Current This character is or was a member of the Green Arrow family of vigilante super-heroes, who fight crime using archery and martial arts. Antichrist Crypto Currency “The day of Atonement shall follow the 10th Jubilee when he shall atone for all the Sons of Light, and the people pre-destined to Melchisedek”. KL-03 US Patent #8650327 is a ubiquitous, 75cent, RF Micro-controller, tested on MH-370; built by Freescale Technology whose investors are Carlyle Group (Bush aka Scherff family, bin Laden Group, Saddam Hussein), Saudi bin Laden Group and Blackstone Group (Skull & Bones Satanist Stephen Schwarzman, Lord Jacob Rothschild=Edomite Dominion) The chip is the backbone of the Internet of Things in Computers, Cell Phones, Atomic Power Plant Controllers (eg Fukushima), ATM’s, Fuel Pumps, Hospitals, Home Appliances, Traffic Lights etc etc. Q is the 17th letter; 17 the number of the Admirable Sacrament seen in MH-17. Ark refers to Salvation; Noah was saved in the Ark; Israel kept the Covenant in the Ark; today the only Ark available is a SPIRITUAL and personal One on One Covenant with Jesus Christ the Alpha, Omega (Rev 22:13), I AM (Ex 3:14=Pi), Melchisedek (Gen 14:18; Heb 7), Shiloh (Gen 49:10), JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3), JAH (Ps 68:4KJV), JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV) Granny and the Furies later try to break into Super Hero High to steal the responsometer to build combat robots, and are confronted by Super Hero High students. “The Scepter shall not depart from Judah nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh comes”. Etherium uses Ether (Bright Shining Pure; Space beyond the moon aka Dark Matter) Crypto currency. She was relieved when her team continued to give her their support, and Wally puts his arm around her, letting her know she's not alone. Former Daughter to the villains Sportsmaster and Huntress, Artemis Crock and her sister Jade were trained from a young age to take over their father's position. When the team arrive at the site of the plane crash, Artemis tries to hide her worry. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies, we do this for the good of the Earth” Barbara (Barbara=Bab=Gate) Marx (Karl Marx boasted he killed God and would keep Him dead with Science) Hubbard (L Ron Hubbard=Scientology). Young Justice memberThis character is or was a member of Young Justice, a team of younger super-heroes and side-kicks who fight crime together separately from their adult counterparts, in any of its various incarnations. 5G is run by AI, named after the Canaanite city Ai ‘Heap of Ruins”. Donald Trump is the 45th US President. Project Artemis is NASA’s latest money vacuum plan to put “Gateway” (Babylon=Gate of the Gods) in Lunar Orbit (Moon is Sabian god “Sin”) to launch the Orion (Heaven’s Light=Osiris) Mars (UNKNOWN GOD Acts 17) Missions. All nonsense from NASA but Occult communication that speaks volumes. Malaysian Astrophysicist Mazlan Othman aka M.Othman (Mothman Prophecy may ring a Baal is ready to greet the Aliens; isn’t that special? Blue. April 1, 2019  The FCC auctioned off frequencies above 24GHz for 5G satellites; interference with weather satellites and accurate forecasting is certain. Signals sent to individual phones/computers from phased array antennas allow for anonymous, personal attacks. Symptoms of EMF Radiation include fatigue, headaches, heart palpitations, high pitched ringing in the ears, dizziness, disturbed sleep at night, sleepiness in daytime, moodiness, irritability, unsociability, feelings of fear, anxiety, nervous tension, mental depression, memory impairment, pain in muscles, pain in the region of the heart, and breathing difficulties, neurological damage, cardiac arrythmia, anxiety, autism, alzheimers, DNA damage, immune system damage, Cancer, Tumors and Free Radical Formation. Google (Sergei Brin, Larry Page fake Jews and Burning Man initiates) owns Lenovo which owns Motorola Mobility; all as Chinese (China=Sina=Cathay=Cath=Heth=Hittites) as Walmart. Q is German for Source seen in Qumran the HQ of the Gnostic Essenes; Q was also James “007” Bond’s Gadget Master; he had “License to Kill”.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.