tank. 4. $16.99. • Students are responsible to know what assignments they are missing. Pencils will not be supplied. Optical/infrared image and catalog products provided by the USNO. Overall easy class. I've actually learned a ton without studying much, especially about the current state of the environment. • Students will be able to approach and solve astronomy and oceanography problems using a thoughtful, systematic, and logical approach. (FOIA)   |    ___________________ cm = ___________________, Procedure B: 90% and up A Predict what will happen when the divider separating the layers of hot & cold water from the warm water is removed from the tank. Today, you will investigate the dimensions of our solar system.

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